What Do Thyroid and Autoimmune Diseases Have To Do With Breast Cancer?

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Blog | Sep, 26 2021

What Do Thyroid and Autoimmune Diseases Have To Do With Breast Cancer?

Thyroid and Autoimmune Dis-eases and Breast Cancer

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” -John Muir. 

This is also true for your body, your universe. Your thyroid, the lump in your breast, your cellphone… each are not a separate island.  They are all part of your story. Breast cancer and thyroid and autoimmune dis-eases–everything–is interconnected to your healing puzzle. Each piece is equally important. 

My Story

Let me start by sharing a piece of my story. On the outside, I was the picture of health, and I still got breast cancer.  However, as we all know but often don’t like admitting, exterior looks don’t tell the whole story of what is actually happening within your universe. Once I started picking it apart and finding the connections, I had a massive Ah-Ha moment. 

I was iodine deficient, and my thyroid needed support, which directly affected my breast tissue and ability to heal. But that was not all. Being a woman on a quest for answers, I dug deeper and deeper. As a young child, I had an infection in my jaw as a result of an extraction. Interestingly, that cavitation sat on my left breast meridian. Electro-pollution was another defining moment for me. I discovered that I am very electro-sensitive, and it had an impact on my immune system. Lastly, there was the emotional component. I was in an unhappy marriage and was not managing my day-to-day stress at all. As you can see, everything is genuinely hitched to everything else in your body. 

You can read my full story and find practical insight and tips for healing in my book: Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. 

Cancer is also a chronic dis-ease that must be managed for life, not just until “you beat it.” It is part of your universe that can not be picked out and forgotten about. This is why I created the “7 Essentials” to help you shift your lifestyle and prevent dis-ease and create vibrant health naturally. 

Two factors that connect to breast cancer, and dozens are health challenges that are often overlooked, are thyroid and autoimmune dis-eases. However, my dear conquerer, you have the power to stop both from taking over and damaging your universe.

Breast Cancer and Thyroid Dis-ease

According to an article in Breast Cancer Research, scientists have noted an increased prevalence of thyroid disease in patients with breast cancer. An investigation published in the journal thyroid analyzed T4 thyroid hormone levels in postmenopausal women and found a direct correlation between hypothyroidism and breast cancer. A recent Harvard study also noted that women who have hypothyroidism are 11% more likely to develop breast cancer. 

Quick answer: Yes, your thyroid, your overall health, and your cancer all are connected. 

I am not just a woman who seeks answers; I am a woman who seeks practical actions that lead to results. A few changes you can make include Iodine, sugar alcohols, and your cell phone.


“Iodine…is bound into anti-proliferative iodolipids in the thyroid called iodolactones, which may also play a role in the proliferative control of [the] mammary gland.” – National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

In layman/woman’s terms: iodine can help keep breast cancer cells at bay!

Low iodine levels are always a red flag when it comes to breast cancer risk. Iodine is an essential element that every cell needs to function; this is especially true for glandular tissues such as the thyroid, breast, ovaries, prostate, and colon. Recent studies have found that the Japanese consume close to 95 times more iodine as part of their diet than the US RDA calls for, mainly in the form of seaweed. Subsequently, the Japanese tend to have cancer rates that are much lower than the US population and enjoy greater longevity overall. 

Action: Be proactive with your prevention – take an iodine test to see if your levels are fulfilling your body’s needs. It can be ordered HERE. If warranted by your results, one of our coaches can work with you on creating a personalized plan, including taking Iodine Support.

Breast Cancer and Autoimmune Dis-ease

Sugar Alcohols 

Funny enough, “sugar alcohols” do not contain any sugar or alcohol. Some of the popular ones include: Xylitol, Erythritol, Mannitol, and Sorbitol. They are found in foods like chewing gum, candy, and tabletop sweeteners. Do not be deceived by “diet” and “vitamin infused” beverages in the “health foods” aisle. They are often overflowing with these toxic chemicals.  Sugar alcohol can interfere with the functioning of the gut lining, the very area where immune cells reside. A mountain of evidence connects alcohol sugars directly to tumor growth and many conditions, including leaky gut, neurological damage, and cancer. Leaky gut connects to dozens of other diseases, including autoimmune and thyroid disorders and breast cancer. 

Action: Let food be thy medicine. I advise minimizing these sweeteners. If you do use them, then only buy organic brands.

Your smartphone

Holding your phone close to your body, especially in your bra, is like dousing your sensitive breast tissue with non-ionizing radiation. Long-term exposure is often harmful because it can lead to glands not working properly. 

Action: Only have your smartphone near your body when you are actively using it. Meaning, put it in another room while you are sleeping and keep it away from your body when not in use. By being unattached to your phone, you might experience other side effects: sleeping better and being more present – AKA – feeling happier and less stressed in your daily life! 

The actions in this blog are just a few points on my step-by-step education program, the 7 Essentials System®. And just making these few simple changes can make a big difference in your overall health and conquering your health challenges.

Diving deep in your universe, your body, can be overwhelming and intimidating. Facing health challenges and diseases don’t just affect your physical health. They are deeply woven through your emotional and mental health. However, my dear conqueror, you don’t have to do this journey solo.

Life is to be shared. Cultivating support, strength, and connection within a group of women (group coaching) is one of the most powerful ways to heal and take charge of your life. You have come to the right place. All of us in the Breast Cancer Conquerors Community are here to provide a space for you to learn, cry, cultivate long-term healing, find support, feel ecstatic, and feel truly vibrant!

This is a community for you, no matter where you are on your journey. Join us on social media (InstagramFacebookYouTube) and our podcast. 




  • I appreciate the article and it reminded me to keep up with taking wild harvested kelp to help with iodine deficiencies. It was noted in my last blood work with my naturopath physician. I’m a breast cancer conquerer! It’s been nearly 10 years now and love the continued reminders to be healthy. Thanks for your service!

  • thanks dear for sharing am a Nigerian diagnosed of stage 2 breast cancer my worry now is l feel pain around my neck . please what should l do.thanks as you respond.

    • Hi Victoria! You can check with a doctor to determine whether it is a thyroid issue (like low iodine levels, goiter or nodules) or whether it is related to the cancer. Iodine and thyroid testing and perhaps a PET scan will make it a much clearer situation.

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