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Blog | Apr, 08 2019

Struggling with Chronic Infections? This Could be Helpful.


I discovered a new and powerful Immune booster called Monolaurin. I understood that coconut oil and MCT oil had many beneficial properties. But then I … Read More

Blog | Nov, 19 2018

Looking for the Right Diet for You? Your Genes May Point the Way


The Mediterranean. Vegan. Ketogenic. There are so many diets out there and for each one, there is an expert that will say that their way … Read More

Blog | Jul, 10 2018

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cancer


Oxygen has been used for centuries to promote wound healing and vital health. These days, more and more clinicians, health centers and even hospitals are … Read More

Blog | Sep, 18 2017

Can Lowering Your Protein Intake Improve Your Breast Health?


I recently read a great new book by Dr. Mercola called Fat for Fuel, which outlines his take on the ketogenic-based diet that he calls … Read More

Blog | Jul, 31 2017

Why is Autophagy So Good For You?


The thought has probably not occurred to you: how can my body repair itself by “eating” unhealthy and dying cells? I know it’s a strange … Read More