Very Early Detection Breast Cancer Tests: Prenuvo & SonoCine

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Blog | May, 17 2022

Very Early Detection Breast Cancer Tests: Prenuvo & SonoCine

breast cancer tests

breast cancer tests

Most people have heard of a mammogram, but there are many other breast cancer tests that can be safer and more accurate. For example, if the words Prenuvo and SonoCine became part of doctors’ and everyday people’s vocabulary, many lives could be saved! 

Each year in the United States, about $7.8 BILLION is spent on annual mammograms, a breast cancer test that pokes and prods your breasts with radiation. And still, Invasive Breast Cancer (IBC) is the leading cause of death for women ages 35-54. IBC is when cancer has spread into surrounding breast tissue. The most common types are invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. 

Even though mammograms are often promoted as the best test and main way to scan for breast cancer, many other tools can be safer and more effective. While mammograms have their place, they are not the end-all. This is why I dedicate so much time to providing you with education about your options. In everything that has to do with your health—you have options. You do not have to go with the first test a doctor suggests. For example, Thermography is a fantastic option, and you can learn more about it HERE

Prenuvo and SonoCiné are also amazing options as they use cutting-edge technology and are highly detailed. These breast cancer tests are safe to use and do not give your breasts radiation (which can lead to cancer) like a mammogram. Keep on reading to learn how both the Prenuvo and SonoCiné tests work, why they are great options, and where to find them.

Regardless of which breast screening tool you use, ALWAYS back it up with a second option. No stand-alone screening tool is 100% accurate.


Why choose a Prenovo scan?

Visit the Prenuvo website.

Test. Don’t guess or stress. Prenuvo takes my motto a step further. Rather than wait to experience a symptom, Prenuvo provides extremely early insight into what is going on in your body through proprietary MRIs that provide about 2,000 images of your body. With their in-depth reports, you can make proactive, informed decisions for your health. The faster you diagnose, the shorter your healing road.

What is Prenuvo?

Prenuvo’s innovative scans provide a precise, comprehensive whole-body MRI. Their proprietary technology and acquisition approaches are built from hundreds of clinical studies in leading academic institutions. Thenbreast cancer tests integrates the best of multiparametric diagnostic imaging. 

A single Prenuvo covers 26 regions/organs of the body with clinical diagnostic quality. This enables the technology and analytical software to diagnose more than 500 conditions, including most solid tumors at Stage 1. Since many cancers do not cause symptoms, sometimes they are not detected until the advanced stages. 

Who should get a Prenuvo MRI?

The scan is safe and appropriate for almost everyone. A few exceptions include people with pacemakers and neurostimulators. It is also safer as it does not use ionizing radiation, unlike X-rays, mammograms, and CT scans. To put it into practical terms, cellphones are allowed to heat the head to 1.6 watts per kilogram. MRI is allowed to heat 3.2 watts per kilogram. By this extension, if you are comfortable speaking on your cellphone for 1,200 minutes per year (120 mins per month), you could technically safely have 9 Prenuvo scans per year. (which is not likely) 

I believe everyone, no matter what health issues they are facing (or don’t know about yet), should have all the information they possibly can about their body. For example, a Prenuvo patient had her whole family get a scan. An aneurysm was detected in her mother’s scan, and she received treatment quickly. Sadly, a  few weeks later, the mother’s sister, who was never scanned, had a ruptured brain aneurysm that killed her. It possibly could have been prevented with a Prenuvo MRI.


Currently, Prenuvo scans are available in 4 locations across the US. However, by the end of 2022, they will add 9 more locations in major cities. You can find a location near you and book an appointment by clicking HERE.


Why choose to use the SonoCiné system?

Visit the SonoCiné website

The SonoCiné AWBUS provides a consistent, safe, and repeatable scan of the whole breast, including the axilla (underarm/lymph nodes). The design provides greater visual detail of breast tissue. This is extra helpful for the 45% of women with dense breast tissue or implants where mammograms may have difficulty providing clear, detailed images. 

What is the SonoCiné system?

Unlike a traditional ultrasound done by a human, the SonoCiné system uses an automated, computer-controlled arm to guide the transducer over breast tissue gently. This ensures every area is scanned for maximum accuracy and detail.

It captures a slice every 800u, providing enough images to identify masses as small as 5mm in diameter. Their fluid video playback and visual navigation give doctors a more comprehensive view of a possible finding.

SonoCiné ultrasounds do not use radiation or compress breast tissue between plates like a mammogram. It is painless. The scans are done with the patient wearing their proprietary camisole that fits like a sports bra. Their patented hydrogel nipple pad enhances patient comfort and improves imaging of the nipple region. 


 SonoCiné ultrasounds are available at most major hospitals and medical centers across the country. Click HERE to use their location finder. 

You are in control.

It truly is a wonderful time to be vibrantly alive! You have access to excellent breast cancer tests and brilliant minds to help you navigate your health and cancer. In our digital world, you are also never alone.

You have the tools, supplements, and technology to take charge of your health and journey. From listening to podcast episodes with world-renowned cancer healers, reading blogs that dissect the latest research, and working with specially trained coaches—you have the tools, supplements, and technology to take charge of your health and journey!