Why Remove Dental Amalgams?

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Essential #5: Embrace Biological Dentistry | May, 08 2023

Why Remove Dental Amalgams?

dental amalgams

What happens in your mouth doesn’t only stay in your mouth. There are millions of tiny capillaries in the lining of your mouth that directly end up in your bloodstream. Your mouth is also the entry point to your digestive tract, which makes up about 80% of your immune system cells. Therefore, problems in your oral health provide good clues about the rest of your health and vice versa.

So called silver fillings or amalgams contain 50% mercury. Mercury-filled amalgams, root canals and cavitations may be breast cancer triggers.  I would say about 90% of our clients have had adverse effects on their health due to dental toxicities!! SAFELY addressing and removing them is an essential part of your healing journey—and for anyone who wants to experience vibrant health.

In fact, removing toxic dental amalgams is so important that Essential #5 is to Embrace Biological Dentistry. To learn more about a Biological Dentist, check out last week’s blog.  A Biologocal Dentist understands the connection between oral health and dis-ease in the body. They understand that our teeth are living organs that are connected to our other organs through the Acupuncture Meridian System. They are trained to properly and safely replace toxic dental amalgams with healthy, non-toxic dental products. This technique is known as the SMART Technique (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique).

What’s So Bad About Mercury?

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet. Its effect on your immune system and overall health has been well documented. If you have “silver” fillings they may contain about 50% mercury, according to the FDA. Many European countries have completely banned the use of mercury amalgams, and others have prohibited children and pregnant women from receiving them. Every time you chew your food, brush your teeth, or eat or drink something warm—methylmercury vapors are released in your mouth and absorbed into your body/breasts. For a daunting visual explanation, please watch this “Smoking Teeth” video by Dr. Kennedy, DDS.

Mercury’s Monstrous Damages

Here’s a short list:

  • Classified as a neurotoxin and can affect your mental and emotional health as it is linked to depression, anxiety, memory loss, learning disorders, etc.
  • Impacts your digestive system and causes everything from colitis to constipation.
  • Chronic exposure will trigger chronic inflammation in the body, a precursor for most dis-eases.
  • Mercury and other metals stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells by acting as metallo-estrogens, which mimic and stimulate estrogen production. 

I address the issue and solutions for toxic dental amalgams in my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. You can also review these current studies to discover how mercury was found in “more than half of mastectomy samples that contained an invasive carcinoma.”  In fact, methyl mercury has been shown to stimulate growth-related signaling in Breast cancer cells. 

Root canals are also another root cause that may be triggering Breast Cancer. No matter how clean or aseptic they try to make that root canal, there is ALWAYS a pocket of anaerobic toxic bacteria dripping toxins into your bloodstream.  Toxic bacteria residing in root canals can induce cell proliferation

The Energetic Impact 

One distribution network of energy flow in our body is the Acupuncture Meridian System. This life energy (CHI) travels along the meridians through every organ and corresponding tooth. If there is metal in a particular tooth or a root canal, this can impact or block the flow of energy for that particular organ.

For example, the 4th and 5th teeth from your center tooth, right and left, top and bottom, are directly connected to your breast tissue through the Acupuncture Meridian System. To learn more, please review the Tooth/Organ Relationship Chart below. This Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart is also really insightful and easy to use. You can also review it in several languages, such as Spanish and French. Click here to check it out!  As a side note, these charts are for informational purposes only and do not provide any kind of diagnosis. 

What Are The Safety Procedures For Removing Amalgams?

Below is a list of safety procedures an IAOMT, Safe Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) trained biological dentists should have in place. You don’t need to read the list off to your dentist. Just ask, “What are your safety procedures for removing amalgams?” If you are in the know (which you will be after reading the list!), then you can know what to look out for. You can also download the IAOMT checklist for patient protection and dentist/staff protection here.

The list below is from iaomt.org

  • The presence of an “amalgam separator” in the procedure room. This device collects mercury waste. This way, it is separated from other waste and does not enter the city water supply.
  • Proper filtration, such as an oral aerosol vacuum, in each room where amalgam removal occurs.
  • Windows should be left open to supply adequate fresh air ventilation.
  • Patient protection and detoxification procedures before the procedure are specifically designed to remove heavy metals internally. This may include charcoal, chlorella, spirulina, or other natural substances that have been shown to chelate heavy metals.
  • Protective gowns, face shields, hair nets, respirator-grade masks, non-latex gloves, and other coverings should be used by dental personnel. This way, they do not come into contact with mercury particles, which may allude to suction devices.
  • A “full body, impermeable barrier” in addition to a full face/head/neck barrier for the patient.
  • A rubber dam (aka a dental dam) as well as a saliva ejector for the patient in order to isolate the operation site from the rest of the mouth and prevent mercury particles from being ingested.
  • A nasal mask (or other external oxygen delivery system) for the patient to add extra protection from inhalation of mercury particles.
  • Fast-acting evacuation procedures on the part of dental professionals doing the operation.
  • Lots of water to cool the area (high temperatures will release more vapors).
  • The use of a small diameter carbide drill so that the amalgam can be sectioned into as large of pieces as possible for removal.
  • Proper and thorough cleaning and flushing of the patient’s mouth with water after the procedure.
  • A natural heavy metal chelating rinse, such as chlorella or charcoal, is given to the patient after the procedure.
  • Proper disposal and clean up of all equipment, gowns, masks, and hazardous material immediately after the procedure.

Addressing dental toxicities is a VERY IMPORTANT aspect of removing the root cause of what may be allowing Breast Cancer to show up in your body. I have seen time and time again when Essential #5, Embrace Biological Dentristry is applied, that healing continues to improve. In fact, dental toxicites are often the missing piece that is overlooked.