Struggling with Chronic Infections? This Could be Helpful.

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Blog | Apr, 08 2019

Struggling with Chronic Infections? This Could be Helpful.


I discovered a new and powerful Immune booster called Monolaurin. I understood that coconut oil and MCT oil had many beneficial properties. But then I discovered another aspect of a single chain fatty acid derived from coconut oil that has a very powerful effect on supporting a healing journey. Monolaurin is a substance in lauric acid that has the ability to support immunity and ward off harmful bacteria and viruses.

What is Monolaurin?

Dr. Jon Kabara was a well-known and well-respected researcher who spent close to half a century studying fats (aka lipids) and their benefits for health. He was truly ahead of his time. He was one of the first researchers to study the link between cholesterol and cancer.

Kabara was particularly interested in the beneficial properties of breast milk. In addition to a number of nutrients, breast milk also contains substances which make it almost bacteria-resistant. One of these constituents is found in the medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) lauric acid. In the 1960’s at the University of Detroit, Kabara and his team began investigating the health benefits of monolaurin, a monoglyceride byproduct of this fatty acid.

According to Kabara, “Our studies eventually indicated that certain fatty acids and especially their monoglycerides (a fatty acid attached to glycerol) found in mother’s milk had extraordinary properties.”

He eventually discovered a very effective way to extract monolaurin from the lauric acid found in coconut oil as well.

Benefits of Monolaurin

Fatty acids are produced when fats break down. They can be very beneficial for the body since they help to move oxygen in the blood and disperse nutrients. You have probably heard of “healthy fats” such as Omega 3’s found in fish and some nuts and seeds. One of the reasons why these kinds of fats are so powerful is that they support the body on the cellular level.  

If fatty acids in general are considered “good fats,” then Monolaurin is the Cadillac of lipid health! Why? The answer is in the chemistry.  Because it is a “monoglyceride” it can be absorbed more easily that MCT oil, which has longer fatty chains. Monolaurin is  able to be absorbed more rapidly and more thoroughly than longer chains. It does not require bile salts for digestion and require less energy to be absorbed.

According to Dr. Alex Rinehart,Monolaurin is not directly found in coconut oil – it is something your body makes from the lauric acid that is found in coconut oil. You will not get the same potency of benefits by consuming coconut oil as you would with directly supplementing with monolaurin.”

Lauricidin®, the Brand Name for Monolaurin

The supplement known as Lauridicin® is the commercial version of monolaurin. Lauridicin® manufacturers combine monolaurin with glycerin, so it is 95% pure. It can be used by individuals with coconut allergies and goes down easy. What’s more, it has been proven to work when used daily!

Monolaurin and Breast Healthbreast_cancer-Lauridicin

It has been my experience that most women with breast cancer have an underlying systemic infection that compromises their Immune System. Studies suggest that as chronic viruses and bacteria invade the host, it creates an inflammatory response, which in turn can lead to breast cancer.  Monolaurin has been shown to effectively weaken viruses, including HIV. 

Monolaurin is also a great biofilm disruptor. A biofilm is created by pathogenic bacteria and fungi such as Candida, to shield themselves from the Immune System. This way, they act like “stealth” pathogens, weakening the host and creating a foundation for dis-ease to set in. Once it breaks down the biofilm, it can then effectively attack the candida itself.  

Oral Health is an extremely important aspect of preventing and healing breast cancer. Pathogenic strep bacteria in the mouth can be at the root cause of periodontal disease. There is a direct link with infected gums and breast cancer.    Monolaurin can be found in a toothpaste called Lauricare. 

On your Healthy Breast journey, your immune system is your body’s first line of defense. You can boost its effectiveness by cutting sugar from your diet, eating whole foods, lowering stress and supplementing with powerful key immune-boosting products. In my opinion, Lauridicin® is one such product!


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