Could Your Hormones Be Affecting Your Sleep?

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Blog | Dec, 31 2018

Could Your Hormones Be Affecting Your Sleep?


Did you know that lack of sleep can affect your genes? According to a study conducted by Surrey University in England in 2013, just a week of burning the candle at both ends can alter hundreds of otherwise normal DNA expressions in your body and also speed up the growth of cancer cells. The good news is, however, that there are just as many positive benefits to getting the right amount of sleep as there are negative ones from not getting enough.

The Answer to Sleep-Related Problems

If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea or interrupted sleep (also called fractured sleep), you are not alone. Thirty percent of American adults say that they survive consistently on 6 hours of sleep or less.

Hormonal imbalance, too much caffeine or sugar in your diet, not getting enough exercise and EMF exposure can all contribute to poor sleep. Having an illness also plays a huge role for many. According to a 2004 study, between 30 and 75% of all cancer patients experience insomnia.

Help for Hormonal Imbalance

Many women who have had no problems with the quality or duration of their sleep their whole lives are surprised when they reach perimenopause and menopause. Suddenly they are faced with sleepless nights or waking up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. This is because hormonal changes can also affect communication in the brain.

The mechanisms that send chemical messages throughout the brain to regulate physical and emotional responses are called neurotransmitters. Specific neurotransmitters help keep you awake and alert. Likewise, other neurotransmitters put you to sleep and keep you that way throughout the night.

Simply changing  key lifestyle and eating habits may turn your sleep around. For example, if you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, try adding a little movement into your day. If you drink caffeine or eat sugary foods, try cutting back and see what happens.

Should You Try Supplementation?

Sometimes neurotransmitter dysregulation needs a little help to become balanced again, especially

if chronic stress has been the norm for a while. If this is the case, consider getting your hormone levels tested through saliva

Sleep Eaze contains melatonin and Valerian to promote restful sleep.

testing. Saliva testing can measure cortisol levels throughout the day, all 3 estrogens, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone. If you are estrogen dominant, you may have your foot on your accelerator, so to speak, so you need to apply some calming strategies. 

1.) Do not watch TV or use your electronics at least 1 hour before sleep.

2.) Wear light blocking glasses that filter out the blue, violet and green light. I like True Dark.

3.) Read a relaxing book, soak in a hot tub with Epsom Salts, or do some mild stretches with deep breathing.

4.) Move all your electronics out of your bedroom or at least place them on Airplane Mode.

Quality supplements may also help. As part of my 7 Essentials System®, I offer two great products—Sleep Eaze and Stress Bust–that combine non-GMO, clean-sourced calming herbs with neurotransmitter precursors. Simply put, these substances help to “feed” those hormones that send the signals to your body to sleep and unwind!

breastcancer_stressHere are some of the amazing substances that can be found in both Stress Bust and Sleep Eaze:  

PharmaGABA™: (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter itself that is essential for synaptic formation. It is produced in large part in the pancreas. PharmaGABA is a proprietary form of GABA. It is processed through a natural fermentation process, making it more effective than synthetic varieties.

  L-Theanine helps in the production of calming neurotransmitters. Studies indicate that it is effective as a natural remedy for anxiety.

5-HTP helps raise serotonin levels in the body. It promotes deep sleep and dreaming.

Chamomile: Besides being super high in antioxidants, chamomile is also very calming for the nervous system.

Stress Bust is designed to help you heal from chronic stress and have a calm yet productive day. This is why it also contains magnesium and key botanicals that can help you with anxiousness, cravings and mood swings. Likewise, Sleep Eaze contains melatonin and Valerian to naturally help you sleep deeply through the night.

Getting enough sleep is serious business when it comes to your Healthy Breast journey. In fact, in one study, not getting enough sleep raised the risk for breast cancer in women by 14-60%.

Don’t be a statistic! Instead, be proactive when it comes to your health with lifestyle changes and the right tests and supplements for you and your sleep.


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr V”) is the founder of Breast Cancer and The 7 Essentials System®. This step-by-step guide empowers you with knowledge so you Never Have to Fear Breast Cancer Again! To watch a FREE webinar about the 7 steps for beating breast cancer naturally, Click Here















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