MitoQ & benaGene For Breast Cancer Healing

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Dr. V. Recommends | Nov, 22 2022

MitoQ & benaGene For Breast Cancer Healing


Please note: Since each person’s healing plan is unique, do NOT try anything new before talking it over with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.

Your beautiful and powerful body is approximately 37 trillion cells that dance you through life’s ups, downs, and all-around. Brain cells think and create for you, immune cells heal you, and muscle cells keep your heart beating. You are your own universe of living cells. How you care for them is how they will be able to function for you. Healthy cells = healthy you! MitoQ and benaGene are two tools you can use to nourish your cells.

Cancer Is A Cellular Problem

The “metabolic disease” theory states that cancer is a problem that exists at the cellular level. Only about 5-10% of cancer cases are due to genes. This theory (which makes complete sense to be on a personal and professional level) is based on the biological origin of cancer cells, in particular at the health of the mitochondria within the cells. More on mitochondria in a bit. 

Damaging your cells can lead to various cancers, illnesses, and dis-eases. The new field of epigenetics has discovered how outside factors influence cellular expressions that can lead to all kinds of illnesses. On the flip side, how you use these factors can determine your healing. Your DNA (cells) is not your destiny, no matter your genetic disposition. Information about your genetic blueprint is incredibly helpful, but it isn’t the end-all. The lifestyle choices you make for your cells will support healthy genetic expression and “program” your body for breast cancer prevention, healing, and vibrant health.

Mitochondria 101


First things first, a quick jaunt back to high school science class. The definition of Mitochondria: “Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles (mitochondrion, singular) that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s

Vector illustrator of cross section of mitochondria.

biochemical reactions. Chemical energy produced by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Mitochondria contain their own small chromosomes. Generally, mitochondria, and therefore mitochondrial DNA, are inherited only from the mother.” 

Mitochondria In Everyday Language

Think of mitochondria as the lungs of your cells, responsible for cellular metabolism and respiration. They look like tiny rods and use oxygen and nutrients to create fuel for each cell, which is responsible for about 90% of your energy production. Mitochondria keep cells healthy and able to adapt to stress. No matter what cancer stage or type, all cancers have some form of mitochondrial damage.

How Mitochondria Can Get Damaged

Here are a few ways to damage the mitochondria in your cells, thus making you susceptible to illnesses:

  • High iron levels.  A dangerous process occurs when iron levels are too high, and healthy hydrogen peroxide (a byproduct of mitochondrial respiration) converts into free radicals (HO-). This does severe damage to the cell, destroying your mitochondria. Learn more about this process here.
  • Toxic lifestyles. (Drinking too much alcohol, drinking unpurified water, etc.) Stressful relationships, substance abuse, highly processed foods, lack of exercise, etc., all “suffocate” your mitochondria. When this happens, your cells are forced to thrive on sugar (glucose and glutamine). Cancer cells need glucose to survive. Nothing else will do. Learn more about suffocating your healthy cells and then fueling cancer cells with sugar here.
  • Aging. You can’t escape aging, but you can choose how you age. In your youth, mitochondria control damaging free radicals in cells by producing natural antioxidants. As you age, your antioxidant levels start to decline naturally. If you don’t supplement (food, vitamins, etc.), your body is open to attacks/illnesses caused by free radicals overwhelming your mitochondria. By now, you must have heard me talk about foods that fuel your body with antioxidants—this is why!

cell health mitoQ

MitoQ for Overall Health

MitoQ is a game-changing supplement that I suggest for (almost) every adult. It’s a breakthrough cell health molecule scientifically proven to boost mitochondria’s ability to balance free radicals and combat cell stress. A time machine for your cells, helping them work as they did in your younger years. Doing so enhances your energy and vitality at a deep foundational level. Thus, giving you more out of life because your cells can produce at optimal levels.

Since taking MitoQ as a daily supplement combats cell stress, you will receive boosted energy, optimized immune system health, deeper focus, and better aging every day. The science speaks for itself, with over 600 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 14 clinical trials. 

MitoQ + Breast Cancer

Research on MitoQ and breast cancer is happening right now and is super promising! A study completed in March 2022 on mice collected these results: 

“We also showed that these metastatic traits can be collectively countered by MitoQ, a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant that selectively deactivates mitochondrial superoxide. Here, we further establish that MitoQ prevents primary tumor recurrence after surgery, tumor take, and metastasis as a whole, notably in a model of human breast cancer in mice. Since MitoQ already successfully passed Phase I clinical trials, our findings support the development of this drug as a preventive treatment against breast cancer metastasis.”

Please review the full study here. This study shows that taking proper care of your cell can result in your body healing—and staying healed—from cancer because it has healthy cells!


benaGeneAnother way to support cellular health is by taking benaGene™. Its main ingredient is oxaloacetate, which is an energy metabolite found in every cell of the human body. It holds a key place in the Krebs Cycle within the mitochondria, providing energy to the cells that optimizes your aging process.

I highly recommend taking benaGene™ as it contains patented “Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate” and Vitamin C. Oxaloacetate is a natural energy molecule critical to human metabolism and proper cellular function. By doing so, you may find your energy increases, inflammation (the root of most illnesses) has decreased, and anti-aging genes have been activated.

These products have been tested with the RGCC blood test and consistently come up as being very effective in healing the body. I personally used both of these products during my second healing journey and continue to use them as part of my maintenance protocol.

Sometimes the little things are truly the big things regarding your health and well-being. In this case, I’m talking about your 37 trillion tiny cells! If this all seems super overwhelming and questions like—what should I take, what should I eat, what treatments are right for me—are swimming around in your head; you are not alone. Know that women across the world in the Breast Cancer Conqueror community are cheering you on, and our coaches are here to guide your every step. You are NOT alone on this journey of healing and vibrant health!



  • What dose of MitoQ though? I’ve been taking 10mg but when I read the studies the dose would be like 50mg. Not economically feasible.

    • Hi Cindi! I asked Dr V about this. She said that there are many benefits at 10 mg and that slow and steady can also win the race. 🙂
      She used 10 mg during her healing journey fyi. I hope this helps!