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Blog | Jun, 28 2021

6 Simple Ways to Calm the Stress

calm woman breast cancer

We all know that we need to stimulate the relaxation response. The question most of us still have, however, is how? In this article, I … Read More

Blog | Nov, 30 2020

Dr V Recommends: The Top 9 Products for Healthy Breasts (and a Healthy Life!)

This is the time of year where the majority of people are thinking about gifts for their friends and family. So why not think about … Read More

Blog | May, 30 2017

Heat Shock Proteins: Why a Little Stress May Actually Improve Your Health


The body is constantly seeking balance in order to maintain optimal functioning. A lot of times, the body’s systems will produce substances in response to … Read More

Blog | May, 15 2016

Hyperthermia Uses Heat to Heal Cancer

hypertherapy sauna

Essential #3 of the 7 Essentials System™ is all about energy. And the presence of heat, whether it is inside the body, coming from the … Read More