Why You Should Know about Deuterium Depletion

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Blog | Jul, 21 2020

Why You Should Know about Deuterium Depletion

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. T. Que Collins, co-founder of the Deuterium Depletion Center, for an upcoming podcast that will be featured on this website. Deuterium is a fascinating subject that I just recently learned about. Once I understood the implications of excess deuterium in the body and what we can do to lower it, however, I was totally blown away by the information!

Here is the nuts-and-bolts rundown of what deuterium is and how deuterium depletion can kickstart healing mechanisms in your body. Be sure to check out the podcast with Dr. Collins when it becomes available to learn more. Dr. Collins has an incredible personal and professional story that led him to create the Center for Deuterium Depletion with colleagues Dr. Gabor Somlyai, Dr. Anne Cooper & Dr. Laszlo Boros.

What is Deuterium?

To understand the deuterium, we have to start with the chemical element hydrogen. Hydrogen is as basic as you can get

Have you ever heard about deuterium? Read on to learn how too much may be raising your risk of Breast Cancer!

as far as elements go, right? It is essential since you guessed it, it is the primary ingredient in water or H2o.

You probably know by now that your body is made mostly of water, around 65% for a healthy, middle-aged adult. Hydration through fresh, non-fluoridated, filtered water is key for the balanced functioning of your entire body. Hydrogen is so important that I have even written about the powers of hydrogen water and did another podcast with hydrogen water expert Paul Barattiero, C.Ped, one of the creators of the Echo Hydrogen Water system.

Hydrogen is definitely a highly beneficial substance for the body, but Deuterium, its “evil twin”  can raise your risk of disease, including Breast Cancer.

Deuterium naturally appears in nature in oceans, lakes, and streams. It is abundant in grains, legumes, processed foods, GMO foods, and grain-fed meats. .Deuterium is basically just two hydrogen atoms stuck together. However, experts have described deuterium as hydrogen’s “evil twin,” and for good reason. Deuterium, or “heavy hydrogen” (sometimes also called “heavy water”) contains one proton and one neutron. This is a different atomic structure than hydrogen alone, which contains only one proton.

This change may seem slight but it actually makes a huge difference in terms of the overall mass of the molecule. 

What Too Much Deuterium Can Do In the Body

Excess deuterium occurs as a result of eating the SAD (i.e., the Standard American Diet, which is especially carb-heavy), chronic stress, excess toxins, and other characteristics of the typical modern lifestyle.  Because of deuterium’s mass and weight, it has the ability to seriously throw off metabolism and slow down ATP production in the mitochondria. This heavy molecule basically wears out the “nano-motors” in the mitochondria that are responsible for energy production. 

Think of the nano-motors in the mitochondria like jet propulsion engines that spin at a very high speed. Too much deuterium can slow down and can cause “congestion” in those tiny motors, which in turn, reduces the amount of ATP energy that your cell can then produce. 

According to a paper produced by the Center for Deuterium Depletion, too much deuterium in the body can cause immediate problems such as lymph node blockage, headaches, cognitive impairment, and poor sleep. Deuterium excess can also lead to impaired immune function, which can make you more prone to infection and the overgrowth of viruses and other pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

And, of course, deuterium excess can also raise your risk of disease, including cancer.

Deuterium and Carbs

Eventually, the deuterium-caused breakdown of mitochondria nanomotors interferes with the replication of genetic material and can prevent the proper folding of DNA at the genetic level. Without this folding, cells will not mature in a healthy way and will continue to replicate endlessly. This causes the all-too-familiar cellular mutations that are foundational for cancer tumor growth and spread.

Most women know that sugar feeds cancer. What many don’t know (and I didn’t either until recently) is that the substance known as deuterium inside simple carbs is what contributes to cancer growth the most.

According to the Center for Deuterium Depletion, “When deuterium becomes part of the sugar backbone of your DNA, it can change its three-dimensional structure – the more deuterium that’s in it, the bigger the change.”

Indeed, deuterium is intricately linked to the “sugar factor,” which is at the heart of cancer growth. I have written several articles on the fact that sugar (i.e. simple carbohydrates) is the main “fuel” for cancer cells. What I didn’t know until now is that it is actually deuterium inside the high carbohydrate foods that act as a catalyst for this growth.

The experts at the Center for Deuterium Depletion, who often support a low-carb or keto diet for many of their clients, state that “having high levels of deuterium is literally like pouring gas into your cancer’s fuel tank.”

Deuterium Depletion and Breast Cancer

Ensuring the proper production and expression of DNA is the key to the prevention of Breast Cancer on your Healthy Breast journey. Lowering deuterium levels in the body allows DNA production mechanisms to stabilize and metabolic pathways to balance. Less deuterium also allows DNA to fold properly again as well, thus stopping a major source for cancer cell mutations.

Deuterium depleted water is a special kind of water in which the deuterium (H2) content has been significantly lowered. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Cancer Research & Therapy took a look at how consuming deuterium-depleted water (DDW) affected over 200 patients with Breast Cancer. All participants experienced benefits from drinking DDW. The most noticeable results were in those patients who had undergone conventional cancer therapy in the past and were in a tumor-free state when they started drinking DDW.

The “extraordinarily good results” for this subgroup of the study were “impossible to calculate because of the very low death rate during the follow-up period,” the report stated. The researchers also noted that repeating a DDW protocol at least once may be an important factor in preventing metastasis and recurrence of Breast Cancer.

In another, smaller study, patients who had undergone repeated, extensive conventional treatment for Breast Cancer and who were given just a few months to live saw their tumor volume lower by close to 75% and their life expectancy double (when compared to patients who underwent conventional therapies alone).  

The Center for Deuterium Depletion Protocol

Dr. T Que Collins is one of the founders of the Center for Deuterium Depletion in Los Angeles, California. He is featured on our Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast. Be sure to check that episode out here!

The specific protocols that are available at the Center for Deuterium Depletion are based on a comprehensive analysis of what is going on with you and your unique body makeup, lifestyle choices, test results, and current health situation. Each client is given portal access online. This contains their “map,” as well as access to a database of general information pertinent to their unique situation.

 “Once we understand what is missing and we can start plugging the holes, then we can measure again and the database…is going to tell you what is the right thing for you and layout your map,” explains Dr. Collins. “We are constantly mapping and then coming back to change your course a little bit. As a result, we have helped people to get incredibly fantastic results. Remission rates are longer. The lifespan is longer. Quality of life is super better.”

Should You Give Deuterium Depletion a Try?

“Surviving cancer is not enough,” says Dr. Collins. “You want to have a better life after cancer because you know what to do…Especially if you are coming back from it, you will have a better life.”

I totally agree with this statement! To that end, if you feel that a deuterium depletion protocol may benefit you, I say give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain in terms of health if you do!

Getting started with your unique protocol at the Deuterium Depletion Center starts with one of three options. You can find out more about them HERE.  And just for our followers, Dr. Collins has offered 25% OFF EVERY ORDER of their Preventa DDW. As well as $50 off of a Deuterium test.


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