Relief from Oxidative Stress with NanoVi™

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Blog | Jun, 17 2018

Relief from Oxidative Stress with NanoVi™


Who needs to worry about oxidative stress and free radicals? Well, basically everyone on this planet these days– and especially those who are on the Healthy Breast path or are healing from Breast Cancer. Free radical damage is serious business since too much can lead to cancer. When solid, scientifically-proven methods come along which may lessen the grip of oxidative stress in a toxic world, I’m interested. According to recent research, this is exactly what NanoVi(TM) can do.

What is Oxidative Stress?

All cells in your body need to convert oxygen and glucose into energy to survive and thrive. This is called cell metabolism. Cell metabolism produces substances called “reactive oxygen species,” or ROS. These are what we often hear of as free radicals. Not all free radicals are bad, however. In the right amount, free radicals play a vital role in cell signaling. When there are too many in the body and not enough anti-oxidants to combat them, this is when they do damage to DNA which can lead to cancer.

What is NanoVi(TM)?

ROS in the right amounts can be considered “good ROS.” It signals for cellular repair as stated

NanoVi(TM) is an innovative device that uses electromagnetic frequency in humidified air to help repair oxidative damage. Photo Credit:

above, but when there is too much damage (or too much “bad ROS”), reversing the ongoing damage caused by free radicals is often an uphill battle. Antioxidants from whole foods such as blueberries and spinach can help to prevent more damage from occurring but they cannot repair already damaged cells.

NanoVi™ is a simple-to-use device. It is designed to lend a hand to the body’s natural repair mechanisms.

Using patented technology, the NanoVi™ device produces an electromagnetic wave, delivered through humidified air, that mimics the signaling of “good ROS.”

The body does not have to make any more good ROS, but the result is the same: stronger immunity and increased vitality overall.

What Studies Say About NanoVi™

Several recent studies have confirmed the benefits of using NanoVi™, both for athletes and for the general public:

-A 2016 study conducted by the University of Vienna found that individuals who used NanoVi™ had improved inflammatory response, which is a sign of increased healthy cell regeneration.

-Another investigation on athletes conducted through the IMSB Olympic Training Center found that there were 25% less DNA breaks when endurance athletes used NanoVi™ as part of their daily training.

-Experts have stated that using NanoVi™ can result in a more balanced HRV (heart rate variability). HRV plays a part in the regulatory systems of the body, including the digestive, nervous, endocrine and reproductive system. Imbalance in one’s HRV denotes stress and may be an indication of higher Breast Cancer Risk.

-After reviewing the NanoVi™ device, researchers from Indiana University concluded in a 2009 report for the journal Cell Science that “the scientific foundation has been established and approach endorsed as an important new development for health.”

NanoVi™ Lends a Helping Hand for Cell Metabolism

NanoVi provides the assistance for reversing free radical damage that is sometimes needed in our toxic world.

I have been increasingly impressed (and sometimes overwhelmed!) by the number of natural health innovations that researchers continue to develop. Using a device like NanoVi™ doesn’t mean you should stop eating your berries and leafy greens— whole foods such as these have high antioxidant content but also a plethora of phyto-nutrients to support your healing journey.

On the other hand, its okay for the body to have an extra helping hand through technology, especially when an individual is on the Healthy Breast path. NanoVi™ seems to be one powerful helping hand indeed when it comes to combating oxidative stress and free radical damage that can lead to cancer.


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