Lignans: A Gentle Way to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Blog | Apr, 13 2015

Lignans: A Gentle Way to Prevent Breast Cancer

What are lignans and how might they help you to prevent Breast Cancer? Lignans are natural plant compounds, or phytochemicals, that are locked in the cell matrix of certain seeds, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables. They bare a strong resemblance to estrogen in shape, structure and functionality to a certain extent. The main difference─and it’s a big one─is that lignans are much gentler to the body than estrogen. This is good news for you. By replacing more aggressive estrogens with lignans in the body, you may reduce your risk of cell mutations─ and of Breast Cancer. 

What is the Risk with Estrogen?

Estrogen is a naturally-occurring substance in the body and certainly has a positive place in the life of every woman when the proper ratios are maintained. In today’s world, however, the heavy use of preservatives (especially BPA’s in food), toxic chemicals found in certain deodorants and household cleaners, environmental contaminants and hormones found in meats and dairy have created “foreign estrogens”, or “xeno-estrogens”, that are difficult to assimilate.  Estrogen has even been found in city tap water supplies because of the widespread use of oral contraceptive pills.

The overload and malabsorption of foreign estrogens can lead to a buildup of more “aggressive” proliferative forms of estrogen in the body. And when this happens, a whole host of health complications can ensue, including Breast Cancer.

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology revealed high concentrations of parabens (preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products) in the breasts of post-mastectomy patients. These parabens were present even in the breasts of women who had never used underarm deodorant (the most common cosmetic source of parabens), indicating that the toxins were acquired through the environment. The level of parabens in the breast tissue studied was 1 million times higher than the normal estrogen levels in unaffected breast tissue

Lignans: The Gentler Way to Breast Health

Estrogen-ManIt is within the estrogen receptor sites in breast tissue cells that more aggressive estrogen may cause cancerous mutations in DNA. When taken in sufficient quantities, lignan plant compound molecules can block this form of foreign-created estrogen from locking on to estrogen receptors. Once displaced, the “bad” estrogen can be properly metabolized and flushed from the body as waste. This is also why it is important to make sure that your methylation and liver detoxification pathways are working effectively.

With the added presence of foreign and more aggressive estrogens in the system caused by toxins in the environment and by unhealthy lifestyles choices, the use of lignans for hormone balancing is more important than ever. Although some doctors have expressed concern about phytoestrogens, plant estrogens do NOT act like regular estrogen. Seeds, legumes and beans have been a staple for thousands of years and are supportive, not detrimental to your health. 

Most women do not get the right amount of lignans in their everyday diet to make a significant difference. Flax seeds, sesame seeds and certain varieties of kale contain the highest amounts. However, lignans usually pass through the system within 24-48 hours. In order to absorb enough lignans through food, it is important to ingest sufficient amounts on a consistent basis every day.

A study conducted at the University of Toronto found that women who ate muffins with 5 teaspoons of flax seeds per day were able to lower their tumor markers from 30-71%.

A major component of The 7 Essentials System™, an evidence-based approach to heal the body and prevent Breast Cancer naturally, is to Let Food Be Your Medicine.  Ingesting high amounts of lignans through food or supplementation can very well be a vital part of every woman’s Breast Cancer prevention protocol.

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