Monitor Your Breast Cancer Healing with PanTum Detect and Signatera™

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Essential #7: Adopt Very Early Detection | Jul, 17 2023

Monitor Your Breast Cancer Healing with PanTum Detect and Signatera™

PanTum Detect and Signatera™ For Breast Cancer tests

Two accurate, safe, and insightful cancer-detecting blood tests: PanTum Detect is coming soon, and Signatera™ For Breast Cancer is available today. As you know, I am always on the hunt for more effective, precise, and non-invasive options to Adopt Very Early Detection (Essential #7). It’s incredible that a simple blood test can now detect cancer with around 97% accuracy! While mammograms, ultrasound, and thermograms may have their place, no test is 100% accurate. “False positive” results are common with mammograms (up to 20%), and the compression and radiation might actually stimulate cancer cells to grow and spread. 

While the medical world still has a long way to go before it creates a perfect and non-invasive test, it has gained massive strides in our lifetime. RMDM’s PanTum Detect (coming soon!) and Natera’s Signatera™ For Breast Cancer Test (available now) are two revolutionary options I’m thrilled about! There are several other safe and accurate testing options available in many countries. The Cancer Profile© is a blood test that can detect cancer up to 10 years early and is 87-97% accurate. Galleri and RGCC tests, Prenuvo and SonoCine tests, and thermography are other excellent options for monitoring your breast health. 

Remember: Regardless of which test you use, ALWAYS back it up with a second test. No stand-alone screening tool is 100% accurate.

PanTum Detect

After 23 years of research, this pioneering cancer blood test and imaging screening program (Pet/CT/MRI screening) can detect all cancers at any stage!! The imaging PET/CT/MRI tests are only used when necessary—in an effort to limit radiation exposure. PanTum Detect is a CE-certified blood test based on the detection of epitopes in monocytes. In simple terms, it measures two unique and novel markers (Apo10 and TKTL1) within your immune system to provide early-detection results of cancer cells present in your body. The test can tell whether your cancer is likely to be an early or late stage, but it can’t tell you the exact type of cancer.


These stats are directly copied from the RMDM website. Through EDIM technology, PanTum Detec has achieved spectacular sensitivity and specificity results.

97.5% Sensitivity 

  • PanTum Detect identifies 97.5% of 100 tumor patients.
  • PanTum Detect reaches this high sensitivity because tumor-specific structures are well-conserved and highly concentrated inside the macrophages.

99.05% Specificity 

  • Specificity is the most important KPI for screening tests.
  • PanTum Detect reaches this high specificity by leveraging the extremely specific immune system (detection of biomarkers in macrophages).

Once the test is approved for use, it hopefully will be affordable enough to be part of yearly health checks. A true game-changer for cancer diagnostics!! If you are interested, please take a moment to learn more about PanTum Detect testing and receive updates on availability

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Signatera™ For Breast Cancer

The Signatera™ For Breast Cancer Test is available today and covered by Medicare for patients with stage IIB (2-5 cm tumor) and higher breast cancer. They also welcome all insurance plans and offer financial assistance programs. It is labeled as a  “personalized, tumor-informed ctDNA molecular residual disease (MRD) testing for breast cancer to inform critical decisions for care.”

As a custom-built blood test that uses the patient’s own tumor tissue, it can detect molecular residual disease (MRD) in the form of circulating tumor DNA (small fragments of DNA released by cancer cells). In simple terms, it helps you and your medical team know if the cancer is shrinking, growing, or coming back. Research has shown that cTDNA (circulating tumor DNA) can detect cancer 8.7 months before a CT scan. Test—don’t stress and guess! Your personalized answers will help your doctor make extremely informed decisions regarding treatment decisions and recurrence.

How Signatera™ For Breast Cancer Works

This part is copied from the Signatera™ For Breast Cancer website page.

  1. The first time your doctor orders Signatera™, a one-time tissue sample, and a blood sample are needed to build your unique test.
  2. After your test is built, you will need to get your blood drawn each time your doctor orders Signatera™.
  3. Repeated Signatera™ testing can show changes in your ctDNA levels, helping your doctor understand if your cancer is shrinking, growing, or coming back.

The Top Reasons To Use Signatera™ For Breast Cancer

  1. Make informed treatment decisions.
  2. Evaluate the need for adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery.
  3. Partner with CEA and imaging to detect recurrence earlier.
  4. Assess your response to treatment in the neoadjuvant, adjuvant, or immunotherapy settings.
  5. Early intervention for high-risk people.

For breast cancer, Signatera™ has an average lead time of 9.5 months, 89% sensitivity, and 100% specificity rate. If you are interested, please take a moment to learn more about the Signatera™ For Breast Cancer Test here and request more info at the bottom of the page. Signatera™ also provides a personalized, tumor-informed approach for several types of cancers.

Breast Cancer Conqueror Private Coaching and Support

I was just diagnosed with breast cancer–now what? Do I have options? I’m terrified. How did this happen? What treatments and supplements should I take? AH! All of these and a million more are probably stampeding through your head right now. Even if this is year 2+ of your journey. This is exactly why I created the Breast Cancer Conqueror Coaching Program – you are NOT alone on this journey. 

A private coach will work with you to create what you need most right now: a customized plan of action that will move you forward and address your physical, mental, and emotional needs. No hype, no cure-alls. Real actions—created just for you. And an empathic, listening ear to help you get through every struggle and challenge. You never have to fear breast cancer again!