The Healing Power of Bees for Breast Cancer

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Blog | Mar, 12 2018

The Healing Power of Bees for Breast Cancer

The healing power of bees for breast cancer.  They swarm around your just-sprouting flowerbeds and their presence is a sure-fire sign that spring has sprung. I’m talking about bees, of course. These gentle buzzing creatures are about a lot more than pollinating flowers, however. Science is confirming that bees are also beneficial for human health as well.

Apitherapy is the art and science of using bee products and venom for healing. Here’s how it may be able to help you.

Three Ways to Utilize Apitherapy on Your Healing Journey

Bee Venom Injections.

Perhaps the most beneficial application of apitherapy for breast cancer is venom injections. Cultures all over the world have utilized animal venoms for centuries. In fact, doctors in Cuba have even used scorpion venom to reduce brain tumors!

Why does bee venom work so well for cancer? Studies such as a 2017 investigation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that bee venom contains melittin, a peptide that activates apoptosis, i.e. cancer cell death. Research with bee venom has successfully stopped liver, lung, prostate, renal, bladder, leukemia, and breast cancer cells.

What’s more, researchers at the Siteman Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Washington University in St. Louis have combined bee venom with nanotechnology to create “nanobees.” The venom “catches a ride” on nano-sized particles to go directly to cancer cells, bypassing healthy cells along the way. This prevents non-specific cytotoxicity, which is sometimes a concern for those who use bee venom for cancer.

Bee Propolis.

As it turns out, bee propolis, also known as bee putty or bee glue, is also a cancer killer. Research conducted in Japan in 2014 discovered that propolin Artepillin C (as well as other substances) induced “cytotoxicity, abortive mitosis, mass necrosis, and apoptosis” in melanomas as well as in invasive breast cancer cells. The report, published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, speculated that propolis’ tumor suppression capabilities may be because of the cancer-killing substances it contains but also because of the big boost propolis gives to the immune system in general.

Royal Jelly.

Did you know that queen bees live 40 times longer than worker bees and lay an estimated 2,000 eggs a day? Royal jelly may be the key to her longevity as well as her stamina. According to Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center, royal jelly has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and lower cholesterol levels.

Royal jelly may also be a support for those with breast cancer. Studies have found that it has anti-tumor activity as well, in particular, because it can influence certain substances involved in protein modification.

Royal jelly is made of proteins, flower nectars, glucose, fats, vitamins, vitamins, and amino acids and the biggest boon to the body is what it can do for the immune system. A 2009 Japanese study found royal jelly to be a significant immune modulator for mice prone to the autoimmune condition lupus. The researchers found that royal jelly delayed the onset of the condition. When some mice did get it, those who were given royal jelly supplementation lived longer than those who did not.


What About Honey?

Periodic use of raw, organically-raised, regionally-based honey (i.e. harvested within a 100-mile radius of your home) can be a

great adjunct to a healthy lifestyle.

Why do I say this? First, raw, organic honey contains a wealth of antioxidants and phytonutrients and is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It has also been known to ease digestive upset. And when you consume a little bit of local raw honey every day, you are also consuming a trace amount of regional pollens, which many people claim helps to build immunity to them. 

 In addition, a February 2018 study published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity posits that raw honey may be used as a novel antidiabetic agent because of its unique blend of “selective mineral ions” such as selenium, zinc, and copper as well as phenolic acids and flavonoids (in conjunction with fructose). All of these substances combined may help to balance blood sugar, as well as provide other beneficial effects.

Keep in mind, however, that this research is still very new. If you have diabetes, please consult with your doctor before consuming honey. Even if you are healthy, it is still wise to keep all sources of fructose and glucose, including high-sugar fruits and honey, to a minimum in your diet.

Apitherapy Has Been Used for Centuries

Beekeeping has been practiced for millennia and for good reason. Bees and all their products can be a boost to your immune system and may even weaken cancer cells. And think about this—we are also dependent upon them and other pollinators for the healthy vegetables and fruits we eat. Without them, growing them wouldn’t “bee” possible! 

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr V”) is the founder of Breast Cancer and The 7 Essentials System®. This step-by-step guide empowers you with knowledge so you Never Have to Fear Breast Cancer Again! 

  • As former secretary of the board of the American Apitherapy Society, I applaud you for bringing the powerful healing benefits of hive products to your followers.

    • Bee propolis and royal jelly can both be taken internally as well as topically on affected skin. Work with your trusted practitioner to find a good source for your situation.