The Many Benefits of Including DIM For Your Healing Journey

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Essential #3: Balance Your Energy | May, 08 2024

The Many Benefits of Including DIM For Your Healing Journey

DIM breast cancer

Note: This blog only provides general information. Therefore, do NOT stop or add treatment protocols without speaking to your medical team. 

As Dr. Berkson puts it, “Hormones are the most misunderstood genre of medicine. It is the ignorance of many (not all!) people in the medical community.” New hormone research is often not even discussed in medical school or future educational training. This is shocking but not surprising. Another example of why you need to do your own research (such as reading this blog post and listening to this podcast with Dr. Berkson) and work with a team of experts to heal and thrive. 

Balanced hormones = a balanced and thriving you!

Hormones are the main substances responsible for directing the body’s mechanisms at the cellular, subcellular, and even genetic levels. In other words, hormones are your body’s messengers. Your body contains over 50 types of hormone “messengers” secreted by different glands, including the thyroid, pineal gland, pancreas, ovaries, and pituitary gland. 

Unbalanced hormones could result in just something minor such as unexplained weight gain, or could be a major cause of breast cancer. On the flip side, when your hormones ARE balanced, your inflammation levels are stabilized, your mind is clear, your menstrual cycles are regular, and you feel better overall. Most importantly, your body can protect itself from diseases, and you have vital energy to do all the things you want to do in life! 

Hormones fluctuate throughout your life—remember your awkward puberty days and the hot, cranky moments of menopause!? (Side note: please read this blog on naturally managing menopause.) The fluxation can make you more or less susceptible to developing breast cancer at various times. However, once you understand this relationship, you are empowered to reduce your risk.

DIM (diindolylmethane), a compound made from cruciferous vegetables, could be your hormone superhero. However, supplementation should be under the guidance of a practitioner who understands the mechanisms of DIM.  

Before I dive into DIM, I must discuss estrogen since DIM’s job is to metabolize estrogen.

DIM and breast cancer benefits


Estrogen is essential because it helps us develop eggs for pregnancy, gives us our curves, and builds the lining of our uterus. It also influences our cardiovascular, skeletal (strong bones!), and neuroendocrine systems, amongst many other things. However, ensuring your estrogen levels are balanced is critical. Too little or too much and the wrong kind,  can lead to a wide range of health issues.

There are 3 types of estrogen that your BODY makes.

  1. Estrone (E1): Made in your ovaries and is the only estrogen hormone you produce after menopause, just in reduced amounts. 
  2. Estradiol (E2): Also made in your ovaries, but only during your reproductive years. It is the most potent form of estrogen.
  3. Estriol (E3): This is the primary form of estrogen during pregnancy, and the placenta produces it. This is the more “protective” of all the estrogens.

There are several types of “dirty” estrogen made by everyday toxins that wreak havoc on your health. Here are a few examples:

  1. Estrogen-like pharmaceuticals: (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy (please read more here) and oral contraceptives are a few examples.
  2. Xenoestrogens: Pesticides, plastics, herbicides, refrigerants, etc. Please learn more via this blog post.
  3. Animal hormones. Factory-farmed meat and milk products that are not organic can be pumped with artificial hormones. To learn about the types of meat you SHOULD be eating, please read this blog post.

Estrogen Dominanceestrogen dominance podcast

Estrogen dominance (listen to this podcast episode for a deep dive) is common in perimenopausal and menopausal women. It means you have too much estrogen in comparison to your progesterone levels. 

  • High levels of aggressive estrogens can cause hair loss, mood swings, tender breasts, weight gain, fibroids, endometriosis, breast and ovarian cysts, and even breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Low levels of progesterone can cause anxiety, sleep problems, headaches, infertility, miscarriage, mid-cycle spotting, and the same issues high estrogen causes.

EQ Ratio

Finding out about your hormone levels (especially estrogen and progesterone) is essential before you begin your healing journey, no matter what path you choose. Knowing about imbalances, especially in the three kinds of estrogen in your system, will strategically inform your action plan. Also, knowing your hormone levels is essential for prevention.

The EQ Ratio is super important, but often doctors can explain it in a complex way or not even at all. So here’s your cheat sheet:

  • EQ stands for: Estrogen Quotient
  • Here’s the ratio: Estriol/(estradiol + estrone).
  • In words: Total estriol divided by the added amount of estradiol and estrone. 
  • The IDEAL EQ ratio is greater than 1 since Estriol has a protective effect. 

Please read this blog post to learn more about your EQ Ratio, the best way to test for it, and more info on estrogen dominance. 

eq ratio

What is DIM?

As mentioned before, DIM supplements are made from cruciferous veggies. When broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables are exposed to stomach acid after chewing, indole-3-carbinol is created, which is then converted into DIM.

However, since it would be incredibly difficult to eat the exact amount of veggies needed daily (4-6 pounds of broccoli would equal 100-200 mg of DIM), takingDIM and breast cancer hormone clearing bundle DIM supplements is the most effective way to support healthy estrogen levels, help heal some types of breast cancer, and metabolize “dirty” estrogens. Since DIM supports balanced hormones, it can also help with painful periods, acne, unexplained weight gain, menopause, fibroids, endometriosis, etc. It is especially effective when combined with Estro Clear and Brocco Power, which is why I created the Hormone Clearing Bundle.

The Hormone Clearing Bundle is one way to support balanced hormones and release “dirty” estrogens. In simple – but gross terms – think of your toilet and pipes. DIM unclogs the “toilet bowl,” and Sulforaphane (Brocco Power) unclogs the pipes that drain out the toilet bowl. Estro Clear then supports your body’s natural defense against toxins and excess steroid hormones. You need them all to be working or else it is just going to be a stinky situation! Just like in your bathroom, you may not see the pipes that drain out your toilet, but you will definitely know when they are not working. The same goes for your body. You may not see it, but it could adversely affect your health if the junk isn’t flushing out properly.

Natural health is all about focusing on the whole person, not just one specific section. Every part of our body is connected and relies on each other to work properly. This is why I package supplements in bundles so that you know exactly what to take for your overall health.

Other benefits of DIM regarding breast cancer:

  • Inhibits the development of breast tumors and cancer cell growth. (Study)
  • Potential anti-metastatic agent for breast cancer. (Study)
  • Prevents the development of estrogen-based cancers: breast, cervical, and endometrial. (Study)

Does DIM come with any negative side effects?

Yes, especially if it is not correctly used. This is why great power comes with great responsibility. Balancing hormones should always be done under the guidance of a practitioner who frequently tests so you know exactly what to do.

Side effects may include:

  • Darker urine. This one is harmless, but just something to note.
  • Increase in bowel movements, gas, and headaches. This may be your body reacting to DIM, but it is nothing to worry about unless it gets severe.
  • Change in your menstrual cycle. You never want to disrupt your monthly flow, so talk to your practitioner about adjusting your intake.
  • Put you into early menopause. This can happen, and it is not something that many doctors know could be a consequence. Again, going into menopause before your body is ready is something you definitely want to prevent.

Should I take DIM with tamoxifen?

Studies have shown that it can help improve the results of tamoxifen. However, please always talk to your medical team before trying anything new and formulate exact doses. This randomized, placebo-controlled study concluded, “In patients taking tamoxifen for breast cancer, daily DIM promoted favorable changes in estrogen metabolism and circulating levels of SHBG (serum estrogens and sex hormone-binding globulin).”

In another study, DIM and tamoxifen were used in combination in human breast cancer cells. “Together, the compounds effectively inhibited the growth of the estrogen-dependent human MCF-7 breast cancer cells, and the effectiveness was greater in combination compared to either compound alone.”

A large body of evidence suonline programggests that “3,3-diindolylmethane (DIM), a dimer of indole-3-carbinol found in cruciferous vegetables, can potentially prevent carcinogenesis and tumor development.”

If you are taking tamoxifen, I also highly suggest eating flaxseeds, as it is proven to strengthen the treatment. Please learn more about the benefits of flaxseeds here. Combining DIM and flaxseeds with tamoxifen is one example of integrative healing. To learn more from experts around the world, please attend my DIY online program: How to Survive and Thrive: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine.

How does DIM compare to aromatase inhibitors?

It all goes back to the principle of balancing your hormones and supporting their breakdown and metabolism, something that DIM does well. Just like tamoxifen, DIM does not replace it, but some women consider supplementing aromatase inhibitors with DIM as a way to support hormone balance and detoxification. 

One of the Most Frequently Asked Questions we receive, is about “hormone blocking drugs”. WHY? Because the side effects are not pleasant and most women innately feel that the side effects may outweigh the benefits.  Please review this blog post to learn about aromatase inhibitor options.

Your Hormone Balancing Library

Please read the blogs and listen to the podcasts below to improve your knowledge of hormones and healing.


Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as  Dr. V, is a Doctor of Chiropractic & has 44 years of experience in the wellness industry. For personalized support, please partner with a trained Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.