The 7 Essential Steps to Healing

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Blog | Mar, 01 2022

The 7 Essential Steps to Healing

Every part of our body is interconnected. Therefore, breast cancer doesn’t mean there is something wrong with only our breasts, but that the body as a whole isn’t working correctly—right down to each of your 37.2 trillion cells.

As I was going through my first healing journey way back in 2004, there were times when I felt like I was all over the map. I felt like there was no structure to my protocol. (sound familiar?) So I sat down with a pen and paper and asked the question: “What are ALL the necessary steps that are needed to really heal the body?” There was no order to what I was writing, but I just kept writing.  As I meditated on how I wanted my protocol to look, the picture got crystal clear.  And Voila! The 7 Essentials were created! 

To help you map out how to be proactive with prevention and support your healing, I began sharing the 7 Essentials System®. Each of the 7 essentials represents a major cancer trigger and walks you through how to support your body with specific action steps. 

Cancer is simply a symptom and not the root cause. Likewise, breast cancer is not one disease but a combination of many factors.

It is vital to take a step back and look at various triggers that may stimulate cancer growth in the body.

Healing using the 7 Essentials System®

7 essentials


When you shift the way you have been doing things most of your life, everything changes. You start living a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. Over the past decade, this proven system has supported women in 59 countries to navigate their healing journey with breast cancer, as well as a wide range of other diseases. It is also an ideal system for anyone to follow who wants to live a vibrantly healthy and happy life.

#1 Let Food Be Your Medicine.

You can feed your body, or feed the cancer. Hippocrates, the Greek physician who lived more than 1500 years ago, made an astounding connection with food and how it could heal the body. However, the7 essentials wisdom from the “founding father of modern medicine” is ignored by many mainstream medical and governmental agencies.

Food is the foundation of our health. You are what you eat. Food should never be thought of as something that only fills our belly. It fuels our cells and organs. Moreover, it fuels the overall health of our bodies. Feeding our bodies toxic and dead food can make our bodies toxic, diseased, and die prematurely. Every bite can lead you down a path of hurting or healing your body. For example, sugar and excessive carbohydrates fuel cancer pathways and increase inflammation in the body. Lowering your fasting insulin and HbA1c can have a profound effect on your health. 

This is why I put so much attention to food. To start healing through food, begin with reading how glutamine and glucose fuel cancer and try one of my hundreds of Delectable Dishes. 

#2 Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

Environmental toxicity includes all the harmful chemicals in the environment, our homes, and our bodies. The University Of Columbia School of Public Health stated, “95% of cancer is due to diet and the accumulation of toxins.” The average consumer is exposed to 127 chemicals just in their body care products. These chemicals are absorbed by their skin and go directly into their bloodstream. Reducing your toxic exposure is also about the toxins inside your body. Many pathogens like Epstein Barr are all closely linked to the development of cancer.

To learn a bit more, check out why you should stop using toxic cookware and how to get more toxins out of your home.

#3 Balance Your Energy

Everything is energy; our body functions on energy and electricity.  Your Central Nerve System, Acupuncture Meridian System, and hormones significantly impact the body’s energy system. There is nothing “woo woo” about ensuring our energetic systems are strong and full of vitality. If it is low, optimal healing can not happen. Chiropractic care, acupuncture, proper exercise, balancing your hormones, and especially a rejuvenating night’s sleep are all critical to preventing and healing cancer.

Balancing your stress and energy is something you can do right now. Get started with this guide to meditation tips & techniques.

#4 Heal Your Emotional Wounds

Do you remember feeling that pit in your stomach the last time you were stressed? That is an example of your “e-motions” or “energy in motion” getting stuck. Healing emotional wounds is essential to healing your physical body because emotional trauma could have initiated cancer in the first place. We all carry emotional baggage and conflicts. If those conflicts are not resolved, healing will not occur.  There are many tools and techniques such as EFT, EMDR, monitoring your Heart Rate Variability, journaling, and cognitive therapy that can support your emotional health.  Being diagnosed with cancer is scary and surreal. You can become bitter or better from it. Choose to be better, healthier, and happier!

Start by learning how to heal your inner child and actionable ways to heal your emotional wounds.

#5 Embrace Biological Dentistry

Your teeth are an intricate part of your body—not a separate entity that can be drilled, poked, and stuffed with toxic poisons. What you put in your mouth has a major impact on the rest of your body. Amalgam fillings do NOT belong in your mouth because of the high mercury content. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, and its effect on the Immune System and overall health is well documented. Root canals, cavitations, and gum dis-ease are all contributing factors to an unhealthy mouth, resulting in an unhealthy body. 

If you have not yet taken the heavy metals out of your mouth, it is time to set up an appointment with a biological dentist. However, doing so is just half the battle. Detoxing your body is equally important.

#6 Repair Your Body With Therapeutic Plants

Specific plants and herbs contain unique compounds that nourish, stimulate, tone, strengthen, detoxify, and speed up the healing process. Even more fascinating, there are specific plant compounds that actually kill cancer cells without harming the body’s healthy cells!

To uncover the world of herbal chemotherapy, tune in to my podcast episode with Dr. John Hall on your next drive. He discusses the two anti-cancer plant extracts in Onkobel Pro that Dr. Mirko Beljanski initially developed as a natural approach to cancer. There are clinical studies showing the effectiveness of these plant extracts against cancer.  In addition, listen in to learn about some new and exciting research that The Beljanski Foundation is funding to benefit late-stage cancer.

#7 Adopt Very Early Detection

Early detection is by far the best plan to circumvent breast cancer. Did you know that Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, also known as Thermography, can detect abnormal breast patterns 5-8 years before tumors are visible on a mammogram? How’s that for early detection? Before being detected with conventional tests, many blood tests can now detect cancer development, cancer hormones, and enzymes, as well as the presence of circulating tumor cells. Yes, you can STOP cancer BEFORE it even starts to grow!

Live The 7 Essentials

Today, 1 out of 3 women are destined to develop some form of cancer—if they do not take proactive and preventative measures. We live in a toxic and stressed-out world overflowing with processed food, chemicals, and electropollution that cause DNA damage. However, you have control over your body, and you can choose to prevent and heal cancer.

You do not have to do it alone. In the Breast Cancer Conqueror Community, we are here to support you. If it all seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, contact one of our 7 Essentials System® coaches. They will listen to your specific challenges and work out an actionable plan for you to follow.