The Truth About Insulin Potentiated Therapy’s Unparalleled Results

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Dr. V. Recommends | Jan, 23 2024

The Truth About Insulin Potentiated Therapy’s Unparalleled Results

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“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie, a Nobel Prize winner and trailblazer of cancer research in the early 1900s. 

Chemo, radiation, surgery, or all-natural aren’t your only options! Cryoablation (learn more here) and taking an integrative approach (check out my groundbreaking program) to treatment are other effective options to consider. Today’s blog shines the spotlight on Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT); the full name is Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose (IPTLD).  This integrative therapy takes advantage of cancer’s obsession with sugar to strategically use the best of conventional treatment and natural healing

Why does sugar fuel cancer?

Here’s the quick debrief: When sugar enters your body, it makes a bee-line to cancer cells. This is because cancer cells have more insulin receptor sites (a colossal 10-16x more!) for glucose (sugar) compared to healthy cells. Therefore, if you want to kill cancer cells and keep your good ones healthy—deprive them of sugar and harness the power of integrative treatments such as Insulin Potentiated Therapy. For a deep dive into the world of toxic sugar and some deicious sugar-free recipes, please check out this blog post. 

Be sugar-smart.

Sugar is sneaky; it is not just in ice cream and cookies. Did you know that most barbecue and pasta sauces contain sugar? Sugar also goes undercover in 56 other names. Yes, there truly are 56 (and counting!) different names for sugar! Diastatic malt, maltose, dextrose, ethyl maltol, corn syrup, and treacle are all just clever names for what is spiking up your blood sugar levels without even knowing it. The relationship between insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and cancer pathways that accelerate the growth of breast cancer is also something to be hyper-aware of. For starters, please read this blog post on monitoring your blood sugar levels.

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What is Insulin Potentiated Therapy?

The Oxford definition of “potentiate” is: increase the power, effect, or likelihood of (something, especially a drug or physiological reaction). In this case, it means that insulin makes the chemotherapy more effective. IPT only requires 10-15% of a normal chemo dose. It works by lowering your blood sugar, then highlighting cancer cells with an additional calculated insulin dose—tricking them into accepting and gobbling up the chemotherapy. This creates a higher intracellular concentration of chemotherapy medicine, leading to increased drug effectiveness. 

The actual process begins with fasting for 6-8 hours. It is followed by initiating fluid IVs, administering an insulin dose based on several calculations, and finally, a low dose of chemotherapy drugs a few minutes later. 

Why work with an integrative oncologist?

Always work with an integrative oncologist as they will explore ways to optimize the treatment for your unique healing journey. They may utilize specific tests, such as the RGCC (or “Greece”) test, which can determine the best drug and natural treatments that are most effective against YOUR cancer cells. . Please learn more about the RGCC test here. They may also suggest other cancer-busting modalities, such as high-dose vitamin C, which can also help boost your immune system. To learn more about vitamin C IVs, please read this blog post and listen to this podcast episode.

A few more benefits of Insulin Potentiated Therapy.

Another way Insulin Potentiated Therapy can be effective is because insulin stimulates cancer cells to divide, and cancer cells are most vulnerable to many chemotherapeutic agents when they are dividing. Please learn more via this study.

IPT facilitates the detoxification of chemo toxins and debris from dying tumor cells. This is because insulin increases cellular permeability, the transport of substances into the cell through pores and channels in an active manner. Lastly, since it’s such a low dose and combined with other complementary therapies, your body doesn’t have to deal with the possible harsh side effects of full-dose chemotherapy.

It takes a village!

There will never be a solo treatment that heals all. You are a beautiful and complex body, mind, and soul that is intricately connected. Therefore, many therapies should be involved in whateverpoly MVA healing pathway you choose. Complementary therapies could include Poly-MVA, HIIT Exercises, HOCATT, Thymoquinone, EVOX, etc. I talk about dozens more in my blog and podcast. 

Speaking of how it takes a village, working with a Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach is the best way to figure out the best treatments and complementary treatments for your unique healing journey. As Marie Curie bolding preached—understanding is the reducer of fear. This has also become my motto in life. It is also a leading reason I have spent 45 years to providing fact-based evidence and endless options to improve your health. Now, women around the globe never have to fear breast cancer again!

A thriver in the Breast Cancer Conqueror village says this about Insulin Potentiated Therapy:

The IPT treatment is a great option to full chemotherapy. The smaller dosage, about 10% of what Western medicine offers, does not impact your immune system or cause the debilitating side effects that regular chemotherapy causes. I continued a very active lifestyle during and after IPT.” – J.W.

Today is your day to take the actions needed for true healing. Do your research (the Healthy Breast blog is a great resource), ask for help via our contact form, interview multiple doctors, and join the Survive & Thrive: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine 10 week Transformation Group coaching.  You have all the options needed to create your best healing plan so you never have to fear breast cancer again!


Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as  Dr. V, is a Doctor of Chiropractic & has 44 years of experience in the wellness industry. For personalized support, please partner with a trained Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.