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| Nov, 29 2019

Katherine W.

Katherine W

What a joy it is to share that God has blessed me with success in my breast cancer journey! After using the Breast Cancer Conqueror … Read More

| Nov, 29 2019

Gwen T.

Gwen T

“Four years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer with 9 out of 10 lymph nodes involved. I followed The 7 Essentials program … Read More

| Nov, 29 2019


Gabrielle R

The 7 Essentials literally saved my life. All of them are so vital, but it was Essential #4 “Heal Your Emotional Wounds” that provided the … Read More

| Dec, 04 2018

Francoise – Florida

What an amazing  resource to have during such a challenging time.  All the information and support you can receive from Dr. V and this amazing community is … Read More