COFFEE ENEMAS: CAN’T HOLD IT WORTH BEANS? A Patient’s Perspective by Janet Bachand

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Blog | Feb, 27 2017

COFFEE ENEMAS: CAN’T HOLD IT WORTH BEANS? A Patient’s Perspective by Janet Bachand

When I first learned of coffee enemas, I thought, “Nope, not for me.” Then, I met Dr. V and became a believer in the 7 Essentials System™. I trusted Dr. V and was impressed by the research that supported detox through coffee enemas. Being a Healing Hannah, I decided to give it a go.  What I found truly surprised me!

Yes, enemas can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Coffee enemas, however, are an entirely different experience. I’ve been doing them for a little over a year now, beginning with 3 times per week and increasing to 5-6 times per week.

My experience, in a nutshell?  In the beginning, it was quite humorous, with spilled coffee, an inability to retain the enema, aromas like none I’d ever experienced, and constantly changing positions in an attempt to get comfortable and find a way to stay relaxed.  The process has truly been an education.

Taking a Coffee Break

Listening to calming music, I start with a water enema, somewhere between 6 to 16 ounces to make space in my colon.  I find that this increases retention capacity; more coffee solution can fill the area after a bowel movement.  I then follow Dr. V’s instructions to lay on my left side, insert the tip and allow the coffee to flow. I let the coffee to flow in slowly, otherwise I tend to experience spasms. If these do occur, I remind myself that this is a positive thing. It indicates that my bile ducts are dilating, facilitating the release of toxins from the liver and cleansing the blood. I remind myself that this is the case even if I can’t hold all of the solution for an entire 15-20 minutes. Once the enema is drained from the bucket, I delicately switch positions to lay on my right side.

I find that if I can relax, breathe and focus on the gentle music, any discomfort will dissipate within approximately 20 seconds. Other times, though, the pressure I feel requires an active, full release of the solution.

Tipping the Pot for Success

I also have found that following a few guidelines can ensure a more successful enema:

-Use a clean stainless steel bucket with accompanying tubing;

-Utilize the highest quality organic coffee available (I use SWA Wilsons coffee recommended by Dr. V).

-Find a private bathroom location where you will feel most comfortable;

-Preferably do your enema in the morning (especially if caffeine affects you);

-Create a peaceful environment with proper lighting, a comfortable temperature, plenty of towels and rags, a pillow and some soothing aromatherapy;

-Play gentle, peaceful music;

–Breathe, meditate and relax before you begin.  If I’ve argued with my husband, my children (or myself) or I feel irritable in some way, it will be more difficult to relax;

–Avoid phone calls, emails, texting or other interruptions during your enema. (They can wait!);

–Begin when you can dedicate the time necessary, rather than hurrying through the process.

Benefits From the Grounds Up

Each day I accept myself just as I am, in every way!

Below I list some benefits that I personally attribute to consistent use of coffee enemas. These benefits are further amplified by following the full 7 Essentials System™ program:

(1) Improved Bloodwork Results:  Since 2007, my bilirubin counts were outside the normal range. Since consistently using coffee enemas, they have been normal.  My liver enzymes are now also healthy and normal.

(2) Heightened Compassion for Self and Acceptance:  Since each enema is different, I have learned increased patience with myself and acceptance of the results.  My mantra is: “It’s perfect whether I retain it for 2 minutes or 20 minutes.  My body is benefitting and getting exactly what it needs to get well!”

(4) Enhanced Perspective:  I now frequently proclaim, “Interesting…” rather than analyzing the process. Each day I accept myself just as I am, in every way. I find that when I analyze, I tend to judge myself, ultimately causing more constriction in my body and therefore, more stress.

After all, what benefit is there in following through with Essential #2 (Reduce Your Toxic Exposure) while judging oneself and creating another issue for Essential #4 (Heal your Emotional Wounds)?  Acceptance feels better. I can allow my body to relax, providing the healing space it desires for vibrant health.

(5) Greater Playfulness:  I consider it a game when I do my enema. Some days I “win bigger” than others.  That said, every time I believe I’m winning.  Consider that in just 3 minutes, all the body’s blood has cycled through the liver for cleansing!  A playful, gentle attitude also seems to spill over into other life situations. Enemas support a lighter, more pleasant perspective of life. Now I have a sparkle in my eye and my family approves!

(6) Increased Energy:  My energy throughout the day appears more stable and I awaken refreshed after having slept soundly.

(7) Heightened Mental and Emotional Clarity:  I’ve noticed that residual chemo-brain fuzziness has dissipated over time. As my body feels more clean and light, my intuition and connection to creative solutions increases. I also feel more internally inspired rather than turning to something or someone external for inspiration, acceptance and approval.

(9) A More Authentic and Fearless Approach to Life.  I openly tell people about coffee enemas as I believe it can help everyone.

(11) More In Tune with My Body, Mind and Spirit. I consider these three a formidable team!

(14) Reinforced Trust and Knowing. Now I trust in my body’s ability to heal itself.

(15) Dedicated Me Time.” This is a time where I can breathe, relax, meditate, and reflect while I also listen to music I enjoy.

A Final Sip

A year ago, coffee enemas were something I felt I should do.  Now, I can honestly say that I look forward to my daily practice. My family honors my “enemizing” time and appreciates the approach I’m taking to my healing.  Our family is closer now. We laugh more and have greater patience and respect for one another. Since our family entertains a “no topic is off limits” policy, I frequently hear the phrase: “Sounds like you’re talking from your coffee pot,” which always brings a giggle. Humor is vital in any healing journey.

I consider my body, mind and spirit as one inseparable and unbeatable team for which I am a MVP and most grateful to be a part of.  With coffee enemas, like any process in life, there are some days where I feel better about it than others. No matter what occurs, I always thank myself for a job well done. I know that I am doing something truly wonderful and am seeing great results. I am healing from the inside out!

Thank you, Dr. V, for being a positive, informed and effective Team Captain. You have encouraged me to take an important step in detoxification by giving coffee enemas the chance they so deserve.


  • Thank you so much for sharing. The finger tip was most helped me succeed in holding my enema in for 20 minutes. The music was also very therapeutical and relaxing.