The Meridian Tooth Chart: What You Need To Know

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Essential #5: Embrace Biological Dentistry | May, 15 2023

The Meridian Tooth Chart: What You Need To Know

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The health of your teeth has a significant impact on your overall health and well-being because every part of your body is connected, from a little tooth to a big organ. Today’s blog is all about The Meridian Tooth Chart because it is a practical way to visualize the mouth-body connection. If you have an infection in your body, it may be mirrored in the corresponding tooth.

For example, a problem in the upper front tooth may cause pain in the bottom of your spine. Our bodies are astonishingly connected, so when an organ or system becomes diseased or infected, the associated tooth most likely will express some type of symptom as well.

In my case, I had an infection in my jaw called a cavitation, as a result of an extraction that I had as a young girl. The cavitation sat on the left breast meridian. It weakens the flow of energy to that area of the body, making it more susceptible to disease. I also had a problem with “root resorption” on one of my top left teeth (#14), which also sat on my left breast meridian. Root resorption is a rare autoimmune issue in which the immune system attacks the tooth and “eats” it from the inside out. 

The dential-breast cancer connection is so strong that I would confidently say about 90% of our clients have had adverse effects on their health due to dental toxicities!! This is why Essential #5 is to Embrace Biological Dentistry and the reason why I am writing this blog! To dive deeper into your research, please take a few moments to also learn about removing toxic dental amalgams and biological dentistry.

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Meridians & Energy

Here’s the energy science of what’s happening under your skin:

  • Cells communicate with each other through photon light.
  • The nervous system commands and controls every function in your body through electrical pathways.
  • Organs communicate with each other through the meridian system.
  • In short, you are an energetic being.

With all these energetic exchanges going on, it is important to ensure there is no obstruction in that energy flow. Blocks can occur because of spinal subluxations, chemical toxicities (such as mercury amalgams!), oxidative stress, chronic emotional stress, etc.

The meridian system is independent of the nerve, blood, and lymphatic systems—yet it ties all your organs and systems together. This life energy travels in cycles every 24 hours and flows through ALL your organs and teeth. However, if there is a hunk of metal, root canal, or implant in a tooth, that chi (Qi) energy can be “short-circuited” and reduced. Over time, this may harm the organ that is attached to that tooth.

The concept of the Meridian Teeth Chart has been around for centuries. Meridians are the “energy highways” of the human body. This concept comes from Chinese medicine, particularly acupuncture and acupressure (I discuss both at the end of this blog). Knowledge of these meridians is as important to Eastern medicine as anatomy is to Western medicine.

Understanding The Meridian Tooth Chart

As I said above, each tooth is assigned to a specific meridian, and each meridian is associated with a particular organ or body system. For example, the upper right first incisor is associated with the small intestine meridian. The canine teeth are connected to the gallbladder and liver meridians, while the molars are connected to the stomach, spleen, kidney, bladder, and other meridians. If left untreated, dental problems can affect the corresponding meridian and cause issues with the associated organ or body system. A dental infection in the upper right first molar (associated with the lung meridian) may lead to respiratory problems, while a problem with the lower left first molar (associated with the liver meridian) may cause issues with the liver. 

Here is a breakdown of The Meridian Tooth chart and the organs and functions they are connected to:

  • Upper and lower central incisors: The bladder and kidney meridians. These teeth connect to issues related to self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image.
  • Upper and lower lateral incisors: The liver and gallbladder meridians. These teeth connect to decision-making, planning, and leadership.
  • Upper and lower canines: The lung and large intestine meridians. These teeth connect with courage, assertiveness, and communication.

Premolars & Molars

  • Upper and lower first premolars: The stomach and spleen meridians. These teeth connect with digestion and nutrition.
  • Upper and lower second premolars: The heart and small intestine meridians. These teeth connect with love, joy, and emotional balance.
  • Upper and lower first molars: The pancreas and stomach meridians. These teeth connect with blood sugar regulation and digestion.
  • Upper and lower second molars: The thyroid and adrenal glands meridians. These teeth connect with metabolism, energy levels, and stress.
  • Upper and lower third molars (wisdom teeth): The pituitary gland and hypothalamus meridians. These teeth connect intuition, insight, and connection.

This Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart is also an insightful and easy tool to use. 

The Tooth-Disease Connection

Similarly to The Meridian Tooth Chart, in Western medicine, countless studies are proving how oral health influences overall health. Problems with your teeth and gums can create chronic health conditions in the rest of the body. This is because harmful germs in your mouth release chemicals that promote inflammation throughout your body. Here are a few examples:

  • Pneumonia: Poor gum health can make you 3.9 times as likely to get pneumonia.
  • Cardiovascular disease: Gum inflammation and periodontal disease increase your risk by about 20%.
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: Chronic gum disease is linked to Alzheimer’s, and overall poor oral health is associated with dementia.  
  • Osteoporosis: Women with osteoporosis tended to have 3 fewer teeth due to a weakened jawbone


I firmly believe in using acupuncture (based on the Meridian system) as one of your healing tools. It involves stimulating specific body points to correct the energy flow through your meridian system. Two key acupuncture meridians that run through the breasts: the spleen meridian and stomach meridian. Emotionally, these meridians are also connected to low self-esteem, rejection, disapproval, anxiety, criticism, hopelessness, etc. If you don’t have access to an acupuncturist (and even if you do), Tapping, using the Emotional Freedom Technique, amy be an alternative. Please learn all about it via this blog

Find A Biological Dentist

Biological dentists understand and use The Meridian Tooth Chart. I so strongly recommend that you work with a certified biological dentist; I dedicated one of my 7 Essentials to working with a biological dentist: Essential #5, Embrace Biological Dentistry. Please learn more about biological dentistry here and search for a dentist here.