3 Breast Cancer Healing Tips

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Blog | Oct, 19 2020

3 Breast Cancer Healing Tips

Breast Health Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again. If you are a Healing Diva, then you know what that means! If you are just starting out on your Healthy Breast journey, don’t worry. You will learn all about why this month is so special in this article!

This month the “big wigs” (you know who they are) will promote their “pink ribbon” Breast Cancer campaigns. The truth, however, is that these very organizations will spend only a fraction of the millions they raise on actual Breast Cancer prevention research and education.

Here at Breast Cancer Conqueror, we believe that prevention is the number one priority! That is why we have proclaimed October “Breast Health Awareness Month,” i.e “BHAM Month” for over a decade.  In honor of BHAM and your unique path towards health, here are 3 “quick tips” that can keep you vibrantly healthy and cancer-free for life!

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#1 Prime Your Brain (and Your Attitude) for Healing.

They say that “attitude is everything.” If you are on a journey to prevent or heal Breast Cancer, there is no truer statement.   

To put it simply, your body cannot heal when it is being flooded with the chemicals of stress. If you are thinking negative thoughts, living in fear, playing out unresolved trauma, or suffering from anxiety/depression, then your body is in the “fight or flight” mode and healing from dis-ease is its last priority. 

Too much stress pumps extra cortisol into your body. Too much cortisol leads to systemic inflammation, i.e. inflammation that occurs throughout the body, which can significantly lower immune function. Can you guess what the most common factors for dis-ease are?

You guessed it—stress and inflammation!

You can get out from under the fear, calm cortisol levels, and even heal trauma. The key is to put into place daily practices that replace stress with healing hormones and resilience in both body and mind.

There are dozens of practices out there that you can employ easily and quickly for lowering stress. Part of your journey is finding the stress-reducing modality that fits your life and commits to doing it every day. 

The most researched method for lowering stress is a technique called “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” or MBSR. A 2013 Danish study found that Breast Cancer patients who practiced MBSR had better sleep quality and better outcomes overall. 

MBSR is a type of meditation. Other studies have found that meditation, in general, can greatly improve the quality of life and immune function of women with Breast Cancer, with long-lasting results. 

If meditation is not your thing, there are other practices– such as prayer, deep breathing, and visualization– that can produce the same results. A 2009 study sponsored by United Lincolnshire Hospitals in the UK actually proved that focusing one’s attention on what one wants and imagining it coming into being is not just new age “fluff.” It actually works to boost cancer-inhibiting functions in the immune system! 

Remember that “healing is not just about getting rid of that lump or bump. Healing is a metamorphosis and a transformation…”  (from Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, 2nd Edition).

#2 Eat for Prevention.

Getting into a “healing mindset” is crucial for preventing and healing dis-ease in general. What you put in your mouth is super important too. If you are reading this blog, odds are that you already know you should be eating organic, non-GMO whole foods as much as possible. 

The #1 “food” to avoid if you are serious about healing and preventing Breast Cancer is sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar so lowering your sugar intake will take your cancer prevention strategies (and your overall health) to new levels!

In addition, there are actually certain foods have been shown to affect cancer cells directly:

Cruciferous Veggies.

Cruciferous vegetables contain a phytonutrient called sulforaphane, which has been shown to inhibit Breast Cancer stem cells. It can also “turn on” over 200 genetic communications that can boost immunity and help with detoxification. Thousands of studies have been done on the power of sulforaphane in inhibiting Breast Cancer and cancer stem cells. Examples of cruciferous veggies include broccoli and broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, and Brussels Sprouts. 


Blueberries can increase the production of key immune system cells that help fight cancer called “Natural Killer cells.” They can also inhibit Breast Cancer stem cells directly.

Here is a tip: the next time you are reaching for these tasty little morsels at the grocery store, be sure to pick up the organic ones, and wild if you can find them.  Organic wild blueberries have exponentially more healing power than regular blueberries do. 

Flax Seeds.

Flax seeds have gotten a bad rap because they are a phytoestrogen, i.e. they contain plant nutrients that mimic estrogen. Don’t believe the hype when it comes to these amazing Breast Cancer preventers! The lignans in flax seeds mimic milder forms of estrogen that you want in your body. A University of Toronto study found that women who were awaiting Breast Cancer surgery who ate a flax muffin a day (containing roughly 5 teaspoons of ground flax) saw their tumors reduced by 71%! 

Remember that what you consume will either “feed the cancer” or feed your body. Essential #1 is Let Food Be Your Medicine. 

#3 Be Smart with Your Supplements

You have the right attitude for healing. You are eating a whole food, organic diet. That should be enough to live a healthy, life cancer-free, right?

Fifty years ago, that may have been true. Unfortunately, however, we live in quite a different world than our grandparents (or even our parents) did. Environmental pollutants, fewer nutrients in food, and more stress mean that each and every one of us are deficient in at least one essential nutrient. For example, a recent University of Colorado study found that three out of every four Americans are deficient in vitamin D!

Using some combinations of supplements is not an option these days. The key is to be smart about how you use them! The following are what I recommend as must-haves for anyone who wants to prevent and heal Breast Cancer:


Melatonin regulates sleep patterns. It is also essential for creating serotonin, a “key” healing, mood-regulating hormone. Melatonin can not only help you sleep better. It can also reduce Breast Cancer stem cells

Vitamin D (as D3/K2)

Many people don’t actually realize how all-important getting enough D really is. That is because D is not really a vitamin. It is actually a steroid hormone that is essential for hundreds of functions in the body, including calcium absorption, gut health, reproductive functions, and the immune system. Most of the women with Breast Cancer that I have helped over the years have been deficient in D, and this connection has been confirmed by science.

If you are on a Healthy Breast journey, you must get your D levels checked and consider taking a supplement if you are low. If you are going to supplement with D, make sure it is the D3/K2 combo. K2 is needed as a vital “helper” for vitamin D absorption.


Studies conducted by biochemist and nutritional pioneer Dr. Paul Talalay found that sulforaphane obtained from broccoli sprouts in particular significantly reduced breast area tumors in rats. His studies and many more have led to the common knowledge that sulforaphane is a sound “dietary means” of reducing Breast Cancer risk. 

For those on a Healthy Breast journey, the best way to get enough sulforaphane is through supplementation.

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