Slow Cook Turkey Meatballs

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Main Courses | Nov, 28 2016

Slow Cook Turkey Meatballs

If you want to start your dinner early in the day and let it simmer while you are busy doing other things, this recipe is perfect. You can use turkey or grass-fed beef – your preference. They are simple to make and are a perfect protein for the day. As usual, make sure you use all organic ingredients if possible. The Zucchini noodles can be substituted with Miracle Noodles which are basically carb free. They are made from a Japanese yam and have almost 0 carbs. Bon Appetit!

Mix the following together in a medium size bowl:

1 lb. of ground organic meat (turkey or grass-fed beef)

¼ cup fresh parsley – chopped

1 teaspoon of garlic powder or minced garlic

4 tbsp. of ground flax seed

1 tsp. Himalayan salt

1 tsp. ground black pepper

1 large egg – well whisked

Form into ¼ cup balls and place at the bottom of a slow cooker. Turn the cooker on High.

The tomato sauce:

You can use fresh tomatoes or 1 can of chopped tomatoes.

1.5 tbsp. olive oil

2 tsps. minced garlic

1 tbsp. of oregano

1 tbsp. of basil

1 Bay leaf, crumbled

Salt to taste

Mix together and pour over turkey balls.

Cook on high for about 3 hours and then lower heat to low for another 1 hour.

Pour over noodles of your choice and enjoy.


  • I have stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer, can I eat these foods that are on here like turkey meatballs, etc

    • Hello Lori! Thank you for your question. Some people feel that they function better with small amounts of clean, hormone free, humanely raised meat in their diet. For this reason this meal may be appropriate occasionally! Enjoy!

  • i had stage 2, invasive lobular cancer(not in L-nodes) this past April. What i want to know, can i have meat? I have never been crazy about salads and just veggies. i have to have meat, i starve for it. i function much better with meat. How often can i have meat in a week?.


    • Some women choose to include small amounts of clean, hormone free and humanely raised meat in their diet. It is your health so only do what you feel comfortable with!