You Are The Placebo

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Blog | Jan, 30 2017

You Are The Placebo


YOU ARE THE PLACEBO – That title immediately caught my attention since I have read and recommended many books about the power of our beliefs in healing the body.  You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza was quite a game changer for me. It really empowered me to understand even more deeply that our bodies are equipped with all the biological and neurological information we need to heal– if we take the time to still our minds and “talk to our bodies” for at least 30 minutes per day!

What exactly is a placebo? According to a placebo is a substance having no pharmacological effect but given merely to satisfy a patient who supposes it to be a medicine. 

So the question is really a simple one: Do you have 30 minutes a day to change your life? If it meant speeding up your healing with a better outcome, would you take the time to do this everyday?

You can meditate and visualize in any quiet location, either sitting on the ground or comfortably in a chair!

To understand how tending to our minds can lead to healing, let’s take a look at the power of the placebo.

Here is an amazing example that Dr. Dispenza talks about in his book:

Mr. Wright had advanced lymphoma, with tumors as large as oranges! He was febrile, gasping for air and bedridden. Then his doctor told him about this new drug called ­­­ Krebiozen that would “cure” his cancer.  In a few days, the tumors were melting like snow and he was laughing and joking. In another ten days, Mr. Wright was sent home.

Two months later, the media reported that the new drug was a failure and it was taken off the market. Mr. Wright relapsed immediately and the tumors returned very aggressively.

But his doctor, who was very wise, told Mr. Wright not to believe the media. They were talking about the old batch of Krebiozen and he had just obtained a new powerful batch that was twice as strong. In reality, however, there was no such thing; his doctor just injected him with a saline solution. The doctor figured that he had nothing to lose since his patient was terminal. 

Again, the nodes vanished and Mr. Wright was well again! Several months went by. Then the AMA announced that the drug was a fake and not effective at all.

Mr. Wright no longer believed in the possibility of health from the drug, the cancer returned and he passed away as a result of the of the lymphoma. 

Think about it. TWICE Mr. Wright recovered because he believed the Krebiozen would heal his body. But what actually happened?

His mind— i.e. his thoughts– created biochemical changes in his body that literally turned off the cancer-promoting genes and turned on the healing and protective genes that destroyed the cancer and restored his health and vitality. 

What If…

Is it possible that our beliefs can actually change our body chemistry?

Think about this for a moment. We have been conditioned to believe that cancer is a horrible disease and that it is really difficult to heal and recover from it…that we are victims of the cacner. That is the “Nocebo effect” that has been put into place within our consciousness by medical and pharmaceutical companies for years. 

“Cancer ultimately results in a slow tortuous death,” according to traditional treatments and traditional medicine.  Has this Nocebo about cancer affected the majority of people, much like a voodoo curse that people believe is affecting them?

Yet another study with Prostate cancer found that simple dietary and lifestyle changes can up-regulate 48 tumor suppressing genes and down regulate 453 tumor-promoting genes. This is just one study of many!

People have healed not only cancer but also IBS, allergies, arthritis, depression, Parkinson’s, heart conditions, Hashimoto’s, MS, and even spinal cord injuries (like Dr. Dispenza did) through the power of their minds.

What if our bodies contained ALL the natural drugs needed for healing? What if we used the 5% of our conscious mind to became more aware of our subconscious mind that runs 95% of our brain and actions? What if we learned to put that other 95% to work for our benefit?  What if we quieted those fearful thoughts and focused on creating vibrant health? 

In your daily healing protocol, what if you had the intention that what you were doing was very successful and easy to accomplish– and that very soon your body would be completely well? 

The 30-Day Challenge

Your personality creates your personal reality. Your brain can become hardwired to function in a certain way and your body can literally become addicted to stress hormones, harmful habits and negative feedback loops.

But you can change your brain by changing your thoughts and your mind. When you do, you create new neurological pathways that create new patterns, new behaviors and a new, healthy body for you!

That brings me to the 30-Day challenge that I mentioned on the Breast Cancer Conqueror Facebook page. For 30 days, set aside 30 minutes (first thing in the morning or right before bed is best). Then sit down, close your eyes and imagine the life that you want to have.  

Imagine yourself happy, healthy and full of life!

Remember as you do this that health is not something you are wishing or hoping for; it is something you are actually seeing and feeling while you meditate. For example, imagine your cancer results coming back with “0s and negatives.” Imagine and see that your blood work is perfect and your scans are clear.  How would you feel if that really happened? Imagine it! Then feel it!

Dr. Dispenza says that thoughts are the energy we put out into the world and feelings are the energy we bring back to ourselves.

I encourage you to listen to or read the book You Are the Placebo. It has meditations that you can do for either 45 and 60 minutes (shorter versions are available for download on his website).I highly recommend Dr. Dispenza’s book to anyone who is on a healing path – whether physical, mental, emotional or financial. (One caveat, however – there are a couple of chapters where he discusses suggestibility and hypnotism. As a Christian, I am not endorsing the use of hypnotism since I feel that this is taking this process to the extreme).

Finally, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as you take on the “30 Day Challenge!”  


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