Quercetin and Breast Cancer

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Dr. V. Recommends | Oct, 26 2021

Quercetin and Breast Cancer

Quercetin Breast Cancer

Quercetin literally “freezes” breast cancer cells and closely watches abnormally signaling cell pathways that could potentially turn cancerous. Yep, Quercetin is one of your breast cancer’s worst enemies! It works on multiple fronts so that cancer cells never even have a chance to form a tumor.

This plant compound can stop the process that turns healthy cells into malignant ones. This is done by protecting cellular DNA from mutations that can lead to cancer. Even if your body is rapidly producing breast cancer cells, Quercetin can return them to an early stage of their development. This reversal process triggers apoptosis AKA cancer cell death. 

It is a true “chemo-preventive” tool that I recommend our clients look into. I sell it directly from my website: Buy Quercetin Phytosome here. 

Quercetin Phytosome

These bottles include “phytosome” which are complexes created by a patented process that binds a botanical extract to phosphatidylcholine, a key component of cell membranes. In the case of Quercetin Phytosome, Quercetin is combined with sunflower-sourced phosphatidylcholine to create a phytosome complex that easily crosses the gut barrier. Meaning, it can get to where it needs to go––fast!

What exactly is Quercetin? 

Quercetin belongs to a group of plant compounds called flavonoids and is the most abundant of flavonoid molecules. Widely distributed in the plant kingdom, it is found in many foods, including:

  • Applesberries
  • Red onions
  • Black, green, and matcha teas
  • Grape skins
  • Berries
  • Vegetables of the cabbage family
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Capers

Isn’t it amazing that common foods can kill off cancer cells––and that we live in a time that we can bottle it up for a stronger dose of natural cancer treatment?! Another reason to eat a diet full of organic produce and take specific supplements!

I became intensely interested in Quercetin because it is one of the many natural substances that is used on the highly-effective “Greece Test”, officially known as the RGCC test. These tests were developed by the Research Genetic Cancer Centre (R.G.C.C.) in Greece which is how it got the name. They are now used in cancer treatment centers around the world.

How Quercetin heals breast cancer

For breast cancer,  research shows that:

  • Quercetin significantly affects the COX-2 molecule in breast cancer cells, an important mediator in the inflammatory process. Research article here.
  • Quercetin stimulates beta estrogen receptors, which suppress cancer. (Alpha estrogen receptors, on the other hand, are considered cancer-promoting.) Research article here.
  • Quercetin is even more effective against Breast Cancer in conjunction with other substances, including localized near-infra-red hyperthermia and EGCG found in green and Matcha Tea.

Discover more research on Quercetin (see chapter 6) and ways to heal your cancer, as well as steps for living a more vibrant and healthy life in my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. And get a FREE copy of Section 2 of my latest book here!

Quercetin Benefits

Take Quercetin to avoid cold and flu season

Rhinovirus infections (the common cold) and influenza (the flu) have affected humanity since the beginning of civilization. Sure lots of rest and fluids do help, and there is a wide range of medicine in the pharmacy aisle. But come wintertime, it is still something that can plague kids and adults alike. Darker days and colder weather and increased consumption of “holiday treats” adds to the stress on our Immune System. Plus, we all have a lot to juggle. No one wants to waste a “sick day” to actually stay in bed and be miserable! Let’s just avoid cold and flu season this year with preventive natural medicine. Also, when you are battling cancer, your immune system needs to be in tip-top shape, no matter the season.

A recent study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases & Prevention Medicine states, “Recent research points to a flavanol anti-oxidant, Quercetin, as having therapeutic properties. Quercetin has been shown to reduce viral internalization and replication in vitro, and viral load, lung inflammation, and airway.” The National Institutes of Health found that Quercetin inhibited influenza infection with a wide spectrum of strains.  Queen Bee Quercetin strikes again––fighting off the common illnesses that weaken your immune system and cancer cells!

Matcha Tea

Matcha teaAnother great way to fill up your body during winter with the cold and flu fighters is to warm up with a cup of tea. It soothes the soul, warms the body, gives you a moment to pause and breathe, and is a wonderful way to load up your body with antioxidants! I suggest sipping on 2 cups a day of Superfood Science’s Matcha Tea. Did you know that Matcha tea is also a fantastic addition to your wellness toolbox for preventing and healing breast cancer? Green tea contains a substance called epigallocatechin gallate, or ECGC. Matcha, a powdered concentrate of green tea, has 137 times more ECGC than regular green tea leaves. Several studies have shown that ECGC reduces inflammation. It can also suppress the damaging effects of xenoestrogens in the body and instigate cancer cell apoptosis. Learn more about it here.

Other health benefits provided by Quercetin 

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This natural substance is also getting a lot of praise for its anti-aging and immune-boosting qualities. People are also taking it for several other reasons, including combating allergies, preventing heart disease, and optimizing athletic performance. Quercetin is overflowing with antioxidants that can bind to and neutralize free radicals that can cause cellular damage. Therefore, it can lead to a wide range of health benefits for all types of people.  

A remarkable aspect of incorporating natural health into your daily lifestyle is that it often benefits several parts of your body. Our body doesn’t live in silos but instead woven together in countless intricate and incredible ways. Quercetin doesn’t just help fight breast cancer cells, it also stops the flu from attacking your body all while boosting your immune system! 

Learn more about why Quercetin is an integral part of your breast cancer natural health toolkit (see chapter 6) and other natural health essentials in my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally.

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