Dr V Recommends: The Top 9 Products for Healthy Breasts (and a Healthy Life!)

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Blog | Nov, 30 2020

Dr V Recommends: The Top 9 Products for Healthy Breasts (and a Healthy Life!)

This is the time of year where the majority of people are thinking about gifts for their friends and family. So why not think about giving something that will have an impact on their health all year long? I have listed the top 10 products that I personally use, enjoy, and benefit from. 

#9 Manta Sleep Eye Mask

Manta Sleep Mask
Try this Manta Sleep Mask for better Melatonin Production and better Sleep!

Getting consistent quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of living a life full of energy and vibrant health. In fact, a 2014 study published in the journal Cancer Research found that not getting a good night’s sleep can actually accelerate the growth of tumors! 

External light can significantly interfere with the quality of your sleep and can cause sleep interruptions throughout the night. The Manta Sleep Eye Mask is a unique solution for helping you get some quality z’s! It comes with adjustable eyecups and is personalized to fit the unique contours of your face. What’s more, it is made with breathable materials. Many people claim that the Manta Mask is so comfortable, they cannot even feel it on their face as they drift off to sleep. The Manta Sleep Eye Mask comes with premium earplugs and a handy case. You can learn more about it HERE.

#8 Matcha Tea/Onko Teas

Matcha tea
I really enjoy a brand of matcha made by Superfood Science whenever I want a little lift. Superfood Science is 100% certified organic, ceremonial grade matcha.

I am a big proponent of matcha green tea, as anyone who has been reading these blogs for a while will know. Why? Matcha contains an antioxidant phytonutrient called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, which has been proven to keep cancer stem cells at bay. All green tea contains EGCG, but matcha has up to 137 times more than regular green tea.  I really enjoy a brand of matcha made by Superfood Science whenever I want a little lift. Superfood Science is 100% certified organic, ceremonial grade matcha. 

Onko Tea® also makes great herbal tea blend packs that you can enjoy as well. Inspired by the work of health pioneer Dr. Mirko Beljaski. Dr. Mirko was a former researcher at the Pasteur Institute in France and spent many years in China researching the ancient healing modalities of that culture. The creators of Onko Tea® have studied his work intensely and uses it to create the unique blends that individuals all over the world now enjoy. You can find out more about them HERE.

#7 Coconut Delight

Each bar in the 18-pack box is a moist coconut middle dipped in rich dark chocolate. Coconut Delights are sweetened by stevia and other safe, organic natural sweeteners.

Coconut Delights Bars are a fun part of the 7 Essentials System®. Each gluten-free and dairy-free bar in the 18-pack box has a moist coconut middle dipped in rich dark chocolate. Each bar also contains a whole host of benefits, including prebiotic dietary fiber that can help with bowel pH, gut health, immune system function, and nutrient absorption. Coconut Delight Bars are sweetened with stevia and other safe,  natural sweeteners. 

Studies show that a diet rich in dietary fiber can significantly help those with Type 2 diabetes, and can also lower inflammation.  

#6 Healthy Girls Breast Oil

Healthy Girls Breast Oil
Healthy Girls Breast Oil is a great way to massage your breasts every day. 

Healthy Girls Breast Oil is a wonderfully-scented, essential oil-based moisturizing massage oil that is specifically designed to nourish breast tissue. It contains close to a dozen essential oils, such as sweet orange, frankincense, geranium, and lavender, which work synergistically for deep healing. Recent research at Purdue University and other acclaimed institutions have discovered that the phytonutrients (called “terpenes”) within these particular essential oils are anti-inflammatory and can actually reduce tumor activity! I use it every evening before I put on my PJ’s to massage my breasts and to move the lymph in that area. 

Healthy Girls Breast Oil is a fun, inexpensive product idea. You can order it HERE

#5 GIA EMF Phone Protection 

EMF Protection - Personal
GIA makes an entire line of EMF blocking technologies for smartphones and other products.

I have been associated with the EMF-protection company called GIA for many years now and the reason has everything to do with the research! GIA is the brainchild of Russian scientist Dr. Igor Smirnov. Smirnov spent many years researching the communities affected by radiation poisoning after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. Eventually, Dr. Smirnov discovered a type of “passive noise technology” which transforms EMF waves from cell phones and other wireless devices in a way that is both safe and very effective.

Electro pollution,” i.e. on-going exposure to harmful EMF’s , can be a silent killer. It may be one of the many triggers for Breast Cancer.  Non-ionizing radiation can cause damage at the DNA level and severely lower the production of Melatonin, which is a cytotoxic hormone.  Find out more about GIA’s EMF technologies for smartphones and other products HERE

#4 Qi Technology

Qi Technology
The ideal travel partner, the Qi Shield™ protects a 9-foot radius area. 

Qi Technology is another EMF protection technology I use and recommend for large areas such as your home. The technology is manufactured in Germany and has had double-blind studies that prove the effectiveness of the protection provided by it. The Qi-Me is designed for a single person and has an effective field size of 3 feet. The Qi-Home unit has a protection radius of 24 feet.  The day I brought the Qi Home unit into my home,  I felt an immediate difference in my body since I am very sensitive to WIFI and other electronic devices. Even though I hardwire my laptop, there are other WIFI networks all around me. 

Qi Technology is practical, preventative, and will not interfere with your existing Wi-Fi signal. Check out all the options and discover more about Qi technology HERE!

#3 HeartMath InnerBalance Emotional Support Sensor and App

Inner Balance is designed to teach you how to shift from “stress and frustration to balance and resilience” with hands-on, real-time feedback that is based on your own unique heart rhythm.

The body cannot begin to truly heal until we let go of chronic stress. A key part of my 7 Essentials System® is learning the skills to lower stress so that healing hormones can kick in! 

HeartMath has been at the forefront of the most advanced research regarding stress and your Heart Rate Variability (HRT).  HRT can be a key indicator of your body’s stress responses. Inner Balance measures your HRT to see if you are in the Fight or Flight mode. You can then use this information to breathe “through your heart”  as you focus on positive feelings such as joy, gratitude, and peace. You can literally “see” how your nervous system responds as you get into the relaxation mode. This technology really supported me in my second healing journey since I was spending way too much time in the stress response every day. It can help train your body and mind so that you become more aware of how your body is feeling. Check out the Inner Balance System with special Cyber Monday savings going on NOW!

#2 BioMat

Bio Mat
BioMat technology provides infrared heat as well as negative ions form the Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals. 

The BioMat was also an important aspect of my second healing journey. I would alternate between the sauna and my Bio-Mat to really increase my core temperature. Doing this stimulates Heat Shocks Proteins and boosts the Immune system. The BioMat technology uses far-infrared heat along with the creation of negative ions from amethyst and tourmaline and crystals. Laying on the mat can help reduce stress, lower fatigue, promote relaxation, ease joint pain, increase circulation, just to name a few! Consider adding the BioMat to your healing protocol.  

#1 Spectra Medical Laser Watch: 

Spectra Medical Laser Watch
The Laser Watch is an innovative 4-in-1 device that uses the latest research findings in the field of Low-Level Laser Therapy. 

Now for the grand finale! If you want to take advantage of a serious Cyber Monday special (available through December 4th only), then you will want to know about the Spectra Medical Laser Watch. The Laser Watch is a unique four-in-one device that uses the latest research on Low-Level Laser Therapy to evoke some pretty amazing results!

The watch combines the benefit of acupuncture, blood irradiation, and local pain therapy to support you on your healing journey. 

The red and blue lights stimulate healing- red light activates the immune system while blue light has been shown to be highly anti-inflammatory. Yellow light can stimulate serotonin and vitamin D production. Finally, green light can help with iron absorption, circulation, and detoxification as well as oxygenation in the blood.

The watch comes with the curcumin and chlorophyll photo sensitizers that make the laser lights more effective. It also includes a laser pad that you can apply anywhere on the body as well as sinus and ear buds that project the healing light into those cavities. 

Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle

We all need support on our journey to support Vibrant Health.  Sometimes that means getting the right tools to get the job done!