10 Questions About Toxic Amalgams To Ask Your Dentist Now

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Blog | Aug, 14 2017

10 Questions About Toxic Amalgams To Ask Your Dentist Now


According to a report published by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, there are currently over 1000 tons of mercury floating around in the mouths of unsuspecting Americans via mercury amalgams.

For anyone who knows how amalgam fillings can affect the body, this is a very sobering fact. If you don’t know about the dangers of heavy metals in amalgams, first of all, consider this. Did you know that when a dentist puts so-called “silver” fillings in your mouth, they more than likely contain up to 50% elemental mercury?

Keep in mind that mercury is considered the most toxic element on the planet, so even the smallest amounts can wreak havoc on your body. If you have “silver” fillings (mercury amalgams), this means that every time you chew your food, brush your teeth, or eat or drink something warm, methylmercury vapors are released in your mouth and absorbed into your body.

Many studies both in the lab and on humans have also discovered the link between the accumulation of heavy metals—especially mercury and cadmium—and Breast Cancer. Here are just a few reasons why mercury in your mouth could lead to cancer:

-Mercury affects the endocrine system by impacting the thyroid and adrenal glands as well as estrogen receptors. Mercury is considered a “Metallo-estrogen;”

-Mercury can cause inflammation if exposure is chronic. Inflammation is the underlying cause of most diseases, including Breast Cancer;

-Mercury increases the presence of ANA antibodies in the bloodstream, which can greatly affect the immune system.

-Mercury is also a neurotoxin. It can affect brain chemistry and your nervous system, which can increase your cancer risk as well as your risk for cognitive decline.

Many dentists may claim to be “holistic” and “mercury-free.”  Their actions, however, tell a different story. Remember that if the dentist you are considering really is practicing holistic dentistry, then he or she should be willing to answer any questions you may have. If they do not, then I would consider this your cue telling you that that dentist is NOT RIGHT FOR YOU!

Here are a few important questions you want to ask:

  1. What is your professional opinion about amalgam fillings in general? Do you think that they are toxic?
    Even though it may feel uncomfortable, it is imperative that you ask your dental professional some important questions about his or her practice BEFORE you decide to go ahead with any dental procedure.

    and can they harm the body? Do you use amalgams or other toxic metals in any way in your practice?

  2. What do you know about the relationship between amalgams and various diseases?
  3. When you remove my amalgams, will you initially test the electrical charge of the amalgams with a device called an amalgameter?
  4. Will you offer me a serum compatibility blood test in order to determine what materials can replace the amalgams that will not create an allergic reaction in my body?
  5. What do you know about the tooth-organ relationship, such as defined by the acupuncture meridian system?
  6. Do you believe that a toxic tooth could have an effect on a particular organ?
  7. When you remove and replace my amalgams, what precautions will you use to protect me? For example, will you use mercury vapor filters or offer oxygen while I am getting this procedure done? Will you use a rubber dam to protect my mouth from the toxicity of the pieces of amalgam that will be removed?
  8. What kind of professional training have you had in holistic dentistry and when? Do you keep up with current research regarding the dental disease link and the safest practices for amalgam removal, dental caries, and other common procedures?
  9. Which professional organizations do you belong to that support biological, holistic, or mercury-free dentistry?
  10. What non-invasive and safe alternatives can you offer me as I heal from this procedure? For example, do you offer ozone or Vitamin C therapy during or after dental procedures?

More details about what you can do to prepare for getting amalgams removed in particular can be found in this excellent blog post on the Dr. Hal Huggins Applied Healing website. This post also gives suggestions as to which natural procedures may or may not be advisable at the time of surgery.

Informed Dentistry Is Safe Dentistry

According to Essentials #5 – Embrace Biological Dentistry – understanding the effects of amalgam fillings and precautions you can take when having them removed is key to protecting and maintaining your health. Teeth are “living entities” that connect directly to your circulatory system and lymphatic system, and the only way to prevent toxins from entering your oral cavity and your body is to do your homework. Research the dental professional you intend on seeing before you even make an appointment. Then be sure to have a frank conversation with him or her BEFORE you ever sit down in that dental chair.

Remember that by insisting that any dental products that go in your mouth are safe, non-toxic, and as natural as possible, you are not just protecting your teeth. You are protecting your entire body system

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V, is the founder of The 7 Essentials System ™, a step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how to prevent and heal Breast Cancer Naturally. 

  • Thank you. These questions are very helpful. I am considering removal. When would you recommend an Aliza (spelling?) test to see how extensively the person’s immune system is reacting to the amalgams?