Could Low Dose Chemo Be an Option for You?

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Blog | Mar, 11 2019

Could Low Dose Chemo Be an Option for You?


If you have been on a Healthy Breast journey for a while, then it should be no secret to you that cancer cells feed on glucose. Armed with this knowledge, you know that you must AVOID SUGARY FOODS at all costs if you want to prevent and heal cancer. If you are currently on a healing path and are considering options, you may also be able to use cancer’s needs for extra glucose to your advantage. Insulin Potentiated Therapy, or IPT, takes advantage of cancer’s obsession with sugar to strategically use the best of both conventional treatment and natural healing.

How IPT Works

Insulin is a hormone that is made by the pancreas. Its main job is to assist in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It regulates how energy is distributed in your body by extracting glucose from carbohydrates. This energy is then used for fuel right away or it is stored for future use. Unless you are following a strict ketogenic diet (and thus are in ketosis), every one of your cells is using glucose for energy in this way right now.

This is how the healthy cells in your body eat and stay alive. Now let’s switch to how cancer survives. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells use an anaerobic (lack of oxygen) process to grow. This means that, like we mentioned earlier, cancer cells require more glucose for fuel than do healthy cells. In fact, research has found that cancer tumors have many times more insulin receptor sites than normal cells do. This is where Insulin Potentiated Therapy comes in.

IPT is a conventional therapy, in that it utilizes chemotherapy drugs. It is also natural, because it uses the bodies natural mechanisms to make chemo focus in on cancer cells only. Insulin Potentiated Therapy uses insulin as a unique delivery system for chemotherapy. It takes advantage of the higher number of insulin receptors on the surface of cancer cells to carry chemotherapy drugs into cancer cells directly. IPT can be used for most cancers, and has been studied and used with great success for reproductive system cancers in both men and women in particular.

Insulin Potentiated Therapy Does Not Harm Healthy Cells

How can I say this? The reason is simple. Cancer cells are addicted to sugar. Although it is true that healthy cells need glucose too, cancer cells are more aggressive about getting it. They will always push normal cells out of the way like a bully in a candy store as they gobble up the glucose.

The other reason healthy cells are safe with IPT is that it is considered a “targeted chemo” protocol. This means that a doctor will need to use significantly less drug in order to achieve the same effect. For example, a typical conventional chemo protocol may call for 1,500 mg of a typical drug. An IPT protocol, however, may call for only 200 mg.

“The IPT treatment is a great option to full chemotherapy. The smaller dosage, about 10% of what western medicine offers, does not impact your immune system or cause the debilitating side effects that the regular chemotherapy causes. I continued a very active life style during and after IPT,” said Healing Diva J.W. of her experience with the therapy.

Always Work with an Integrated Oncologist for IPT

The final reason that IPT is considered a safe option is because IPT protocols are always administered by an integrated medicine oncologist who has experience in both holistic and conventional cancer treatments. He or she will be able to lower your blood sugar levels safely before administering chemo, will strictly monitor your vital signs during administration and will be able to bring levels up safely and comfortably after the treatment.

Be sure you work with a well-qualified integrative doctor if you are considering IPT for Breast Cancer.

An integrative oncologist will also work with you to explore other ways to make sure the treatment is as effective as possible. They may utilize specific tests, such as the R.G.C.C. (or “Greece”) test, which can determine the best drug and natural treatments for you. They may also suggest other cancer-busting modalities, such as high dose vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system as well.  

In fact, I would say that if your physician does not give you additional nutritional advice or recommend other complementary modalities while you are going through IPT, find another doctor!

Once you have connected to a well-qualified integrated oncologist, make sure to follow his or her guidelines for your unique situation. 

IPT Has Been Practiced for Almost a Century!

Did you know that visionary doctors have actually been using the basic concept of lower insulin levels as a mechanism for targeted drug therapy since the 1930’s

Of course, I believe in using natural healing methods for beating cancer whenever possible. Every person’s situation is unique, however. There may be times when a more aggressive course of action is needed. When that is the case, considering IPT with a well-qualified integrative doctor on your Healthy Breast journey is a logical choice.

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