DMSA for Detoxing Heavy Metals

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Essential # 2: Eliminate Toxic Exposure | Mar, 13 2023

DMSA for Detoxing Heavy Metals

Please note: Do NOT start a new detox therapy, such as DMSA, before talking it over with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.

Gadolinium-enhanced MRIs can provide critical medical information. I’m incredibly grateful to live in a world with such powerful, life-saving medical technology! However, there are still question marks regarding the adverse side effects of the heavy metals found in Gadolinium and other medical treatments and technologies.  

Heavy metals can sneak into your body in ways you least expect—drinking water, household products, collagen supplements, dental fillings, fish, floor rugs, beauty products, old lead paint residues, etc. While you are in control of many things—the types of beauty products you buy, drinking purified water, removing heavy metals from your teeth, etc.—there are still things that are out of your control or you need to do for medical reasons. This is where heavy detoxing comes in to save the day! 

DMSA is an effective and safe orally administered metal chelator that clears heavy metals from your body. Keep reading to learn more about DMSA and why detoxing is vital to living a healthy breast lifestyle.

DMSA and heavy metal detoxes

How To Test For Heavy Metals

You can check the levels of heavy metals in your body through urine and hair mineral analysis. I highly recommend doing a hair mineral analysis as it is a safe, affordable, and incredibly effective way to learn about your body and what is going on inside it. The more you know, the more efficient actions you can take toward healing.

A single hair mineral analysis can reveal and explain the causes of many health symptoms and diseases. It can also shed light on underlying causes almost always related to nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances, and heavy metal toxicity. To learn more about detoxing from the detox expert—Wendy Myers—please listen to this podcast episode

What Is DMSA?

DMSA is the acronym used for meso-2,-3-dimercaptosuccinic acid. It is a chelating agent that treats heavy metal intoxication, including lead, mercury, and arsenic poisoning. 

DMSA is a sulfhydryl-containing, water-soluble, and non-toxic therapy. It can help resolve health issues linked to mercury in dental amalgams and seafood, arsenic in cigarette smoke and the environment, low-level lead in soil and medical testing, and so forth. Often, if heavy metals are not properly released from a person’s body, they can lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

According to this study in the Human & Experimental Toxicology Journal, “DMSA treatment results in the greatest urinary excretion of mercury, compared to other heavy metal chelators as well as being the most effective at removing mercury from the blood, liver, brain, spleen, lungs, large intestine, skeletal muscle, and bone.”

This is because: “About 20 percent of orally administered DMSA is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. This is two to four times the percentage of EDTA* that is absorbed. It is believed that one of the sulfhydryls in DMSA binds to a cysteine molecule on albumin, leaving the other S-H to chelate metals.” *EDTA: (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a synthetic amino acid food preservative. However, DMSA is noted to provide better results. In animal studies, “DMSA has been shown to be the most efficient chelator for brain mercury, removing two-thirds of the brain mercury deposits.”

DMSA Safety Concerns

When appropriately used in clinical settings, DMSA is known to be a safe agent. However, some mild side effects, such as skin reactions, upset stomachs, and elevated liver enzymes, have been reported

As with any chelating agent, DMSA can cause deficiencies of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. DMSA doesn’t directly bind magnesium, cysteine, or glutathione, but heavy metal detoxification can deplete these nutrients. Therefore, make sure to supplement appropriately. 

Other DMSA Use Cases

  • Pediatric autism. Oral DMSA therapy can be a safe and efficient therapy for children on the spectrum. To learn more, please review this study.
  • Lead poisoning. Thankfully this is far less common than it was during my childhood since most toys and paints are not lead-free. However, scientists still find lead in places where it doesn’t belong.
  • Diagnosing diseases such as renal disorders cancers and ocular tumors. Learn more about how DMSA can be a multifunctional and cost-effective agent for imaging and therapy via this study.

Other Ways To Detox

Depending on the severity of heavy metals in your body and your lifestyle, here are a few more detox options. There are countless ways to detox, and working with a Breast Cancer Conqueror coach can help you find the ones that are best for your situation. Please remember to always talk with your medical team before trying anything new. 

Remove mercury from your teeth

The best way to detox from mercury is to remove it directly from your body! Your teeth are an intricate part of your body…not a separate entity that can be drilled, poked, and stuffed with toxic poisons without having an impact on the rest of your body. This is why Essential #5 is Embrace Biological Dentistry. If you have any metal fillings in your mouth or root canals, please prioritize seeing a certified biological dentist and review these blogs:

  1. How To Detox From Amalgam Removal
  2. SMART Amalgam Removals
  3. Root Canals Revisited: New Studies, New Evidence, Same Dangers
  4. Can Your Leaky Mouth Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk?
  5. 10 Questions About Amalgams Any Truly Holistic Dentist Would Be Happy to Answer

Saunas, dry brushing, and massages 

For most people, all three options are lovely and relaxing ways to detox from general life. Just relaxing is crucial in reducing stress and the harmful side effects it brings to your body. Please review this blog post to learn more about saunas, dry brushing, and massage therapy.

PectaSol-C (capsules)Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)

I first became fascinated with Modified Citrus Pectin during my second healing journey when I discovered the relationship between Galectin 3, an inflammatory marker,  and cancer. I was also deep into researching the devastating effects of toxic heavy metals and how to properly expel them from our bodies. To learn more about MCP, please review this blog post, and you can get the most effective and clinically proven MCP shipped straight to your door in capsule or powder form.

Even though we live in a toxic world, you DO have the power to control what you put inside your body and release what could be harmful. Let this blog be an empowering reminder to literally and metaphorically inhale the good and exhale the bad!