How The NanoKnife® is Revolutionizing Cancer Treatments

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Blog | Feb, 20 2024

How The NanoKnife® is Revolutionizing Cancer Treatments

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The FDA-approved NanoKnife® IRE (irreversible electroporation) System is a revolutionary localized therapy for treating soft tissue cancers, mainly pancreatic, liver, colorectal, and prostate. Hopefully, very soon, breast cancer will be added to the list. Until then, please send this information to anyone you know with the above cancers, and stay tuned to this blog for updates.

As you know, my focus is on supporting women through their breast cancer healing journey. However, my online program for integrative healing and 7 Essentials System® can help anyone heal different types of cancers and dis-eases and enjoy a healthy life.

What is the NanoKnife®?

True to its name, the NanoKnife uses two or more minimally invasive needle electrodes (that look like tiny, thin knives) positioned in the diseased tissue. This gives a physician the ability to sculpt and control cell death in the ablation zone through various electrode configurations (review this study to learn more) for unmatched precision. The IRE (irreversible electroporation) effectively destroys the targeted tissue and can be viewed via real-time ultrasound. You and the doctor will know exactly what is happening inside and around the tumor and target tissues.

The IRE treatment is designed to be delivered in all segments of an organ. It can be confidently placed near vital structures, maximizing the ability to personalize the treatment according to your anatomy. Since this treatment does not rely on thermal energy, your healthy blood vessels, cells, nerves, and ducts are preserved.

The entire procedure takes about an hour. The recovery is usually a day or two since it is a minimally invasive surgery. Based on the published data, the NanoKnife procedure is very safe and has a very low complication rate. Patients can expect to experience minimal to no side effects at all.

To visually see how this treatment works, please watch this video on the NanoKnife website.


The NanoKnife and Pancreatic Cancer

For people with the dreaded stage III pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the NanoKnife procedure could double their life expectancy. The extension gives them more time with people they love and the ability to try different treatment plans, such as The Gonzalez Protocol™ (learn more here), which has a 70% success rate of healing terminal cancers. The NanoKnife was FDA-approved just over a decade ago, so hopefully, it will become even more effective in time. 

To review the latest NanoKnife study on pancreatic cancer, please click here.

The NanoKnife and Prostate Cancer

Another avenue for the NanoKnife to shine is in prostate cancer. This recent study found that the NanoKnife is 97% effective in eradicating the index lesion of the prostate. At the 5-year follow-up, there was less than a 15% recurrence rate. 

As of February 2024, the NanoKnife is not FDA-approved specifically for prostate cancer. Urologists are permitted to perform the procedure “off-label” for prostate cancer, but it may not be covered by insurance. Additionally, not all men are candidates for NanoKnife therapy, but for the ones that are, it is a fantastic option. 

Where can I get a NanoKnife procedure, and how do I pay for it?

As of February 2024, 129 doctors perform the NanoKnife procedure in the USA and can be contacted through the physician locator. 

The price tag highly varies on the type of cancer, tumor size, personal details, and if your insurance pays for the procedure and any additional costs. If you pay in cash, the average price of NanoKnife is $ 9,250. The minimum price is $3,000, and the maximum is $18,000. All these prices are subject to change. 

Safe, Effective, and Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Treatments

No two people are the same—so no two treatments should be the same. I’m here to provide you with ideas and OPTIONS. These days, chemo or radiation are not your ONLY options. Sometimes, they are necessary, but often, alternative therapies can be the better choice of treatment.  

  • Cryoablation: It is a simple hour-long outpatient procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to deep freeze and destroy cancer tumor cells. Currently, this therapy is very effective at destroying breast cancers measuring 2 cm or smaller. Please learn more about Cryoablation via this blog.
  • Dendritic Cell Therapy: This therapy helps your immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells. It uses your blood cells and only targets the cancer cells. It can improve the effectiveness of chemo while reducing its side effects. Please learn more about Dendritic Cell Therapy via this blog.
  • Insulin Potentiated Therapy: This integrative therapy takes advantage of cancer’s obsession with sugar to strategically use the best of conventional treatment and natural healing. In this case, it means that insulin makes the chemotherapy more effective. IPT only requires 10-15% of a normal chemo dose. It works by lowering your blood sugar, then highlighting cancer cells with an additional calculated insulin dose—tricking them into accepting and gobbling up the chemotherapy. Please learn more about Insulin Potentiated Therapy via this blog.

Please do not try anything new before talking it over with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.

You never have to fear breast cancer again.

KNOWING all of your mind, body, and heart healing options can help you create a customized healing plan that does the real work. This knowledge starts by learning from the top integrative (Eastern and Western medicine) healers in the world. It is your time to THRIVE. My online program is where it all starts.


Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as  Dr. V, is a Doctor of Chiropractic & has 44 years of experience in the wellness industry. For personalized support, please partner with a trained Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.