Connect with Nature to Nurture Your Body

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Essential #3: Balance Your Energy | Jul, 01 2019

Connect with Nature to Nurture Your Body


Spending time in nature can be one of the most healing things you can do on your Healthy Breast path. If you already make it a priority to connect with the trees, beaches or rolling hills in your region, this may seem obvious. If you don’t, however, you are missing out on one of the least expensive and most effective ways to amp up your healing journey. And summer is the perfect time of year to do it!

What Studies Say

The fact that being in nature can actually speed up the healing process has long been validated by science. Studies in Japan over the last ten years have proved that “forest bathing,” also known as shinrin-yoku, can be beneficial for lowering stress hormones, lowering blood pressure and increasing healing responses.

Another study conducted in England involved over 20,000 people between 2014 and 2016. The study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that those who spent a mere two hours per week in nature had a better sense of well-being and were in better health overall than those who did not.

Why Being In Nature is Good for You

Here are five reasons why individuals who spend time in nature feel so good:

#1 Grounding. stretching

Every living being emits an electrical frequency, including the earth. Sitting or lying down on the grass or standing with your bare feet on the dirt or grass helps your body get in sync with the natural healing frequency of our planet.

#2 Phytoncides.

Phytoncides (i.e. wood essential oils) are chemical substances that trees emit. Whenever you smell the scent of pine or catch a whiff of an apple tree in bloom, it is because of phytoncides; we actually breathe these aromatics into our body. Scientists have found that they can be highly immune boosting as well. Some even contain anti-cancer properties. Phytoncides can also ease anxiety, lower pain and help you sleep.  

#3 Sunshine.

Anyone who has been on a Healthy Breast journey for a while knows the importance of getting enough vitamin D. The best way to get your “D” naturally,  is through exposure to sunlight. Organizations like the Vitamin D Council state that if you are a healthy individual, only a short amount of exposure every day may be able to provide you with the vitamin D you need. It is best to expose large areas, like the back, to the sun to get the most vitamin D from sun exposure.

That being said, most individuals in the western world are deficient in vitamin D. If you are one of them, you need to supplement. Be sure to get your vitamin D levels tested to find out.

#4 Beneficial Micro-organisms.

If you like to get your nature time in by working in the garden, all that dirt you are exposing your hands to may actually be beneficial for your health. Mycobacterium vaccae is a beneficial bacterium found in common garden soil. Research has found that it can be immune-boosting and can also help with allergies as well as psoriasis. Exposure to Mycobacterium vaccae has also been shown to help with depression, since this particular bacteria assists in the production of serotonin in the brain.

#5 The Fun Factor.

Finally, spending time outdoors can be fun! Doing things that you enjoy produces a happy state of mind. According to a study from more than twenty years ago, positive emotional states have a significantly positive effect on the immune system.

But What Do You DO Outside?

So there you have it: more than enough information to convince you to simply go outside and experience the natural world around you for the benefit of your health

“But what am I supposed to do outside?” some of you city-slickers may say. For starters, you could:

Take a stroll

There are so many ways to enjoy nature, including gardening which has been proven to help lift depression.

-Take A hike

-Walk a dog

-Pack a picnic

-Go birding

-Ride a bike (or a horse)

-Do some fishing

-Read a book

-Explore with a child

-Paint a picture


-Take a Nap

But do you want to know about one of my favorite things I like to do when I am in nature? Absolutely nothing! Sometimes just the simple pleasure of being there—listening to the wind in the trees, feeling the sun on my skin, smelling the freshness of the wind and enjoying the hues of the infinite number of colors  – can be the most enjoyable “natural medicine” there is. I encourage you to give it a try today!  

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    • Hi Ellen! There are still plenty of options for connecting with nature! You can ground, get your toes in the dirt, get plenty of safe sunshine, hike, etc. Connect with the nature that is around you!