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Dr. V. Recommends | Sep, 11 2023

Is the Beljanski Breakthrough Approach the Answer To Cancer?

The Beljanski family, primarily the late Dr. Mirko Beljanski and his daughter Sylvie Beljanski, are fierce and dedicated trailblazers. Their focus is researching the connection … Read More

Blog | Jun, 08 2020

Breast Cancer Recurrence and What You Can Do to Prevent It


I never imagined it would happen again….discovering that suspicious lump and facing another healing journey. But once I got over the initial shock and disappointment … Read More

Blog | Jul, 18 2016

Blueberries – Nature’s Amazing (and Amazingly Tasty) Cancer Healer

blueberries, breast cancer

If there was ever two things that you would want a natural substance to do on your Breast Healing journey, it would be to: 1.)  … Read More

Blog | Feb, 08 2016

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Conventional medicine treats Breast Cancer in the only way that it knows how: by cutting out visible tumors and dousing the rest of the body … Read More