The Power of Salicinium: Using Nature to Support Your Healing Journey

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Blog | Sep, 29 2020

The Power of Salicinium: Using Nature to Support Your Healing Journey

If you are at the beginning stages of your healing journey with Breast Cancer, odds are you have come across the term “herbal chemo.” This may sound like an oxymoron, but there really are herbal substances that can cause cancer cells to implode – a process called apoptosis. Salicinium™ (sold as Orasal©) is such a substance that I have personal and professional experience with. During my second healing journey, I followed the Salicinium protocol for close to 1 year. I definitely saw a drop in my labs during that time. 

What is Salicinium?

Salicinium™  is a powerful phytonutrient that comes from plants. It is often is used in conjunction with other natural or allopathic modalities, is non-toxic and is normally taken either orally or intravenously. Salicinium does not interfere with healthy cell development and there are no known side effects to taking it. Salicinium is used mostly by individuals who want to heal from cancer. There appears to be solid evidence that Salicinium can also be effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as conditions that can stem from them, such as Lyme’s Disease, Epstein-Barr and herpes.

One of the most well-known forms Salicinium comes in for sale is a product called Orasal©. Orasal© contains the Salicinium molecule in oral form. Individuals who are considering using Salicinium as a major part of their healing protocol should work with a naturopath or other natural health practitioner for best results. There are specific additional supplements that are routinely be taken along with Orasal©. I will go over those products and protocols at the end of this article.

How Salicinium Works to Affect Cancer Cells

Salicinium has the unique ability of disrupting any fermentation process that may be going on in your body. Cancer growth is, in essence, a process of fermentation since cancer grows in anaerobic environments and feeds on sugar.

For those of you who like to dive into the research, specifically Salicinium is a glycol-nutritional complex sugar molecule. One of the key things that Salicinium does to manipulate fermentation is through the effect it has on beta-glucosidase, a key enzyme in the release of glucose.

Orasal(C) offers the Salicilium molecule in oral form.

Why would changing up glucose release have such an affect on cancer cells? The answer has everything to do with how cancer cells thrive and grow. You guessed it– cancer cells eat sugar, or glucose. They also need an internal fermentation process, as well as a highly-acidic, low-oxygen external environment, to convert this glucose into fuel they can use.

To a cancer cell, Salicinium looks like any tasty sugar molecule. As it passes by, they will “gobble it up” just like any other form of glucose. Once they do, however, Salicinium becomes a quick-change artist. It goes to work to stop the fermentation process inside the cancer cell. This disrupts the production of beta-glucosidase.

Salicinium also causes the cancer cell to stop making another enzyme called Nagalase.  When cancer cells secrete Nagalase, they basically “put macrophages to sleep” and block production of key immune system compounds, like GcMAF, which are critical for a healthy immune system. Your Macrophages are the cells that gobble up unhealthy cells and pathogens. However, Nagalase literally paralyses them so they do not recognize cancer cells. 

A study outlined in the September 2019 edition of the Townsend Newsletter monitored Nagalase levels of 158 patients who either had Stage IV cancer or heavy viral load. After one year of use IV Salicinium use, 86% of the patients showed Nagalase levels within the conventionally-defined “normal” range (below .95 units).

As an “immune system modulator,” Salicinium puts an end to all the “cancer madness” happening at the molecular level. It stops rogue cells in their tracks and exposes them to immune system compounds. Then this system can do what it does best—destroy pathogens, including cancer cells, before they get out of hand!

What Are the Success Rates with Salicinium?

Salicinium has been proven effective on many different kinds of cancer, especially Stage IV Breast Cancer.

The Breast Cancer Conqueror Shop offers oral-administration Salicinium Orasal(C) along with React, Alk-Align and Phenomenal in one “Package Deal” for a special price.

Dr. James Forsythe is a board-certified homeopath, oncologist and natural health pioneer who was featured in Suzanne Summer’s best-selling book Knockout: Interviews with Doctors that are Curing Cancer. He has also written numerous books of his own and is the owner of the Forsythe Cancer Care Center in Reno, Nevada. In addition, throughout his career he has conducted some of the most cutting edge researched on Salicinium out there today.

In 2004, Dr Forsythe began an investigation with 350 Stage IV cancer patients using Salicinium along with another supplement called Poly MVA (which I will be featuring in the next article). He found that all cancer types studied responded incredibly well to the protocol.

The highest success rate was amongst Stage IV Breast Cancer patients. Eight-five percent of these individuals were either stable or in complete remission four years after starting on the Orasal©/ Poly MVA regime.

Another study conducted in 2008 by the immunoscience company HST Global found a 72% success rate for Stage IV Breast Cancer survivors who had used Salicinium along with the standard Forsythe Immune Therapy protocol for 2 ½ years.

Another clinical study “demonstrated that Salicinium® potently stabilizes and frequently eradicates cancer of all types evaluated, including Stage IV, treatment-resistant cases in all groups.” 

What is the Orasal Package Deal?

Orasal© is designed to work with other supplements for maximum success. As stated earlier, I will feature how Salicinium goes alongside a stellar supplemental food product called Poly MVA in the Part 2 of this series.

Poly MVA is another supplement that has a synergistic effect when paired with Salicinium. We will be diving into how Poly MVA works in Part 2 of this series!

Another successful protocol for those with Breast Cancer is the Orasal© Package Deal. It consist of oral-use Orasal© along with the following three products:

React is a probiotic that contains acidophilus, enzymes, and other beneficial bacteria. Its job is to “clean up” the residue of tumor debris once the Salicinium begins to destroy and decompose them.

Alk-Align is a blend of potassium bicarbonate and sodium with added cesium chloride. Its job is to re-alkalize the bloodstream so cancer cells no longer have a safe avenue of transportation nor a place to grab hold and grown. Alk-Align is “enteric” coated so it will not be digested in the stomach but will go directly into the bloodstream.

-Finally, Phenomenal is high pH water formula. It is a “reduced water” product that will raise your pH level by removing lactic and uric acid from the tissues.

For maximum effectiveness, it is important that you work with a natural health professional or trained coach while you are on any Salicinium protocol. It is also important that you stay on it for the length of time specified (usually a minimum of 6 weeks). This is because in order to fight against serious dis-ease conditions such as cancer, the tissues need to be completely saturated with Salicinium. Experts have found that it is at the point of saturation when cancer cells will lose their ability to multiply.

Breast Cancer Conqueror offers special pricing when all four components of the Orasal© Package Deal (Salicinium, React, Alk-Aline and Phenomenal) are bought together. CLICK HERE for more information.

In addition, if you need the support of a caring professional on your Breast Healing journey, consider working with a Breast Cancer Conqueror coach, private coaching programs are available.

Remember that you do not have to go through this journey alone. We are here for you!

Is Salicinium for Me?

Salicinium has a high success rate for many individuals. However, the only way to know for sure if Salicinium will work with your unique body is to test and monitor your results. Once such test that I recommend is the RGCC Test, also known as the “Greece test.” The RGCC Test checks 50 natural substances and modalities as well as many traditional chemotherapy drugs to determine which therapies would best be a match for you. You can find more information about the RGCC Test by clicking HERE.

With a wonderful success rate for many individuals, no side effects, and no interference with healthy cells, you may consider adding this to your healing protocol.