Apricot Seeds + Amygdalin + Vitamin B17

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Essential # 1: Let Food Be Your Medicine | Nov, 28 2022

Apricot Seeds + Amygdalin + Vitamin B17

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What do apricot seeds, amygdalin, and Vitamin B17 all have in common? They are all connected by providing powerful anti-tumor actions and apoptosis to cancer cells! 

For example:

“Amygdalin is a promising anti-tumor drug if combined with conditional chemotherapy drugs, which can produce a synergistic effect.” From a 2014 study.

“The treatment of MCF-7 and T47D human breast cancer cell lines with amygdalin was able to reduce the growth of both cells, in concentration and time-dependent manners…This data supports a mechanism of amygdalin antitumor action against breast cancer cells based on the induction of oxidative stress.” From a 2018 study.

“Amygdalin treatment caused downregulation of several genes that play critical roles in DNA replication in the MCF-7 cell line. Thus, it might be useful as an anticancer agent.” From a 2021 study.

Apricot Seeds, Amygdalin & Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is not a vitamin. Amygdalin is a chemical called laetrile. Vitamin B17 is sourced from apricot pits. Wait…what?! At first glance, just like a cancer healing journey, it all can be super confusing and overwhelming. But that is why you are here—to learn in an understandable way and then take action to thrive!

In short, here’s the breakdown:

  • Apricot seeds contain amygdalin/Vitamin B17.
  • Vitamin B17 is a commonly used name for the chemical amygdalin. When you see the word “Vitamin B17” don’t think of a B vitamin. Instead, just think: amygdalin.
  • In our bodies, amygdalin is used to make the compound, laetrile. It may help with natural healing from cancer by killing off cancer cells without impacting healthy cells. 
  • Amygdalin is often called Laetrile. Taking them orally can create hydrogen cyanide in your body, which is thought to kill cancer cells, according to cancer.gov.

A brief history of amygdalin + cancer

It all started in the former kingdom of Hunza, now a district in Pakistan. People in this beautiful mountain region do not know of cancer, and the average life expectancy is 100 years old!! Some still live a healthy life at (the hard-to-believe it’s true) age 120! While all sounds like a fairytale, it is totally true, thanks to their diet.

Unlike the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed foods, soda, lots of meat, and lack of fresh produce—the Hunza people eat large quantities of raw seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. While it isn’t much of a secret that lots of veggies and nuts are a key to longevity, eating apricot seeds may add to your healing protocol.  Order Amygdalin B17 from apricot seeds here! Since apricot trees grow wild in the Hunza Valley, they have become a staple in the local’s diets. Thus, fill them with anti-cancer properties daily! Specifically, compared to the average American, the Hunza people eat 200 times the amount of amygdalin a day!


If you decide to eat apricot seeds instead of taking a supplement or getting the benefits from food, gradually introduce them to your diet. Start with 1 every hour and gradually increase. If you feel nauseous, you may eat too many or eat them too fast. The recommended dose recommend is 1 apricot seed for every 10 pounds of body weight. If you weigh 130 pounds, you would eat 13 seeds per day, spread out throughout the day. You can grind them and sprinkle them on your salads or chew them as you would any other nut. 

The Amygdalin – B17 Supplement Amygdalin-B 17 - 500 mg capsules

To maintain the growth of healthy cells and for our general health, we rely on 6 groups of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Since our bodies may not manufacture these nutrients, we have to get them from our daily diets and supplements. If you choose not to eat the aprocot kernels, you can supplement with Apricot Power: B 17 AmygdalinOne capsule provides 500 mg of natural B17 from apricot seeds. 

When you take each capsule, this happens inside your body: Amygdalin is a sugar-based molecule. Cancer cells LOVE sugar (get all the details here). When cancer cells gobble up the sugar molecule, the chemical reaction creates a toxic form of cyanide that kills the cancer cell.

Unlike some conventional treatments that kill healthy cells and cancer cells, amygdalin only impacts the cancer cells. Healthy cells have a special enzyme called Rhodanase that neutralizes the cyanide in amygdalin. Therefore, cyanide does not touch healthy cells. Only cancer cells fall prey to the “sugar-coated” cyanide.

Where to Find Amygdalin – Vitamin B17

Since your body can not make B17, here’s a more complete list of where to get amygdalin/Vitamin B17 besides apricot seeds:

  • Supplements
  • Apricot seed meal and oil
  • Seeds: millet and flax
  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, macadamia 
  • Berries: raspberry, strawberry, currants, cranberry, and blackberry
  • Sprouts: bamboo shoots and alfalfa
  • Tubers: yams, sweet potatoes, and cassava
  • Leafy greens: spinach, beet greens, watercress, and eucalyptus

Health Benefits of Amygdalin – Vitamin B17

Besides killing cancer cells, being intentional about adding in amygdalin – Vitamin B17 could be an option for you. Some of the amazing health benefits include:

  • Immune System Boost: Strengthens your immune system by slowing down the spread of disease and harmful cells. This happens by increasing the ability of the body’s white blood cells to attack harmful cells.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: In this study, “amygdalin helped lower systolic blood pressure (upper value) by 28.5% and diastolic blood pressure (lower value) by 25%. These effects were enhanced when taken with vitamin C.”
  • Anti-Aging: Its properties may protect against and assist in removing free radicals that cause aging and damage to your skin. 

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  • Do you need to take this with Vit C ? Or with zinc ? I heard somewhere it’s necessary and then I heard it’s no …. So confusing.

    • Hi Charlotte! People in the past have used 1 kernel per 10 lb of body wt starting with 1-2 per hour to see how their body reacts and if they had headache or nausea would decrease the amount.