Lemon Drop Fat Bombs

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Portfolio | Jun, 26 2017

Lemon Drop Fat Bombs

Snacks are often a way to spruce up your palate and get through the day without feeling like you are starving by the time meal time comes around. That is why I like a variety of fat bombs – they are tasty, sweet without the sugar, crunchy and are loaded with healthy fats. The healthy fats will curb your appetite and keep those healthy ketones flowing – good for the brain and your healthy cells. You can even add them to your tea or smoothies to a add lemon twist. The lemon peel is high in limonene oil which has powerful anti-cancer properties. Bon Appétit!

Slowly melt the following on low heat:

7 ounces of coconut butter

½ cup coconut oil

Add the following while it is melting:

8-10 drops of stevia – sweeten to your taste

Grate the peel of 2 organic lemons – about 2 heaping tablespoons

The juice from the 2 lemons

Stir well and drop into silicone trays and freeze. Makes about 60 bombs. Enjoy!