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Dr. V. Recommends | Aug, 22 2022

Sono-Photodynamic Therapy & Other Supportive Treatments

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Lights, Camera, Action! Today’s show is about light and sound therapy to inspire your body to take action against cancer cells. Sono-photodynamic, laser, Photo Dynamic, … Read More

Dr. V. Recommends | Aug, 09 2022

How Your Estrogen Quotient Ratio Affects Your Breast Health

EQ ratio

Why is your Eq ratio so important? Hormones significantly impact your emotional, physical, and mental health. They are the main substances responsible for directing the … Read More

Dr. V. Recommends | Aug, 01 2022

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing, Massage and Saunas for Breast Cancer

dry brushing

 Massage, lymph drainage, saunas, and dry brushing are all therapies that I personally do for myself and are part of the Healing Diva Retreats! Let’s … Read More