The Body Code: Revolutionary energy work for cancer healing

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Essential #3: Balance Your Energy | Nov, 14 2023

The Body Code: Revolutionary energy work for cancer healing

The body code

Have you ever walked into a situation and could cut the tension in the room with a knife? Have you ever been around someon who leaves you feeling totally drained?

What you are picking up is the energy….

Our bodies are pure energy. In fact, according to a Nobel Prize Laureate, Carlo Rubbia, we are only one billionth of physical matter. The rest is ALL energy. If the foundation of the body is energy and light, then it makes sense that we keep that energy balanced and free of interference. Your Central Nerve System, your Acupuncture Meridian System, and your hormones have a huge impact on the body’s energy system. But our energy systems don’t live in their own world. They are tightly woven together with every other system of our complex bodies, including our immune system. 

Our bodies also store everything—all experiences, thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. Your joys, pains, injuries, and trauma are also stored in your body’s unlimited data plan. This data is stored in your subconscious mind, influencing 90% of your behaviors. For example, you don’t need to think about how to sit, stand, or even take a shower. On the other hand, most people get uneasy and tense feelings when trying something new and getting out of their comfort zone. This is because your brain doesn’t have data on this new situation. Your body keeps score. Releasing energy and emotions that do not serve you can be an essential first step to lasting healing and health.

the body code: energy work for healing

The Body Code: Energy Work and Healing 

If you want to truly heal, repairing and strengthening your entire body energetically is essential. This is why I created the 7 Essentials System® and included Balance Your Energy as Essential #3. Part of my research led me to learn about the science behind The Body Code. It is a system designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that tests for energetic imbalances in the body. Then, it corrects them energetically for healing the body and mind.  

How it works:

In a nutshell, The Body Code is a guidebook (and now an app!) that helps identify the root cause and release imbalances in your body. Once you know them, you can activate your body’s innate healing power to re-align and release toxins and imbalances. This can happen because your subconscious mind is the internal intelligence system that speaks what your body needs.

This form of healing starts with kinesiology, or better known as muscle testing, as it is an easy way to communicate directly with your body. A trained practitioner can help you find and release the blockage so your healing can begin. Learn more via this website.

The simple definition of energy work and The Body Code is it balances your energy and identifies the root cause of illness and suffering. However, it is so much more profound than that. It comprises six different areas of your body that must stay balanced to find healing and prevent future illness and other health struggles. Notice how it closely aligns with my 7 Essentials System®. I added Adopt Very Early Detection (Essential #7) since my system is specifically for women looking to prevent and heal from breast cancer.

Why energy work is an essential part of breast cancer healing:

(Info below is directly from

    1. Emotional Wellness: Achieve energetic balance when you remove Trapped Emotions, internalized trauma, and more.
    2. Body System Balance: Achieve physical balance by identifying issues in organs, glands, muscles, and body systems—and how they connect.
    3. Toxin Resolution: Identify heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation, and other toxins that may be throwing off your body’s balance.
    4. Pathogen Resolution: Identify fungal, bacterial, viral, mold, or parasitic invaders that may wreak havoc on your body from the inside out.
    5. Structural Balance: Support the proper function of bones, nerves, connective tissues, and alignment.
    6. Nutrition and Lifestyle: Find herbs and nutrients, exercise, and lifestyle habits your body is asking for.

And it helps with emotional baggage to help you feel happier and more at peace.

    1. Strengthen Relationships And Find Love: When you release the negative energy of past emotional experiences related to love, relationships, and family ties, you may open your heart to the possibility of true and lasting love of all kinds.
    2. Pave The Way For Freedom And Creativity: Unleash your creativity and attain higher levels of happiness  by freeing yourself of limiting beliefs, patterns of failure, and self-sabotage that may be hiding in your body as energetic imbalances.

Dr. V’s Energy Healing Library

Since you ARE energy, I highly suggest you take a few more moments to learn more about incorporating energy into your healing journey. Below are a few blogs and podcasts that will get you energized:

  • New German Medicine: It’s the science behind how resolving emotional conflicts can lead to physical cures.
  • Recall Healing: It helps you identify and solve the emotional trauma behind the condition or behavior. 
  • EVOX: It’s a deeper level of standard biofeedback that can help heal negative perceptions and emotional wounds.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique: Also known as Tapping, it is based on the stimulation of acupuncture meridians.
  • Manifest Healing: In simple terms, it’s putting on a healing lens that filters your thoughts, energy, words, and actions.

Integrative Health and Healing

Over the last decade, I have switched to focusing on integrative healing—synergizing the best of Eastern (herbal, natural, and energy healing) and Western (conventional medicine and treatments) medicine—to support my clients with the very best healing opportunities possible. What I found in researching and talking to the top doctors in the world was groundbreaking. It also gave me two revelations:

1. We all need to find a way to work together better.

2. I need to share this info with the world!

Surviving & Thriving: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine is an online program that is an accumulation of everything I have learned, neatly packaged and ready for you. Your doctor may have given you a TREATMENT PLAN, and this program will give you a HEALING PLAN.


Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as  Dr. V, is a Doctor of Chiropractic & has 44 years of experience in the wellness industry. For personalized support, please partner with a trained Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.