Sono-Photodynamic Therapy & Other Supportive Treatments

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Dr. V. Recommends | Aug, 22 2022

Sono-Photodynamic Therapy & Other Supportive Treatments

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Lights, Camera, Action! Today’s show is about light and sound therapy to inspire your body to take action against cancer cells. Sono-photodynamic, laser, Photo Dynamic, and sound frequency therapy are all non-invasive, safe, and effective treatments.

NOTE: All therapies mentioned below can supplement your journey as healing requires a buffet of modalities. There will never be just one solution to solve all. This is why my 7 Essentials System® includes 7 categories to cover ALL aspects of healing. 

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

I was introduced to Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) at the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic in Cancun. World-class natural healing therapies and Cancun’s warm, turquoise ocean = a dreamy place to heal! I was fascinated by this healing technology and its positive effects on people with cancer. So I checked it out for myself!

According to the National Cancer Institute, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is FDA approved to aid in treating different types of cancer because it produces an active form of oxygen that can destroy cancer cells. PDT is also known to damage blood vessels in tumors, preventing them from growing. Additionally, it may trigger your immune system to attack tumor cells.

At the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic, they combine Photo Dynamic Therapy with Sono Dynamic Therapy (sound therapy) to activate a sono-photosensitizer substance that preferentially absorbs into cancer cells and destroys them. This therapy is called Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) as it uses both therapies as a one. ROS,  Reactive Oxygen Species, causes the cell to undergo cell death (apoptosis or necrosis). It also disrupts the angiogenic tumor blood supply. The ensuing inflammation triggers the activation of the immune system that further participates in destroying the tumor. 

The graphic below is from Science Direct.

Here are a few reasons why Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) is a good non-surgical option for your healthy breast journey:

    • Non-Toxic: The light and sound frequencies used also do not cause adverse events nor harm healthy cells, tissues, and organs—unlike radiation and chemo. 
    • Strengthens Your Immune System: SPDT recruits the body’s immune system cells to actively participate in the cancer-fighting process. 
    • Helps Localized And Metastatic Tumors: The process works locally and systemically all over the body. 
    • Stops Tumor Growth: SPDT is clinically proven to cut off the blood supply to tumors stopping them from growing. 
    • Works For Both Superficial And Deep Seated Tumors: One of the biggest criticisms of Photo Dynamic Therapy is that it only works for superficial cancers. However, SPDT devices are designed to deliver activating frequencies that penetrate different depths in the body.

If spending three weeks at a Hope 4 Cancer Clinic isn’t within your means, below are options for similar therapies that you can make time for—since they are watches!

The Laser Watch (Light Therapy)

The Laser Watch is an innovative 4-in-1 device that uses the latest research findings in the field of Low-Level Laser Light Therapy. It combines acupuncture meridian stimulation, local pain therapy, and external blood irradiation and becomes your ideal companion, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. The Laser Watch is a model of tradition meets innovation. It brilliantly blends Chinses medicine with modern electronic and optical techniques. 

I can tell you from personal experience that healing light therapy via The Laser Watch has many benefits.  This is because I have found it physically challenging to travel from coast to coast for speaking engagements and visiting grandchildren. With the laser watch, I have not suffered from jet lag at all! When I use the watch, I sleep more soundly, and my energy is constant throughout the day. 

The watch is equipped with a laser pad for local pain therapy and external blood radiation. I use it on my left breast and my neck when I feel tensions in my neck after being at the computer for several hours. It also comes with nasal and ear applicators that can be used for sinus issues. 

You only need to wear it for 60 minutes twice a day to get the immediate and verifiable effects. Check out how it can be a great healing tool for your healthy breast journey in this blog post.

Investment: Currently on sale for $1,499, and you can order it here.


Sound Healing

Vibration medicine and sound healing are all part of Sound Frequency Therapy. This modality is the effect of low-wave frequencies penetrating cells in the body to correct common imbalances.

“Sound heals on a physical level because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and physical planes.” -Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Cornell Cancer Prevention Center. I second his statement as it aligns with Essential #3: Balance Your Energy

Everything is energy. For example, your emotions are “e-motions/energy in motion.” According to a Nobel Prize Laureate, Carlo Rubbia: We are only one billionth physical matter…the rest is ALL energy. If the foundation of the body is energy and light, then it makes sense that we keep that energy balanced and free of interference. 

Sound healing was used long before humans even started recording history. Aboriginals in Australia use didgeridoos, Native Americans (and many other cultures) use drumming, and Tibetans sing bowls and giant gongs. And now you can take sound therapy with you wherever you go!

The WAVwatch

The WAVwatch, the world’s first sound frequency therapy watch, is helping pave the way for self-care and on-the-go healing tools. It comes with 750 unique low-wave frequencies that support joint and brain issues and illnesses such as the cold and flu. 

To get a better understanding of how the WAVwatch works, think of it this way: “Every living thing in the world has a frequency; they all sing “songs,” and sit in an “orchestra.” Each organ system including pathogens, (fungus, viruses, bacteria, etc.) sing thir own song.  With the resonant frequencies provided on the WAVwatch the tuning can be dialed in, and certain songs fade to the background or stop ….intrinsically balancing our bodies.” Learn all about it here.

Investment: $497 – Use CODE “DRV100” for $100 off!! Therefore, it is only $397, and you can order it here.


The sweet sounds of healing and never fearing breast cancer! I marvel every day at all the incredible options we have these days! From easily buying nontoxic female products at chain grocery stores to hacking your genetic code and even using extremely early detection tests—it’s a wonderful time to be alive and experience your best health ever!

Today is your day to activate waves of healing and love for yourself!