GMOs Part 2: The Truth EXPOSED About Glyphosate

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Blog | Jun, 14 2019

GMOs Part 2: The Truth EXPOSED About Glyphosate

While evidence-based research lags when it comes to the possible harms of GM foods to the human body, one thing is becoming glaringly apparent. Glyphosate, the pesticide “pin” on which Monsanto scientists hang their GM targets, spells disaster for human health. Here’s the evidence and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Latest Research Proves a Direct Link Between Glyphosate and Cancer

Dozens of studies conducted since the mid-1990s have proven without a shadow of a double the link between glyphosate and cancer. A good place to start if you want to conduct your own research is the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Of particular note for anyone who is on a Healthy Breast path is glyphosate’s connection to Breast Cancer. A 2013 in vitro study published in Food and Chemical Technology found a direct connection between glyphosate exposure and Breast Cancer cell proliferation. Glyphosate is a known endocrine disruptor. The study discovered that it caused a proliferation of cancer mechanisms in hormone-dependent Breast Cancer cells.  

In addition, a very recent Washington State University (WSU) mice-model study found that once a generation is exposed to glyphosate, the detrimental effects carry over into the second and even third generations.

In a shocking “first of its kind” investigation, the researchers witnessed diseases of the prostate in second and third-generation male mice, diseases in the reproductive systems as well as stillbirths in female mice, and kidney disease, obesity, and birth defects in both genders.  

What’s more, the study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that the overall rate of these conditions was up to 40 % greater in subsequent generations when compared to the first generation. WSU biological scientist Michael Skinner called these occurrences of “generational toxicology” and explains that it is caused by epigenetics. He told the WSU Insider that he has also seen this phenomenon pertaining to atrazine, (a popular herbicide). jet fuel, bisphenol A, DEET insect repellent, and some fungicides.

Glyphosate Lawsuits Hold Monsanto Accountable

So what are policymakers and the public doing with all this clear evidence of cancer risk connected to glyphosate? To date, the greatest gains are occurring through the court system.

You may have heard of Mr. Dewayne Johnson, aged 46, a groundskeeper in San Francisco, California. In 2018, a California court awarded Mr. Johnson $289 million dollars in damages against the Monsanto company. He claimed that his exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup®, which he worked with for years, was the reason he had terminal cancer. After reviewing the evidence, the jury agreed, saying that Monsanto “acted with malice or oppression.”

Choose only foods that have the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label to ensure your food is as safe as can be and free from GMOs and glyphosate residue.

Mr. Johnson’s case absolutely set a precedent that Monsanto continues to pay for to this day. In Pilloid vs. Monsanto, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Pilliod were awarded a whopping $2 billion dollars in May 2019.

Both Alva Pilloid, aged 76, and his wife, Alberta Pilloid, 74, were diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma within four years of each other (2011 and 2015 respectively). The Pilliods owned three properties in the Oakland area and both of them had used Roundup for landscaping for three decades. In an interview on Highwire with Del Bigtree, lead co-counsel in the case, Brent Wisner, explains the reason why the jury came up with that amazing amount. 

Take Control of Your Exposure to Glyphosate Now

In today’s world, in order to be a safe consumer, you have to be a savvy consumer. Pay attention to which food sources are GMO and do not buy them. Remember also that almost all GM foods will have glyphosate toxicity. Most major commercially produced grains (wheat, corn, soy) are GMO and glyphosate dependent.

The best course of action for your health and the health of your family is to simply go whole

foods, natural, organic, and pasture-raised. Take the time to enjoy cooking at home: it is something that the whole family can enjoy and you get to spend time together to boot. Plus “home cooking” always tastes better than store-bought!

If you have to buy processed foods, be sure to look for the “non-GMO Project” label.

Finally, there is detox. You can learn to reduce your toxic exposure, increase your consumption of whole foods and learn healthy lifestyle habits. We are constantly being exposed to pollutants in our food, water, and air no matter how clean we live. If you feel you have excess toxic build-up, take proactive measures by supporting your liver.

Regular coffee enemas, time in an infrared sauna, or laying on a Bio Mat, will open up your detoxification pathways. 

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