How To Detox From Amalgam Removal

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Blog | Mar, 22 2022

How To Detox From Amalgam Removal


Healthy breasts are something to smile about because breast health starts with oral health. What goes into the mouth eventually makes its way directly into your bloodstream, circulating your entire body. In addition, several of your teeth are connected to the breast meridians,  providing a direct energetic flow to your breasts. What if there is a  mercury-filled amalgam or “silver filling” in any of those breast meridian teeth? Not only will it obstruct the energetic flow to those tissues,  but those fillings are extremely toxic. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet and having it in your mouth may be the root cause of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other health challenges. This is why Essential #5 is Embrace Biological Dentistry.

Remove Mercury Amalgam ASAP

If you currently have mercury amalgam or metal-based crowns in your mouth, please start making plans to consult with a biological dentist so you can have them replaced with less toxic materials. Here’s why: Every time you chew your food, brush your teeth, or drink something warm, methylmercury vapors are released into your mouth and absorbed into your body. However, not just any dentist should take your fillings out since how someone takes them out is just as important. Here is a helpful list of questions to ask a dentist you consider working with. I highly encourage you to seek a biological dentist as they will know exactly how to take out your mercury amalgam safely.

You can find a biological dentist near you via this website.  They are trained in the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) and how to take the precautions necessary to avoid exposing you and themselves, to this harmful toxin. Please read more about what a SMART dentist appointment to remove amalgam will entail here.

More on Mercury

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s  statement, most dental amalgam fillings “are made up of approximately 40-50% mercury, 25% silver, and 25-35% blend of copper, zinc, and tin.” Because of the known health effects, visionary dental health experts have worked tirelessly on legislation and lawsuits that will ban any use of mercury in the dental industry.

Tragically, about half of US dentists are still ignoring the countless studies proving the harmful effects mercury has on the endocrine and reproductive system, cognitive functioning, breast cancer, and many other cancers. Not only are these metals toxic, but many of them are what we call “Metallo-estrogens”. They mimic and stimulate the production of aggressive estrogens in the body. 

Other common sources of mercury are found in commercial seafood, tap water, and certain types of makeup. The Environmental Working Group is a great resource to discover if mercury, and other toxins, are in your products and foods.

How to Detox From Amalgam Removal 

During your amalgam removal appointment:

Vitamin C IV

During your amalgam removal dentist appointment, a dentist following the SMART protocol will give you a Vitamin C IV. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, prevents toxic effects from mercury, reduces pain, and optimizes post-operative recovery. 

Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant and cancer killer. When ascorbic acid encounters a cancerous cell, it immediately triggers an attack response that kills that cell through oxidation. The process works like this: Vitamin C converts itself into DHA (or dehydroascorbic acid) which seems harmless to all cells, including cancer cells. Disguised as such, it is “accepted” into the inner part of the cancer cell. Once inside the cancer cell, Vitamin C turns itself back into ascorbic acid, which the cancer cell cannot metabolize, causing rapid apoptosis or cancer cell death! Your healthy cells, however,  are happy to receive extra Vitamin C. 

To harness the power of Vitamin C in your body, utilize the power of vitamin C IVs. Placing formulations of vitamin C directly into the bloodstream bypasses the digestive process altogether, allowing the body to absorb larger quantities of Vitamin C and reach saturation.

Make sure that you question the SOURCE of the ascorbic acid that is used for the IV – tapioca and cassava are the safer sources, while you want to avoid any corn or beet base since they are typically GMO-sourced. 


Nature uses ozone to cleanse the environment of contaminants. Since the 1800s, health practitioners all over the world have used the power of ozone for healing everything from dental infections to cancer.

Ozone (03) is a close cousin to Oxygen (02). The extra molecule makes 03 highly reactive and a powerful healing substance. Ozone can oxidize plaque and break down matter, including blockages inside blood vessels. “The beauty of ozone is that ozone works with mitochondria and increases ATP production. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. Ozone can moderate the immune system because ozone can produce ozonoid, an antioxidant that can conquer oxidative stress.” says Dr. Fen-Hui Chen, a holistic dentist in La Jolla, California. She has extensive training in ozone therapies and uses them daily to treat her dental patients. She also recommends ozone-infused oils (olive or coconut) for at-home oral oil pulling.

The benefits of oil pulling are worth the oral exercise!  The movement of the oil allows this natural substance to “pull” harmful microorganisms out of deep pockets between teeth and gums. The particular chemical makeup of the oil binds toxins to it without harming teeth or gums. It detoxifies the mouth while also healing gums and whitens teeth

Ozone therapy doesn’t just help with oral health; it also kills cancer cells! A study conducted over 30 years ago and published in the journal Science found that ozone exposure (in a dose-dependent manner) inhibited lung, uterine, and breast cancer cell growth by up to 90% while non-cancerous cells were unaffected! Wow, literally the breath of life!

Before and after your amalgam removal appointment:

At least one week before your first dental appointment for amalgam removal, I suggest taking MCP and the Dental Detox Bundle so that you can begin the detoxifying process right away. 

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)

MCP has a “chelating effect” on heavy metals. This means that it binds with harmful metals and escorts them out of the body through the urine (and stools)  In the study conducted by the Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in California, after 6 days of MCP use, levels of lead in urine increased by over 500%. Urinary cadmium levels increased by 150%. High urinary metal levels indicate that the body is expelling them. Modified Citrus Pectin only affects harmful metals. Essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium are not affected. 

The source of MCP is very important since not all have been clinically tested. This is why MCP from Econeugenics is the only brand that I have used for years, and still use. You can buy a lime-flavored powder version of MCP here or as MCP capsules here MCP also helps to lower Galectin 3 which is an inflammatory marker associated with cancer and heart disease. Galectin 3 known as the “tumor guardian”, weakens the immune system and supports the spread of cancer. 

Lymph Drainage

There are over 500 lymph nodes in your lymph system. Each one of these points can be thought of as way stations where toxins get filtered and distributed for elimination. Roughly 20 liters of lymph fluid moves through the body in one day. Aren’t our bodies fascinating?! One of the most effective ways to keep lymph fluid going is by sweating—and saunas definitely get you sweating!

According the the BUS study, which compared the amount of metals in blood, urine, and sweat,

Sweating had a deeper cleansing effect than any other form of detoxification. 

Check out the many benefits of saunas, especially ones that include light therapy, here. Cheers to the “sweat” life!

Detox SMARTer

smart amalgam removalJust like the old saying says, “Don’t work harder – work smarter” – the same goes for your health. Many products say they will detox your body—but will they really or just detox your wallet? As a breast cancer conqueror, it is vital to research and be intentional about how you heal—on a cellular, to an emotional level, and beyond.

On your next walk or drive, take 20 minutes to listen to Dr. Nunnally’s podcast episode on SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) dentistry. He is board-certified in naturopathic medicine and integrative biological dental medicine. Dr. Nunnally has done the work and focuses on healing the whole body via health-centered dentistry.

Now it is your turn to do your research and take action. Although dental work may not be high on your priority list, Embracing Biological Dentistry – Essential #5 –  is key to supporting the healing process.  Make the appointment. Start your detox. Do what you need to do to give yourself something to smile about!