Three Bioenergetic Technologies to Set You On the Path Towards Health

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Blog | Apr, 09 2021

Three Bioenergetic Technologies to Set You On the Path Towards Health


Energy medicine has been around for thousands of years. For example, the Chinese meridian system and their understanding of “Chi” go back more than 5,000 years. Science can now not only measure the body’s energy field but can also influence it positively in order to restore health. That is exactly what each of the following three modalities can do.

So hold on to your hat. These modalities may sound like science fiction but they are real and they work!

What is Bioenergetics?

Energy medicine is based on the fact that the human body has an energy system that surrounds and also influences the physical body.

In reality, everything is energy. Nobel Prize Laureate Carlo Rubbia states that we are only 1 billionth physical matter and the rest is all energy and light!

Essential #3: Balance Your Energy is a vital component of the 7 Essentials System®.  This is because health can only occur when the body’s energy system is balanced and free from “interference.”

The energy system of your body is connected not only to the Acupuncture Meridian system but many other systems of energy that have been outlined by medical traditions throughout the centuries.  We now know that the “energy system” or “energy body” is actually directly connected to the Central Nervous System and the endocrine system.

The specific hormones that our bodies produce day after day play a huge part in the health of the energy body (as well as the physical body). Being able to determine the well-being of these chemicals as a whole can be extremely helpful for anyone who is serious about their health journey. 

I’ve found the EVOX sessions to be very powerful in uncovering layers of subconscious negative patterns . Your voice has unique stress frequencies that can be measured and then balanced.

The field of bioenergetics does just that. The term “bioenergetics” actually has a few meanings. The word was first created by Dr. Alexander Lowen to describe a therapeutic technique that helps balance the energy body while at the same time helps balance their physical bodies. The inevitable result is that the individual begins to feel feel better physically and emotionally/ 

Bioenergetics can also refer to all the biochemical mechanisms in the body that work together to create energy. Examples include metabolism, growth of tissues, and overall development.

The most well-known understanding of bioenergetics is within the natural healthcare system.  Today it is a growing and multidisciplinary system of energy medicine modalities and health practitioners able to evaluate and interpret the energy flow throughout the body.  A bioenergetics practitioner or technology can zero in on energy exchanges and the way energy flows (or doesn’t flow) in the patient’s body. Bioenergetic technologies can also correct energy flows, unblock stagnant energy , and bring the body back to balance. 

For decades I tested hundreds of patients using the “Body Scan”, a tool that measured the resistance at the acupuncture meridian points. Since our body is electric, and the “charge” of the acupuncture point was weak, it indicated a weakness in that particular organ system. I would  then go about making that median stronger by introducing various remedies and supplements. It was fascinating to see how accurate this bio-energetic testing was. But what was even more fascinating was how well the patients’ body responded to the suggested protocols! 

 Let’s take a look at three of the most popular Bio-energetic modalities. 

EVOX Biofeedback

The first modality is called EVOX. During my second healing journey, I had several sessions with a local Naturopath. I felt that these sessions helped peel more layers of that emotional “onion”. 

EVOX works at the level of thought. It helps individuals uncover and heal subconscious layers of emotional wounds as well as negative patterns. When you speak into the microphone concerning a certain emotional struggle you are dealing with, it measures the stress response in your voice. 

It uses a person’s own voice to detect certain frequencies associated with stress in a process that is called “perceptual re-framing.”  As a person speaks, the technology then generates and sends electrical impulses that are sent to a mouse apparatus which the person cradles in their hand. The person also listens to calming music which has soothing and healing frequencies in it. 


Just like biofeedback, it can help with PTSD, anxiety/depression, ADD/ADHD, sleep issues, and mood swings, yet on a deeper level than standard biofeedback. 


Reasons to Try EVOX


The NES Healing System

The NES Healing System is truly incredible. It was developed by Harry Massey, who had quite a healing journey of his own. He was bed-ridden for years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Conventional doctors told him that he would never heal. He had the insight to go beyond their conclusions, so he decided to strive for a better outcome. As he began to see results and heal his body through energy medicine, he decided to make this field his life’s work. He partnered with visionary researcher and energy medicine practitioner Dr. Peter Frasier. Frasier is known for his innovative work in mapping the human energy field using concepts from both biophysics and quantum energy.

Dr. Frasier was just beginning to develop structured water-based reverse homeopathy “remedies” when he began to work with Massey. Together they perfected the products. They now offer these “infoceuticals” as part of the total NES package. Rather than having any chemicals properties, these infoceuticals contain “information in the form of frequencies” that the body can recognize and use to heal. 

 At the heart of NES is a “scanning device for your entire energy Body-Field that connects to your laptop, tablet or PC.”

The hand-held scanner and digital output allow a person to send information to an NES practitioner, who then discusses what may be the root cause of the disease or other situation. They suggest specific “infoceuticals” formulations that are designed to correct specific imbalances. 

“Not only will you see and measure the energy distortions in your Body-Field, you will work with a BioEnergetiX Practitioner to take the simple, safe steps to restore your Body-Field so it can once again communicate correctly from your cells on out,” explains Massey.


The very popular energy medicine modality called “Healy” has quite an interesting origin story as well.

Marcus Schmieke was a child prodigy in classical piano and chess who went on to decided to study meditation. He then went on to study both philosophy and physics. Eventually, he met up with German physicist Burkhard Heim, who became his mentor, advisor, fellow collaborator, and friend. Together they created the Healy Health Systems. Healy uses a technology that Schmieke developed called TimeWaver, in an upgraded and more user-friendly fashion. 

Healy has several components to it. It uses a database and cloud technology to scan the body or parts of the body which may be out of balance.

The Healy HealAdvisor App uses specially designed Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize with your energy field. Healy uses AI technology as well, which means the program is learning about your unique health needs along the way.

Healy has modalities that can help to balance the body’s bioenergetic system based on the readings, including programs that contain “resonant frequencies for individual vitamins and minerals” which your body may lack. The Healy Watch and the Healy Monitor use scanners and other outputs to help calm chaotic energy frequencies and rebalance sluggish energy flows so that you have less pain and more energy!

Could Bioenergetics Be the Future of Medicine?

I am encouraged and excited about all the advances visionary researchers, inventors, natural health practitioners, and health entrepreneurs have made over the last decade or so in the field of bioenergetics.

I believe energy medicine modalities like the ones mentioned above are truly part of the future of medicine. They are able to get to the very root of disease– disharmonies at the energetic level. What’s more, using technology, they are not only able to measure but to heal the energy system as well.

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar I will be hosting with  Lisa Lothian of the Healy company. This is one webinar you will not want to miss. 

  • I applaud you for her you are interest in the bio energetic field of medicine. I think that the systems you mentioned are good but I would replace the Healy with AmpCoil hands-down a better choice. If you are ever in Greenville South Carolina I would love to give you a demonstration.