Natural Teeth Whitening

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Blog | Mar, 08 2022

Natural Teeth Whitening

natural ways to whiten teeth

natural teeth whitening

A smile is the happiness you’ll find right under your nose – Tom Wilson

We all want a healthy, white, and dazzling smile. A big smile warms the souls of everyone in the room and gives you the confidence to be there. However, what goes in the mouth makes its way around the body. Therefore, it is critical to focus on the healthy part just as much as aesthetics. Thanks to proven and natural ways to whiten your teeth, you can have it all without any fear of harmful side effects.

The oral health + breast cancer connection

What happens in your mouth doesn’t only stay in your mouth. Did you know that everything absorbed into your oral cavity eventually makes its way directly into your bloodstream that circulates your entire body? Your mouth is also the entry point to your digestive tract, which makes up about 80% of your immune system cells. Therefore, problems in oral health provide good clues to the rest of your health and vice versa. 

To heal breast cancer, you need to become a detective about the health of your entire body, and your oral health is a great way to start collecting clues. This is why Essential #2 is Reduce Your Toxic Exposure, and Essential #5 is Embrace Biological Dentistry.

Studies have shown us the direct connection between any kind of periodontal or oral cavity stress (such as root canals, cavitations, or just periodontal disease) and breast cancer. One study gathered data from over 70,000 postmenopausal women shows that women with chronic inflammatory gum disease were twice as likely to get breast cancer than those with healthy gums. 

Taking excellent care of your teeth isn’t just about preventing discoloring or bad breath. It is about preventing and healing from major dis-eases such as breast cancer. Next time you are feeling tired and want to skip brushing your teeth, remind yourself that a few minutes of brushing and flossing—with natural and non-toxic products—can lead to a vibrantly healthier life. 

Meridian lines

According to the very well-researched and evidence-based principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), whenever there is a block in the flow of energy (or “chi”) in major meridian centers, that is where the dis-ease is most likely to occur. Several of your teeth connect to the breast meridian, a direct and 24/7 flow to your breast. Suppose you have mercury, cavitations, dental implants, or just periodontal disease. In that case, your mouth is blocking the energy flow to the breast area and pushing heavy metals and bacterial toxins directly into your bloodstream. You can learn more about TCM-based energy currents and dental health HERE

Conventional teeth whitening

“Harmful if swallowed. Call poison control center if swallowed.” This warning is on most commercial toothpaste tubes and conventional teeth whitening products. If you have to call poison control if you swallow something that goes in your mouth…it shouldn’t be anywhere near it! The thin layer of skin in the inner cheeks and underneath your tongue is loaded with capillaries that absorb chemicals directly into your bloodstream. (think of the Nitro-glycerin pill that can immediately offer relief to a cardiac patient with angina.)  

Many studies have also found these results:

“Significantly reduce the hardness of the teeth and increase the likeliness for future surface abrasions of the teeth.”

“Some online products have been found to contain dangerous chemicals, including toxic or banned substances that can severely burn gums, or irreparably damage teeth.”

Clearly, conventional teeth whitening systems are a no-go, especially for those on a healing journey. However, your smile and the future of your health can still be bright—just use natural teeth whitening solutions.

Natural ways to whiten teeth

If you want to whiten your teeth—go for it! I already did all the research and found several natural teeth whitening options that I use and recommend to our community. They also go above and beyond to give you a whiter and, most importantly, healthier smile.

Your oral health is the gatekeeper of your overall health. YES, you should take great care of your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth as it is essential to your overall health! Brushing, oil pulling, and flossing are necessary to maintain a healthy mouth and body. Just ensure you are using products with natural and harmless ingredients.

natural teeth whitening

Oil Pulling 

Oil pulling to cleanse the mouth and detoxify the body was first mentioned in ancient medical texts over 2,000 years ago. It involves the simple process of swishing approximately 1 teaspoon of oil (either organic coconut or sesame oils are best because of their antibacterial properties) in the mouth. Its name accurately describes what is going on: the movement of the oil allows this natural substance to “pull” harmful microorganisms out of deep pockets between teeth and gums. The particular chemical makeup of the oil binds toxins to it without harming teeth or gums.

Many people notice improvements in their oral health right away. Gums heal, loose teeth tighten, and teeth naturally whiten. 

It is basically free to try, and you can learn more about oil pulling HERE.

Burst Whitening Strips 

Their Coconut Whitening Strips combine enamel-safe peroxide and the power of coconut oil pulling to guarantee you a beautiful and whiter smile. All in 15 minutes a day for just 2 weeks—without the scary and harmful chemicals of traditional whitening strips. 

Order your Burst Whitening Strips HERE.

Primal Life Organics

If you don’t want to worry about figuring out whitening strips, Primal Life Organics is is a chemical-free and mess-free red and blue light LED system. It cleans your mouth as well as your teeth for a bright, clean, and healthy smile. A device lasts for about 15 years, so there is no need to keep ordering new strips every month.

This website also carries various types of tooth powders and a fabulous Dental Detox kit. 

P.S. Trina Felber, the Founder of Primal Life Organics, is speaking at the Conquering Cancer Together virtual retreat, March 7-10! Sign up here to secure your spot. I also suggest listening to her podcast episode, Biohack Your Dental Health.

Order your Primal Life Organics teeth whitening device HERE.

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Environmental Working Group has perhaps the largest database of brand-name products with a comprehensive rating system for chemical safety. Their website and app are fantastic resources to review what actually is in the products you want to buy. You can even use their bar code scanner for in-store shopping. Don’t just trust the marketing on the packaging. EWG does the real work, so you have all the info you need—instantly at your fingertips.


I sincerely believe that anything that helps remove bacterial overgrowth from the mouth will drastically reduce inflammation and the possibility of dis-ease in the body as a whole. The dental-dis-eases connection is a real thing. Learn more about it in my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally