Sprouted Almond Butter Snack

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Grain Free | Jul, 18 2017

Sprouted Almond Butter Snack

Sometimes I like to break up my afternoon with a snack and a cup of herbal tea. This yummy snack is made with sprouted seed crackers and almonds. This almond butter from Longhurst Farms is the BEST almond butter I have ever tasted. It has a mild, naturally sweet taste to it and the texture is perfect. Sprouting almonds removes the enzyme inhibitors which allows for better nutrient assimilation. Just at the right time, the sprouting process is halted and the almonds are dehydrated at a low temperature to maintain the nutrients. The CEO and founder of Longhurst Farms, Rey,  has so generously offered to provide the sprouted almond butter at the Healing Diva Retreat and supply 3 ounce samples to everyone attending. Thank you Rey!  Bon Appétit!

Simple Mills Crackers

Longhurst Farms sprouted almond butter

Spread and enjoy!

  • Hi Dr V, is it ok for me to eat the sprouted crackers and almond butter while I have breast cancer, what I really need to know, is your recipes for people with cancer, or without or both

  • Hi Lori – if you enjoy these crackers only occasionally, I think that is fine. We need to strive for balance in our diets, not perfection. As far as my other recipes – some of them contain more fruit/grains, which should be limited on a healing journey.