Your Emotional Health Affects Your Breast Health

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Blog | Oct, 15 2019

Your Emotional Health Affects Your Breast Health

Vibrant health is not a destination, it is a journey.

I wrote those words for the 2nd edition of my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, because of my personal and professional experience with breast cancer healing journeys. Even if you have been “cancer free” for years, the path towards vibrant health never really ends. In fact, if you want to heal and prevent any dis-ease, then following the 7 Essentials® System must become a way of life. A critical part of the healing journey that often gets overlooked is Essential #4 – Heal Your Emotional Wounds.

The 7 Essentials® System

Having personally faced 2 breast cancer healing journeys, I have gained a deeper understating about what it really means to be on a Healthy Breast path. If you are a Healing Diva or have read my book, then the following will be familiar. But if you are new to maneuvering your way through all the information out there about creating vibrant health, then this is critical information you need to know.

I created the 7 Essential® System based on the steps I took which led to my own healing, as well as years of research into the scientific evidence that convinced me I was on the right track. In a nutshell, they are:

#1 Let food be your medicine.

#2 Reduce your toxic exposure.

#3 Balance your energy (including your hormones. sleep and exercise).

#4 Heal your emotional wounds and traumas.

#5 Embrace biological dentistry

#6 Repair your body with therapeutic plants, especially cancer-targeting naturally substances.

#7 Adopt early detection, including learning how to perform regular breast self-exams.

These seven aspects of the healing journey form the basis of my 7 Essentials® System and are essential if you want to Heal Breast Cancer Naturally

A Word About Emotional Healing

All of the 7 Essentials® are equally important for your healing. When it comes down to it, if you do not heal your heart and manage your stress, your body may not respond to all the other wonderful things you are doing for your body. Experts now agree that dealing with trauma, maintaining resilience and getting support during a healing crisis are absolutely essential to healing Breast Cancer.

I have often contemplated why so many women (including myself at one time!) struggle with this aspect of healing. As women, we are caregivers and wear many hats, which makes it challenging to focus on our own needs. Perhaps we are hesitant to work on our emotional needs because we haven’t been taught the skills in which to heal our emotions. Of course, this learning takes time. But the tools can be learned. What’s more, you can incorporate them into your daily routine just like you do whole foods and supplements.

I have personally devoted a lot of time to emotional healing because it is such an important aspect of creating vibrant health. I encourage you to take some time to cover a few important topics by going HERE. In the meantime, here are three simple tools to begin healing emotional wounds now:


Lowering stress responses also lowers cortisol level which helps to reduce that chronic fight or flight feeling. Did you know that there are specific hormones that can help you heal from cancer? Those cannot kick in, however, when too much cortisol and adrenaline are pumping through your body.

Take the time to meditate, walk and breathe every day. Practice gratitude. Also, take a good look at your schedule. Are there appointments, meetings or activities you can drop in order to spend more time on you? Pencil time in for self-care as you would any other appointment on your calendar.

BE AWARE and Mindful.

Awareness is the act of “witnessing” what is going on inside (in terms of feelings and body sensations) as well as around you in your external environment. As you lower stress, you automatically raise awareness. You can increase awareness even further simply by practicing being in the present moment.

Awareness is important in order to first be conscious of any traumatic past events in your life. These can be childhood experiences or anything as recent as the past few years. . Be sure to jot down any emotions that may come up repeatedly throughout your day so you can go back and journal about them later.


Journaling, meditation, prayer, Emotional Freedom Technique (EMT), contemplation, walking in nature, light stretching… all of these are amazing “solo” activities that can do a lot to move emotional healing forward. Along the way, however, we may also need to reach out for support.

EVOX and EMDR are two methods that, when administered by a trained professional, have been proven to be very effective for getting at the root of trauma. This is because all of these work directly with the energy systems in the body. I have personally experienced the benefits of both of these techniques.

Whether you see a compassionate professional or confide in a close friend, don’t think you have to go it alone on your Healthy Breast journey— because you don’t!

Are You Ready to Heal Breast Cancer Naturally?

Balancing your body and learning how to heal your emotions is what healing and preventing Breast Cancer naturally is all about.  The path is not always easy. It takes consistency, discipline and a lot of persistence.

Be compassionate with yourself. We are all going to make mistakes. Simply make the decision to start anew every day!

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