Natural Support for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Blog | Jun, 09 2015

Natural Support for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Every woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer faces a challenge and, fortunately, there are options as to how she can go about healing the dis-ease. According to traditional medicine, a woman faced with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) stares down bigger challenges.

TNBC is considered the most aggressive and the most treatment-resistant cancer often recurring soonest if treatment fails. Why? Traditional chemo treatments focus and target on hormone positive cancers and don’t have much to offer in terms of TNBC. TNBC cells don’t have receptors for estrogen, progesterone and Her2/neu, which means that conventional treatments that leverage receptors to target a cancer have nothing to “grab onto.” TNBC treatment then is a less-targeted treatment which is even more toxic to the body.

Understandably, given the “doom and gloom” attitude of traditional medicine, women diagnosed with TNBC can be shaken. But for those who understand their body has an amazing ability to heal itself once the “causes” of the cancer are removed, there is much hope. Evidence-based natural medicine can help repair the body by boosting the Immune System and targeting unhealthy cells.  

Nature nurtures TNBC women

Research is uncovering some promising natural options for killing TNBC cells.

Bee Propolis exhibit anti-tumor effects of TNBC.
Blueberry phytochemicals inhibit growth and metastatic potential of TNBC.
• A product called BreastDefend that contains medicinal mushrooms, medicinal herbs, and purified biologically active nutritional compounds was found to prevent breast-to-lung cancer herbs 3metastases in an animal model of triple-negative human Breast Cancer.
Curcumin induces apoptosis and inhibits the proliferation of TNBC cells.
• Those with the triple-negative Breast Cancer phenotype have the lowest average vitamin D levels and the highest percentage of patients who are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D given to a mouse model suppressed multiple proteins that are required for survival of triple-negative/basal-like Breast Cancer cells. Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone that activates over 100 genes in our body.
Epigallocatchin-3-gallate (EGCG) from green tea induces apoptosis and inhibits cell proliferation and migratory behavior of TNBC cells. Matcha green tea has over 100 times more EGCG that regular green tea.
Ginseng sapogenins are potent inhibitors of MDA-MB-231 human TNBC cell lines.
Melatonin showed effectiveness in reducing tumor growth and cell proliferation, as well as in the inhibition of angiogenesis in TNBC-induced mouse model. Melatonin is a powerful cytotoxic hormone that kills Breast Cancer cells.
• Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have a pronounced inhibitory effect against triple-negative basal Breast Cancer cell lines in vitro.
Piperine, an alkaloid from black pepper, inhibits the growth and motility of TNBC and enhances radiotherapy in vitro.
Silibinin given orally from the milk thistle plant, significantly suppressed tumor volume in a TNBC mice model.

Some studies suggest that TNBC may respond well to Cannabinoids.  The United Patients Group web site has an experienced team that can help answer any questions you have about using  CBD and THC effectively.

Your Next Step

About 15% of all Breast Cancer cases are triple negative. I hope that you are encouraged,  knowing that there is powerful evidence to support your healing journey. Most of these solutions can easily be incorporated to your protocol. Monitor your progress and apply each of The 7 Essentials to make sure that you are moving in the right direction.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V, is the founder of The 7 Essentials System ™, a step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how to prevent and heal Breast Cancer Naturally. To get your F.R.E.E. 7 day mini e-course, and to receive her weekly action steps and inspiring articles on the power of Natural Medicine, visit

13 thoughts on “Natural Support for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

  1. i have tnbc that is now metastasis in my lungs. It is stage four. A friend gave me Essiac Tea and I just ordered frankensence essential oil which I heard about on a video. It cures any kind of cancer. This is my second different cancer. I had radiation and chemo in 94. Chemo killed my cancer then but it’s not touching this one. My tnbc was caused by the radiation I had. This is the doctor below I saw on the video

  2. This is a very informative post. My story goes like this, i had breast cancer stage IV and i undertook 3 chemo sessions in two years to no avail and the tumor were still there and it even grew bigger and i was so scared which left me with the option of seeking an alternative cure which permanently changed my life for good and saved me from the cold hands of death. I read about Dr Aleta’s herbal medicine treatment which can cure breast cancer permanently without recurring. I got her contact and placed an order for the medicine which i took according to instructions and today i am cancer free. Well do not lose hope of finding a cure because there is a cure, you too can reach the doctor directly on (aletedwin @ gmail. com) for advise, and more information about the medicine. Happy new year.

    1. I have been unable to find info of which you spoke regarding Dr. Aleta’s herbal medicine. Do you have any details?

  3. I was diagnose d with TNBC in Oct 2014. Chemo seemed to be a success. Well in Nov 2017 the beast resurfaced in my lungs. I had over a liter of fluid removed from my lungs. Then had pluerodesis surgery on lungs. I’m about to start chemo xeloda tomorrow. Over the past few months, I’ve been using herbal enemas, sour sop, infrared bio mats. I’m looking for something to assist on my healing

  4. I have purchased your book, but haven’t read it yet. I was wondering if I could perhaps purchase some alternative treatments through you? Though I still work I’m hoping to retire by the end of this year. Was diagnosed May 2016 with TNBC metastasized. Haven’t done any conventional treatments. Tried a few natural treatments, but couldn’t continue high dose Vitamin C due to cost. Tried lavender oil for 3 months, didn’t work. I have cut down on carbs, reduced sugar, eating Budwig….etc, but it continues to grow. I need a little guidance. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

  5. Ginger is fantastic! She lovingly spent over an hour with me on the phone helping me understand that it is possible to heal TNBC. I am currently doing Christ Beat Cancer’s Square One program but I wanted something more specific to healing TNBC. I’m so grateful there was a phone number I could call to talk to a real experienced person who could offer me hope!

    1. Hi, I also have tnbc. Was diagnosed back in September. Lumpectomy was performed. Came to be stage 1. I refused radiation and chemo. Decided to drastically change my diet (no bad sugar, dairy, red meat, pasta) added a lots of supplements and do some holistic treatments. 4 months later there was another lump … we have two little girls and this just made me really nervous, so the doctors recommended double mastectomy. It was a hard decision because the other breast was still healthy. But I did do the surgery. The chemo is still on the table though. I don’t feel that that is something I want to do. I am watching Chris Beat Cancer, also have his book. But I am very confused what to do. What treatment other than conventional to use for tnbc. Are there any people who were healed naturally or thru certain Clinique with this breast cancer? I have done a lots of research but still have not found any doctor that could help me to guide me the right way. Thank you for any information.

      1. Hello Anna! There are certainly options for those with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. In addition to Dr. V’s blogs about TNBC, The Truth About Cancer also has tons of resources you can consider. If you are looking for personalized one-on-one guidance you can consider one of our coaching packages. Here is a link with the options:

  6. Hi there.
    My mum has recently been diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy to remove the tumour last week and on the 2nd April we have an appointment to find out the next steps. I am just wondering if anyone has any specific sites/information on this type of breast cancer, especially with regards to diet/nutrition and natural healing!
    Thank you everyone xx

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