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Dr. V. Recommends | Oct, 02 2022

The Survive & Thrive Breast Cancer Online Summit

thrive breast cancer

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer doesn’t mean you just have to go into survival mode—it actually means leaping into THRIVING MODE! Yep, it’s time to … Read More

Blog | Oct, 18 2021

7 Ways to Make Conventional Breast Cancer Treatment Easier

7 natural breast cancer practices In this blog, I share 7 natural breast cancer practices to make your surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation easier and more … Read More

Blog | Jan, 20 2020

Survival Tips for Chemo and Radiation Part 1: Rebuilding Your Body After Chemotherapy

If you decide to go the traditional route of chemotherapy and/or radiation on your healing journey with Breast Cancer, it is paramount that you know … Read More