The Connection Between Antibiotics and Breast Cancer

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Blog | Oct, 08 2018

The Connection Between Antibiotics and Breast Cancer


It’s October. “Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM),” as promoted by mainstream organizations, is in full swing. Instead of BCAM, Healing Divas celebrate BHAM, Breast Health Awareness Month! What’s the difference? While conventional campaigns are pushing for more mammograms and conventional research dollars, we know better. We are educating ourselves more on how to live a healthy life and heal Breast Cancer naturally. We are also looking at the causes of cancer. An interesting study has made a definite correlation between antibiotics and Breast Cancer. 

What Are Antibiotics?

There is no doubt that antibiotics save lives. This important class of drug was developed in the late 1920’s. Prior to that, most folks simply had to “wait and see” when they got an infection. For extreme cases, a limb may have to be amputated to save a life. In this day and age, however,society suffers from an overuse and abuse of antibiotics. Everyone knows how it goes: doctors prescribe antibiotics liberally, even for conditions that may not warrant it. Overuse leads to drug resistance as well as the dangerous conditions mentioned below.

The University of Washington Study

The largest study to make the correlation between antibiotics and cancer is one conducted with over 2,000 women by the University of Washington in 2004. It found that, plain and simple, “(u)se of antibiotics is associated with increased risk of incident and fatal breast cancer.”

Although the study did not dive in to the exact cause for the correlation, they did say that the link may have to do with antibiotics known effects on inflammation, immune function and estrogen metabolism. Those who use antibiotics long-term for respiratory infections may have the highest risk of all.

Antibiotics and the Immune System

The truth is, science has already discovered the link between antibiotic use and lower

When it comes to antibiotics, ask yourself if you really need to take them. Do your research and make your own decisions as to what goes in your body!

immune function in general. Researchers of a joint study sponsored in part by MIT, found that the antibiotic ciprofloxacin negatively affected the tissues of E. Coli-infected mice. The antibiotic affected immune cells called macrophages and made them less effective at fighting off infection. In fact, it appeared that the antibiotic was actually creating a situation where E. Coli could become resistant to the drug.

 “The drugs are producing changes that are actually counterproductive to the treatment effort. They reduce the bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics, and the drugs themselves reduce the functional benefit of the immune cells.”  says senior study author James Collins in a recent interview.

And of course, lower immune function opens a person up to many kinds of chronic disease, including cancer. Research has also discovered a surprisingly direct correlation between imbalance in the gut microbiome and cancer.

The Bottom Line About Antibiotics

This October, take a few moments and take stock of your antibiotic use in the past. If it has been extensive, take measures to boost your immune system and restore you gut microflora with high quality probiotics and fermented foods. . Each time the doctor prescribes you an antibiotic, consider if it is really necessary.

There are other natural substances that can kill off pathogens and support your Immune System at the same time. High doses of liposomal Vitamin C, Zinc, Immune Complete, and Colloidal Silver could be a great start. Fasting, coffee enemas and sweating in a sauna or on a Bio Mat may also help reduce infection. 

Take control of your health. Remember, you get to decide what substances, pharmaceutical drugs or otherwise, you put into your body. Choose wisely, and always towards optimum health on your Healthy Breast path!


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