How Tapping Affects Your Gene Expression

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Blog | May, 28 2018

How Tapping Affects Your Gene Expression


Science has confirmed that epigenetic factors such as poor diet, chronic stress and environmental toxins are the main cause of 95% of all cancers. If you have been on the Healthy Breast journey for a while, then you know that your DNA is not your destiny. Even factors such as negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs can “flip the switch” towards disease. But have you ever considered that the opposite is also true? Just as epigenetics can cause disease, these factors can also support your health. An exciting 2016 study found that Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping, can balance dozens of genes that can lead to healing.

What New Tapping Research Confirms

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an effective way of calming stress responses through lightly “tapping” on acupressure points while using verbal cues. To date, there have been dozens of studies confirming the effectiveness of EFT for everything from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and weight loss to fibromyalgia. Now a new study proves that tapping can affect gene expression directly. 

The study, conducted by lead researcher Marjorie E. Maharaj and her team at the Department of Applied Psychology at Akamai University in Hilo, Hawaii, used a novel gene expression test on subjects before and after tapping.  

What Dr. Maharaj found was amazing. After just one hour of intense tapping, 72 genes having to do with immunity, inflammatory responses and brain health were positively regulated. This means that genes which code for mechanisms in the body that can potentially lead to disease were down-regulated. Likewise, genes which are more health-promoting were upregulated.

For example, genes that protect against pathogens were upregulated while genes which encourage inflammation were dialed down after the tapping session. Genes expression was balanced in other ways as well, including upregulating genes that:

– protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays,  

Start with a “set up” statement as you tap on the side of the hand, then tap through all the “points.” For more information, visit

-increase immunity against infection,

-build “white matter” in the brain,

-increase antiviral activity,

-balance type 2 insulin resistance,

-help to strengthen cell membranes,

-increase neural plasticity, and

-reduce oxidative stress.

Most important to note for those who are on a Healing Journey with Breast Cancer is the fact that genes which code for a process called “tumor necrosis” were upregulated significantly after the tapping session. Tumor necrosis is the process by which the immune system identifies harmful cancer cells and destroys them.

“This is an astonishing amount of positive benefit from a one hour session,” says EFT expert, researcher and best-selling author Dawson Church. “If a drug company had announced that they had developed a drug that had even 10% of these effects, it would be an instant billion-dollar wonder. Yet all these benefits are available to us free, just from an hour of tapping.”

You CAN Control Your Breast Cancer Risk

As far as science knows so far, we think that the genetic code each one of us are born with stays with us throughout our lives. What researchers know for sure, however, is that it is the expression of genes which determine whether a person stays healthy and disease-free or not.

Finding out your basic genetic dispositions, such as your MTHFR status (which regulates nutrient conversion), may be good information to have on hand. Keep in mind, however, that this information does not determine your health nor your destiny.

The field of epigenetics looks at the ways environment, both external and internal, effect gene expression. Your genetics are your “unique blueprint” for health. Influences in the external world and your internal world, (your thoughts and feelings), are the busy architects which bring that blueprint to life.

Any positive lifestyle changes will have a positive effect on your life and may help you prevent Breast Cancer, whether you have a family history or not! The evidence is clearly pointing to  EFT, or tapping, as one of the cheapest, easiest and time-saving modalities you can literally have “at your fingertips” for health. 

If you need help getting started, our coaches can help get you with a basic tapping plan. Here are a few other great resources as well: 

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  • Dr V, this is more than coincidence! I have just completed a 40 minute healing meditation and sent an email to an EFT practitioner here in the U.K. for guidance. You are like a kind friend sending positive messages when needed most. God bless you x