Dr. V’s Favorite Breast Cancer Healing Products

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Dr. V. Recommends | Apr, 29 2024

Dr. V’s Favorite Breast Cancer Healing Products

favorite breast cancer healing products

I often get asked about my favorite breast cancer healing products, so I’m wrapping some of them up into one blog post. All of the products below are things I personally use and were instrumental to my healing journeys. And since everyone deserves vibrant health, they all make wonderful presents. Speaking of, as my gift to you, I secured discount codes for a few of my favorite things. Lastly, since the 7 Essentials System® is the foundation of Breast Cancer Conqueror, my favorite things are categorized by each healing essential.

#1: Let Food Be Your Medicine

Matcha Tea: Superfood Science Matcha Tea

It’s known as the “Tumor Terminator” because you sip in 137 times more EGCG’s than green tea. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) suppresses oxidative mitochondrial metabolism. In other words, it is preventing the cells from ‘refueling,’ and therefore, they become inactive and die.” Learn all about the power of matcha and how incredibly important it is for your healing journey via this blog post.

I only trust Superfood Science Matcha Tea because other brands may be brimming with sugars, dyes, and other processed toxins that never belong in your body! Also, NEVER buy matcha drinks from common places like Starbucks and Coffee Bean, as their 12-ounce lattes fill your body with a terrifying 41 grams of sugar! To put it in perspective, a full-size Snickers bar is only 20 grams of sugar. 

Seaweed Snacks: Rootless. Use code: SEAWEED15 for 15% off 

One of my breast cancer root causes was low iodine and thyroid issues (learn all about it here), and discovering the naturally potent effects of seaweed was a tide-changer moment for me. Rootless turns seaweed into delicious bites—coconut chai, cinnamon crunch, and orange pistachio are some of my favorites. 

#2: Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

Castor Oil Breast Packs: Queen of Thrones. Use code: BREAST_CANCER_CONQUEROR10 for 10% off code for orders over $59.

Dr. Marisol’s packs feel like a warm hug that curves to fit you just right. The gentle compression of the pack and Castor Oil support detoxification, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, colon cleansing, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and relaxation. Please read this blog post to learn all about the detoxing and healing benefits of castor oil. 

Saunas: Sunlighten Saunas 

Sunlighten Saunas’ EMF-protected infrared sauna regularly prevents a variety of toxins (heavy metals to pesticides and everything in between) from becoming “encapsulated” in your fatty tissues. Both near and far infrared saunas allow your body to sweat and promote lymphatic drainage and deep-tissue detoxification to get rid of these harmful toxins. One study called the BUS Study (blood, urine and sweat) discovered that sweating was the best way to reduce toxic chemicals in your body.  I love relaxing and detoxing in my sauna. It’s a great time to read, tap (click here to learn how), breathe, meditate (click here for tips), and shut the outside world out.

#3: Balance Your Energy

Breast Oil: Healthy Girls Breast Oil

Before bedtime, I give my breasts a quick, daily massage using Healthy Girls Breast Oil to soften breast tissue and detoxify. The aroma is wonderful and sends relaxing and healing feelings to my nervous system. I massage from the inside out using long smooth strokes towards my armpit and up my collarbone. To learn more about balancing energy, boosting your lymphatic system, and nurturing your body, please listen to this podcast episode with the founder of Healthy Girls Breast Oil.

Balance, wellness relief, and emotional healing on the go: Taopatch—Use code: BCC for 5% off.

Taopatch gives you the emotional and physical healing and pain-relieving powers of acupuncture and light therapy, whenever and wherever. It’s a patented wearable nanotechnology device that captures heat from your body and converts it into light, emitting it into specific acupoints. This light stimulates your Central Nervous System and “reminds” it how it was meant to rebalance and communicate with the rest of your body. To learn more about Taopatch, please listen to this podcast episode with their CEO. I find that it is really helpful with physical balance and emotional stability. 

Rejuvenate your endocrine system, lower inflammation, boost collagen, and reduce pain: EMR-TEK

After years of extensive research, my favorite source for red light therapy devices is EMR-TEK. They offer the latest state-of-the-art technology in RLT yet keep it affordable, too! I use the FIREWAVE and love its innovative design, which offers a low flicker rate and unparalleled irradiance intensity. Check out all of EMR-TEK‘s offerings, including EMF protection, blue light glasses, and indoor lighting solutions.

#4: Heal Your Emotional Wounds

Dr. V using BrainTap

Brain fitness: BrainTap

I lift weights for a strong body, and I use BrainTap for a strong mind. It helps me train my brain to be resilient to the effects of stress. The device taps into different neural pathways to help you heal emotional wounds. It also helps unleash your imagination, enhance focus, and relax your nerve system. Please learn more about BrainTap via this podcast episode with the co-developer of BrainTap.

#5: Embrace Biological Dentistry

Oral health & whitening: NOVORAL CARE PRO

This incredible device treats receding gums and periodontal gum disease,  kills bad breath and mouth bacteria, and gently whitens teeth in just 5 minutes a day. Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body, so make sure to keep it clean, healthy, and free of toxins. I like to rub essential oils on my gums before bed and use the mouth device for about 20 minutes before I go to sleep. 

#6: Repair Your Body Body with Therapeutic Plants

DIM Balance, Estro Clear & Brocco Power: Hormone Clearing Bundle

This bundle ensures your body can clear our “dirty estrogens” and balances your hormones. 

Hormone Clearing Bundle
Save 20% on the “Hormone Clearing Bundle”

In simple (but gross) terms, think of your toilet and pipes. DIM unclogs the “toilet bowl,” and Sulforaphane (Brocco Power: 1 capsule = 500 grams (1 lb) of fresh broccoli!) unclogs the pipes that drain out the toilet bowl. Estro Clear supports your body’s natural defense against toxins and excess steroid hormones. You need them both to be working, or else it will be a stinky situation! Like in your bathroom, you may not see the pipes draining out your toilet, but you know when they are not working. The same goes for your body.

#7: Adopt Very Early Detection

Gene testing: Nutrition Genome 

No one knows you better than your actual genes. Instead of following the diet flavor of the week, eat precisely what your body needs for healing and health. The Nutrition Genome is an at-home DNA test kit and comprehensive report that removes the guesswork. It is one of the most advanced nutrigenomic tests available, covering 100 clinically relevant genes for a “whole body” analysis and guide to wellness. This test provides clear and actionable results (supportive supplements, grocery list and detox support) and was a game-changer in my healing journey. Please review this blog post to learn more. 

Monitor your breast health: Your Lab Work

Foundation Panel
When you order labs with us, you get a discounted rate on specific tests through YourLabWork.com and Quest Diagnostics. Click HERE to learn more about ALL of Dr. V’s packages. Click HERE to learn about the Inflammatory Package that includes the Trifecta tests and more.

To know specifically what YOU need to do to reduce inflammation, please take the Breast Health Foundation Panel that includes the inflammation test. This test provides crucial insight into your metabolism, nutrients, and core tests, such as eating for your blood type. It is based on the Dietary Inflammation Index and the C-Reactive Protein (CRP), the main marker for identifying inflammation in your body. You can ask your doctor to order these tests for you but sometimes conventional doctors are a little resistant in ordering tests that are “outside the box”. Of that is the case, head to the Lab Work page and order the tests yourself. 

The script will be emailed to you and you simply visit the nearest Quest lab near you to have the blood drawn. After about 7 business days, you receive the results. 

Identify your breast cancer risk level: Auria® Biological Breast Cancer Screening Test. Use code: BCC20 for 20% off.

This at-home, tear-powered breast health assessment gives you valuable insights into your breast cancer risk level so that you can make informed and empowered decisions for your body. Auria looks at the protein biomarkers in your tears since these proteins are involved in the early inflammatory process associated with breast cancer. I think it holds a lot of potential as a breast cancer screening tool! 

I love learning about products that can help women heal from breast cancer and live vibrantly healthy lives. Please tell me about your favorites here.

My TOP product and lesson from two healing journeys:

Take a balanced integrative approach for a lifetime of vibrant health! It’s not just about getting rid of the “lump” – it’s about a complete transformation – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Working with Western AND Eastern doctors, traditional AND natural treatments tailored specifically for you is how you will survive and THRIVE!

Taking an integrative approach doesn’t just give you a treatment plan but rather a whole-self healing plan for life! Conventional cancer treatments focus on killing visible cancer. Natural medicine combined with lifestyle changes and helpful products (like the ones above) helps heal your body so that cancer never returns. They can also make traditional therapies (such as chemo) even more effective and with fewer miserable side effects. My blog and podcast are packed with countless examples of how weaving traditional and natural medicines and treatments together provides optimal outcomes.

The Survive & Thrive: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine

If you are like most women I talk to, you are probably confused and overwhelmed by all the information. That’s why I have invited world-class medical and integrative experts to share their experiences and insights and answer your questions. All of this is packaged up in a way that you can easily digest at your speed. To guide you in taking an integrative approach, The Survive & Thrive: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine online program will help you curate an ACTION Plan of protocols for YOUR healing journey.

You can do this! You can make healthy changes daily and keep going even in the hardest times. Women before you are here to lift you up, just as you can do the same for the ones to come.

“I have seen a lot of information on natural healing for cancer. This is the first program that I have participated in that addressed syncing natural healing with traditional (or Western) healing. I really like the idea of these approaches working synergistically together.” – Jamie, USA


Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as  Dr. V, is a Doctor of Chiropractic & has 44 years of experience in the wellness industry. For personalized support, please partner with a trained Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.